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  2. Thanks again . Im not ready for smc since im not housebond and i will check with state and county for benefits. My claim is with VFW they didnt call me back ,so going get a face to face. I get a complete check by the VA and my personal Dr. no heart problem but have pulmonary and the VA gives me puffers. i know i have emphzema. You are a wealth of information and really appreciate it.Semper Fi ps I will let you know when I get it.
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  4. In late July, 2016, I reapplied for PTSD and hearing loss/tinnitus. I was approved for 50% PTSD in late September, 2016 after a grueling 20 year fight with the VA. Why is the VA so many faceted toward us veterans? Not going to go into that here... But I was turned down AGAIN for hearing loss even though the VA gave me hearing aids in 2010, and falsified results of a new hearing test in 2013 (by doing just the "point my finger in the air" when I heard a tone, with my back turned and simple headphones on my head) when attempting to replace my hearing aids which were stolen with almost $13,000 of my personal property that was in my truck in 2012. They threw out the tinnitus claim several times, and only recently when the VA miraculously approved my PTSD but still expectedly denied my hearing loss AGAIN, the VA REOPENED MY TINNITUS CASE. It is at a level that it interferes with daily life and causes added stress that causes the VA to prescribe me a mouthguard in 2010 to stop me from grinding my teeth in my sleep. What would be my next steps. The notifications and decisions all came in September 2017. I will post other questions that are separate. "All things are possible to him that believes." Mark 9:23
  5. An Investigative TV reporter at a NBC station in Tampa has been doing a series on Vet AO issues and other Vet topics mostly coverng disability claims, covering the Thai Vet and even the Guam Vet. It has gotten National Attention and attention in Guam and a local congressman is wanting an investigation. Here are links to the different angles he has taken over the past month of so. Including one broader topic aired during prime time on New Years Eve titled, Delay, Deny until they Die. He has been getting more and more Vets and their families calling in on these issues. As you can see, his Vet segments are becoming far more frequent. So, I expect the stories will continue.
  6. I submitted everything to support the tdiu claim, previous employers form, the form requesting tdiu, the letter from Voc Rehab, treatment records for past two years showing lupus flares occurring every month, as well as a DBQ completed by my VA doctor confirming lupus causes severe impairment of health, so I'm thinking that since they made the decision without scheduling the requested hearing, they had enough evidence to grant without it. I'm certain they had more than enough evidence, just typical nerves.
  7. Buck52, thank you for the response, I did request a DRO hearing when I elected DRO review, that's why I was surprised when they called yesterday to tell me a decision has been made without scheduling me for the hearing. I was under the impression that if you request a DRO hearing and submit new and material evidence to justify it, then they must schedule a formal/informal hearing if the veteran requests one.
  8. flore97 Incase you didn't know? IU is no longer consider a claim for increase or condition increase you must file a IU oppsed to them giving IU because of a claim for increase.
  9. flores97 is this about your recent claim? or an older claim that you Sent in a NOD? I am not sure what you mean about A DRO Hearing if they are going do deny? You need to request a DRO Hearing then they send you a letter letting you know the DRO Hearing was accepted and let you know when and where the hearing will be. .....>after a denial. DRO hearings are to help with a decision after NOD and you elect the hearing for the DRO To decide your claim, they use your existing evidence that you have, but either way if they deny or approve you can still disagree with their decision if you don't like it , this in when you get a SOC and the DRO is finished & the claim then goes to the BVA after filing the I-9 and you have got your SOC. then its out of the DRO Hands Have you heard anything about your recent claims? It seems to me from what I've read with your post recently it is reasonable to think or expect a grant on the IU....If you requested IU? some times they just combined the ratings and fail to inferred the IU, you need to ask for the IU with P&T...With all your medical evidence I can't see why they will deny you on any of your S.C. Conditions They should do the right thing and either rate your conditions above the 100% chronic to SMC'-S 1 H.B. or inferred the IU with P&T Plus give you the SMC-S 1 you have the medical evidence to prove you need these ratings. Hang in there!!! jmo
  10. Thank you Ms berta. Yes I understand about the veteran with new hearing aids, new modern technology is getting super better for the hearing impaired , my hearing aids are about 4 years old now and time to get new ones. Veterans can have their hearing aids replaced every 4 years via VA and should. I've had 5 new hearing aids over the last 20 or so years and it seems they are getting better and better, I have the kind that you can fine tune a box that comes with the aids hangs around my neck & bluetooth ready and can be programmed to the TV so I can watch TV and the sound comes through my aids directly ,but I can't set it up to the phone for some reason?...were working on that, the last time I had an audiologist to program my hearing aids she did it with her using her voice in another room and talked lowly & Louder until I could hear her ....I have a little machine devise hook up to the phone (home phone not Cell) that displays the incoming voice by message I just read it & that makes it a little eazier to talk on the phone with people...its how I talk to my 6 year old grand daughter, but it don't work with multi confusing to keep up with. that has worked better with my hearing aids, even though I have them at the highest setting...without my aids I can't hear anything...well its all just mumbo jumbo to me. this profound hearing loss I have has really put a strain on my social life. I decided NOT to have the surgery for C' many compilations for me and besides they cut the ears plum off and re attach them...I said heck no no one is cutting off my ears. eh! so I just learn to read lips the best I can and live with it. & having chronic PTSD don't make things any easier. One of my reason coming to hadit every day it gives me something to do and I read better than I can hear if that makes a lick of sense? and with hadit I'm not so lonesome.
  11. Buck thanks for listening in---and for always being so helpful and dedicated here at hadit. I didn't know how difficult it was for you to hear.....I met a vet yesterday at the VA and he had just gotten a new hearing aid set up and did all of his talking into a mike on a head set like what pastors and many of the TV people use , probably like yours and had something attached to his wheelchair too (I think) to make his hearing time I see him I will ask him how that all works. Yeah .....I had no idea the basser man was becoming a bald eagle!
  12. I agree with fierydomain call or email your congressman or The VA Under Secretary to see what they can do to help its ridiculous for a veteran claim to just sit and gather up dust until someone finally decides to help. we just need to put a fire under there butts and the upper big shots can do just that...we just got to let them know.
  13. Yes. You need those records, or, need to ensure the regional office has them when they rate your claim. You need to have a current diagnosis. You need to have a clinician write the famous line in a DBQ "it is more likely than not ..." that connects the in service event with your current diagnosis
  14. Hello everyone. I am Juans's wife. He currently does not have computer access and cannot read or write on the message boards from his phone and will have limited access for the next several months. We received a letter asking for form 21-4192 from last employers. Firstly, all the previous employers are no longer in business so it is virtually impossible to get anything. Secondly, they should have had all this a long time ago because he submitted documents from the previous employers that he was not injured during any of those jobs. I thought the last request for documents was the final one and they were supposed to provide a decision in 30 days. I do not know what to do at this point to help get or keep this moving and I am stuck and feel helpless. Any help that anyone can give me would be much appreciated as it appears they are trying to screw us yet again. My Sincerest thanks, Chastity
  15. yes I believe they rate the TBI's as to the severity of the damage caused the VA has a rating type criteria they use and I think its like Mild to moderate, Mild to severe and Severe to profound severity ... something like that especially when this event happens rather or not it knocks you out over a 30 minute period or longer because more damage is done the longer your knock out from the blast or from what ever the trauma that occurred at the time. It can be strange the way this I had a good buddy of mine from Vietnam the VC had started their nightly harassment pounding down incoming mortar rounds on the compound, he was out of the bunker and a round hit just as he was diving into the Bunker and shrapnel went into the bottom of his feet through his boot sole into his feet and he has bad headaches from this still today but they say he don't have a TBI because he was not actually knock out. We never thought about TBI's back then we were all just glad he was a live. but I'm not exactly sure how to prov a TBI? & its severity I was reading about TBI's one day and my memory just ain't what it use to be please do your research on this.
  16. I listen to the show last night Ms berta , I had a hard time understanding a lot of it even though I had my New Bose headphones on my hearing words is just not any good these days,I sure was wanting to call in and talk with you guys but I know its frustrating having repete everything twice, I Enjoyed the show and was supprised at the statistics from Texas, & Waco Tx is my R.O. i mention to my son Ms T mention him and me on the show , he was supprised she remembers him and said to tell Ms T hello and any time she needs some help with Hadit web site just let me know He loves what Ms Tbird is doing for all the veterans with Hadit and hadit should be a top notch Training site for all veterans recognized by the VA. Matter of Fact every time I go to my VAMC i have to pass the VBA office and I pass out Ms Tbirds Hadit cards and tell the veterans to go to this site they can help you with your claim if your having problems, I don't get into a big discussion with them because of my profound hearing loss I read lips mostly but I do pass out the hadit .com cards I printed off. I enjoy John & jerrel too they give out some great information, I just wish more and more veterans on hadit would call in and just to visit or say hi if nothing else....its good to let you guys know what a great job and the help you all give the veterans and to be notice for it or a pat on the back goes a long ways....the information is priceless...and very badly needed. I don't know what I'd done if it was not from and people like you and Ms Tbird John & Jerrel and some of he other Hadit members. I miss a lot of the old ones you guys mention last night on the show too. Me Carlie and Stretch just to mention a few. Great show last night I had a few laughs with you guys last night...especially when John mention he was going bald he knows because all his friends are starting to call him kojack...LOL that was a good one he he eh Thanks to Everyone!!!
  17. You're going to find out soon enough. Be prepared to see a VA "Claw Back" of any over-payments. I'm more interested in how bad her Divorce Lawyer spanked you. Is there a Court ordered Alimony or any other type of support required for her or the stepkids? How long have they been on your VA Comp? Never been there, were you able to claim kids as Dependants? Was she receiving support from Kids Dad? Your monthly comp included her + (?) Kids X $1??.00. When was the Div Final? You could owe a significant chunk of change. Man to Man, better you than me. Think Twice, then Thrice, next time the Little Head starts thinking for the big head. Semper Fi
  18. I got tired of the BS, so I just started notifying my congressional reps. Before Allison Hickey got forced out or whatever, she was a massive help. Everything had been pending 6 years with no movement just sitting in the regular claims process. Once I sent that e-mail and she took a look into it, everything was magically adjudicated in less than a week. I now have all of my claims pending BVA, and some of them were filed back in 2006. If she hadn't intervened, god only knows how long they would have taken on their own.
  19. I was reading the article and what's the classification of a TBI which my Glasgow was 3 loss of consciousness 26 days? Is there a sTBI for severe ones? But in case I haven't updated this post I was granted IU back to November when I was forced to resign by my last employer. I didn't really know about SSDI but I filed this month 12 days ago to be exact. I close by the office so I've dropped my hospital records from my TBI the one year records of rehab my DD214 to show deployment and honorable verification. My claim I believe is being expedited quickly but hopefully not to quick. I actually spoken to the determination office lady handling my claim she asks some questions told me how my story was just like her dads story and can relate to with dealing with the VA when she say my IU award she asked me how much of that was my TBI I was rated at 70 for my TBI but was given 100 IU because I have no short term memory she said she sent me paperwork a few days ago and if she could talk to my wife. I said sure? Is that usually a bad or good sign? This is my initial claim I can't believe the lady making her determination actually met with me, she spoke of scheduling s RFC a few days ago but yesterday she said if she needs anything is she will call me since I have all my I Civialian medical records since my TBI wasn't evaluated by the military until I was walking again out of a coma.
  20. Chapter 35, 'DEA' is paid by term. If the school (SCO, School Certifying Official) included the time as a 'term' on the 1999 then the claimant is paid. They will conduct an audit, and, months later the audit finds the SCO incorrectly included a period, they'll adjust the award, creating a debt. I've never seen a 'Monthly Housing Allowance' for CH35. Learn something new everyday!!! CH33 pays a housing allowance .... are you sure someone didn't confuse the two? Or is it Fry??
  21. If you can I recommend getting a doctor to opinion which is the difference without mere speculation which is a term they use often. In my case they lumped my severe TBI with my PTSD together but granted me IU. I myself am in a uphill battle to seperate the ratings. So please ask your C&P doctor to seperate the two if he can. It could be that they are related and it's hard for you to tell.
  22. No SMC K for a "Dead Weapon?" That would get you to $3,5??.00. I went back and used Hadit's SC Calc, your VSO is right, 2 30's and your 10 get you to 55+ rounded to 60, SMC S (1) should be Awarded. Semper Fi
  23. Drill pay is now 'awarded' in the past, making a debt. It used to be 'awarded' in future, making a 'recoupment'. Debt Management (DMC) can't manipulate recoupment repayment amounts, only debts. The system to 'offset' a comp debt with comp pay is very simple, automated and rarely messes up. If I understand correctly- They system took your entire monthly comp payment, and you called DMC for a partial refund? Refunds take about 10 days and there's really no 'expedites' unless there's alot of 'push.' Every, single person who calls needs an 'expedite' on the refund, as you could imagine. You could call DMC to verify the refund went thru, and wasn't rejected.
  24. If you missed the great radio show last night, just click on the Podcast link above and it will pop up in your media sound player. I made a mistake…said the new Secretary was former VBA, but he was in fact VHA, so he has to learn VBA 101 – the stuff we basically deal with. VHA Veterans Health Administration VBA Veterans Benefits Administration We covered a lot of stuff and Tbird had some GREAT stats as to the site! And we had a lot of good laughs!
  25. AND, even if you call and tell the phone agent, or send in a 4138 saying 'PLEASE REMOVE MY SPOUSE AND STEPCHILDREN FROM MY AWARD EFFECTIVE 1/1/2017" the authorizer will refuse to approve the award based on the fact you didn't provide support information, or you failed to say verbatim that your stepchildren actually moved out. meanwhile, your debt grows.
  26. I would urge you to read, then re-read Bronco's post. This is exactly how dependency works, 100%. VSRs don't want to do it, so they put it on forget, or find something wrong, or missing on your form, or upload a 'development' letter and just don't send it. Then keep it in their queue and deny 30 days later for 'Failure to Prosecute.' You can see from above references that it's very, very simple to miss a piece of information.
  27. You're going to get the IU Award and it will likely be, "T & P No Future Exams," due to your age. Start thinking about filing for your State's "DAV Residential Property Tax Exemption," check with your City Clerk's Office. If your married, you have to file for CHAMPVA for the Little Lady. Kind of "Last but NOT Least," start thinking of SMC S (1) "Statutory Housebound." Requirements are (1) SC Rated as 100% and 1 or more that rate Separably to a Combined SC of 60%. Regardless of what your PTSD SC is currently rated as, now that it got you the IU, it's considered "100%" for the SMC S (1) qualification. As an "Old Dog Nam Vet," your lucky to only have PTSD and a Hearing issue. No Cardiac or Pulmonary issues? When's the last time you had a Stem to Stern Medical exam? Semper Fi
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