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  2. Hi Berta, Thank You so much for what you do!!! My wife Cayla (Jim's oldest sister) has filed for his paperwork. Sadly their mother Rosella passed away a year ago. She would of loved the remembrance ceremony his unit had for him. Of the 6 boy's 5 served honorably in the U.S. Army. I apologize for not replying until now, sometimes life gets in the way. I know it will take some time, but, it is a labor of love. I filled for an increase in my SC disability in 97, it took 7 years. I would of never received it without this site (can't find my long in info from back then). I was told by the DAV my records were burnt in the fire. Someone on this site told me to go to St. Louis (right down the road) and check, needless to say, my records were their and I was finally compensate Thanks, Creig
  3. I think I found the answer to this. The decision officer can send individual claims directly to the rating team (If everything looks good) or all or some of these claims can go to the appeals board. It all depends on the decision officer and how they interpret the supporting data in my claims.
  4. everybody's level of stress and difficulty is different. we are a diverse group here. Swarthy did the changes I made work better for you?
  5. I wanted to sort of update this as it has been mentioned in other post about the tax implications of student loan forgiveness. The taxes that play in that forgiveness can be substantial. It will be counted as income. My loan forgiveness was 44k. Thats a pretty big chunk of taxable income. I thought I was in serious trouble with taxes. I was actually going to owe 9k to federal and 1k to state. There is a remedy to this and it is insolvency. You can file the form yourself through a program like Turbo tax and such, usually most say Home and business Taxes. I could not find and online version or access to this process without buying the program in CD format. Form 982 and insolvency worksheets. It is a bit troublesome however, it will save you tons. In my case it did. Basically it looks at your financial picture before the student loan pay off, and sees if you were upside down. Owe debt more than your assets combined. It is definitely worth the investment and definitely needed information to be considered before going through the student loan forgiveness process. I was trying to find a post on here that discussed it as well but couldn't find it offhand, however, I do recall folks talking to me and others about where to seek advice. In any case a tax attorney, an accountant, and other folks experience helped immensely. Im not sure about other tax programs but I imagine that they would have access to the same forms, perhaps in deluxe or professional versions of their software. Also it is worth a person's while to talk to a tax attorney and/or accountant as they are the experts in these types of situations. Hope that this is of some help to folks on here.
  6. Good Morning all you VETs Who or what updates my status in EBenefits. I filed a claim in Dec 2016. on April 6 it changed from GOE to complete, Decision letter sent. Have not received a letter and claim is now under Historical claims. Peggy says someone found a duplicate claim, from where I will never know. They closed the claim and opened another claim with a file number. I cannot see or track a claim in Work in Progress. So who or what updates Claim status in Ebennies?
  7. Like all VA information systems they are trying to improve the processes. It helps that the Dep Sec is in the system as a Disabled Vet. He was getting care at the DC VA, and all of a sudden that Director was removed. Coincidence?
  8. Hi Buck52, I was rated for the 70% PTSD was when I received an increase to 100% P&T from 50%. So basically, the 100% P&T was a product of the 70% PTSD, along with increased/additions of several other ratings. Does this fit the category you speak of? Thanks
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  10. This maybe a favorable on your part like you said just be wait and see at this point. e benefits is un reliable as for as when they up-date things . but they do try to do maintance in the weee hours or on weekends Hang in there at least their working your remand!
  11. I got a call a couple of weeks ago telling me they were pulling my Remand to be work for a decision. However I haven't seen anything on ebenefits as to a movement in status. I guess it's a wait and see thing at this point. How often is claim statuses updated on ebenefits?
  12. Today President Donald J. Trump visited the Department of Veterans Affairs to thank Veterans for their service, and VA employees for their work helping Veterans. While at the VA, the President signed an Executive Order entitled, “Improving Accountability and Whistleblower Protection at the Department of Veterans Affairs,” and Secretary Shulkin made three new key announcements at the VA’s Central Office. The Executive Order is focused on improving “accountability and whistleblower protection” at the VA by creating an office dedicated to that purpose and the position of Special Assistant to the Secretary who will report directly to the Secretary and serve as executive director of the office. check out the link.
  13. Thanks, Mod. I just can't do it. But thanks. Broncovet, I am very much NOT a "shopper". While I'm glad you enjoy the ads, I don't. At the very least you ought to reserve your judgement of someone else's difficulty with what you enjoy. For instance I drive Jeep and Buick drivers bc are some of the worst in any condition except for long stretches of highway. So take your thousands of likes and stuff em in the grey plaid fedora that is likely on your passenger side seat 😂
  14. Yes, you can request the VA to CUE them self back to the 70% PTSD Award date in 2010. if you were 100% P&T back then (2010) and recieved the 70% PTSD Award they should have inferred the SMC-S H.B. It meets the SMC Criteria when a veteran is at a 100% S.C. Rating and has another separate 60% S.C. Rating or higher then the VA is required as mandatory statue to infer the SMC -S -H.B. Check out these post here on Hadit
  15. you should listen to the hadit radio podcast show on 4-27-17 , you can go to the podcsat and clink on that show date Jbasser and jerrel had Jame Cripps on the show and James talked about Veterans with PTSD and knew another veteran with PTSD that over came it, as in combat the daily things that was happening and learn to just put up with it and not dewell on the bad things that they witness and just learn to adapt to the circumstances....I for got what all he mention , you just need to listen to the show about 20 minutes into the show he starts to talk about maybe worth your listening to as to how this veteran did not let PTSD Ruin his life. I realize what works for some won't work for others but I found that to be interesting.
  16. Hi,

    I'm new on this forum and very clunky in navigating around the topics....I have posted questions and do not get any responses.  Not sure what I am doing wrong.  I have questions on how to file a claim for MST. 

    I know I can call the VA and ask questions on what they need to file or a local Vet center, but wondering where can I get the best advice and resources once I make the call.  Does Hadit have a 1800 number to get advice...if not where do you recommend I start?

    Thanks in advance!

  17. I've been 100% P&T with 70% PTSD since 2010 and I'm wondering if I qualify for any type of SMC. My total rating if I add everything up is 240%, but I know it's not calculated by just taking everything and adding them up. It doesn't speak to SMC in my award letter or rating decision either, which is why I'm asking this question. Thank you
  18. I finally have a PTSD rating of 50%...first time submission. It looks like they just went down the list of physical injuries and clicked a box that states "non service connected." I will be refilling those for sure. What I am concerned about is the pay. I had an SSB payment during the drawdown in 1992. I still have my contract that states I would only have to repay the money if I retired from the Army Reserve (which I did) and it will start at the time that I begin drawing my retirement. I noticed in other forums where the VA is recouping the money for the Army BEFORE it is actually due. Now, I read in the VA regulations that they can only recoup for the disabilities prior to my end date in 1992 so any disabilities after that the VA is not responsible to recoup. Has anyone dealt with this? I don't have my actual brown envelope yet so I am a bit nervous of how this is going to work out.
  19. UPDATE: I had a sleep study done and diagnosed with SA. I have been prescribed a CPAP and it really helps. I had my PA (also signed off from the MD he works with) to fill out the DBQ forms for SA, TMJ, and migraines. He also wrote out a statement that , "in his opinion that is was at least as likely as not" all tied back in to the diagnosed PTSD. This letter was signed by the PA and the MD he works for.. I am also asking my psychiatrist to write the same type letter, tying the migraines, TMJ and SA back to my PTSD... though he wont do the DBQ because he says they are a complete waste of time as the VA pays no attention to them. I also have a letter from my dentist about my TMJ as I have chewed through 3 mouth guards and have broken several teeth requiring root canals and crowns. I have until the end of this month to get the appeal in... any other advise?? thanks to all!
  20. Congratulations!
  21. I don't think they send out the form in anymore (probably a VA sneak) to send out proposal's to reduce, I just send it in every year on my anniversary award date.
  22. Ok. Thanks everyone for the replies. I was just curious because when she is not in school in the dorms during those breaks, she's back with us and even though we're supporting her during the months she is IN school, we're getting the 35 benefits to help with that.
  23. i made some adjustments and we will see how that works.
  24. It isnt stressful. I dont handle stress well, and I have been a hadit member for, like 10 years, after answering thousands of questions, and getting thousands of "likes". The site is ad supported, just like Yahoo mail, Google, and other free services. Tbird had spoke of a subscription type service, where you pay to remove ads. Similar to other sites, you either get ads or you pay. Cable TV was first started as "Ad free", that is, since you pay for cable you dont get ads. Well that went away, and even with subscriber paid cable, you get ads. About 6 months ago, when I became a moderator, Tbird removed my ads. However, I definately earned this as she knows I have answered thousands and thousands of questions with thousands of "likes". So, if you want ads removed you can either pay for it, or do well here and get promoted to mod. We can probably use more help, so feel free to study up VA laws and hadit, and get promoted. A great start is to not complain. You dont have to click the ads, you dont even have to read them. In my opinion the ads improve over time. You see, they figure out what you like, and what you dont, and they try to put ads up that pique your interests. For example, I searched on "Buick Park Avenue" for sale, for about 3 months. Now I get ads involving Buick park avenues for sale. (Since I bought a Buick Park Avenue, Im not interested any more.)
  25. Back to pending decision approval well a little concerning with this FDC claim and had no C and Ps. The evidence I submitted was Va exams just done this and last month don't know if that was enough but hopefully I'll find out next week or even later today.
  26. Good answer, gastone. I dont think you need to worry about a "review" of your rating in 5 years with TDIU, that is, unless you start working again. Then you have a problem. Just fill in the form every year, even if VA fails to send it to you.
  27. I agree with Berta. I wish I had money for everytime I submit something to VA, and they deny they ever got it. It doesnt even matter that I have proof of mailing. Yea, I can rebut their presumption of regularity in appeals, but that takes years and they know it. So they get away with it every time. So, I suggest you tatoo this on your arm to remember it: Once you remember this, you are half way there.
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