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  • You may appeal any or all issues in a decision by a local VA office or VA medical center. A VA appeal is separated into two main stages: (1) within the local VA office, and (2) continuing to the Board of Veterans’ Appeals in Washington, DC. The two most common reasons people appeal are: (1) VA denied you benefits for a disability you believe is related to service; or (2) you believe that your disability is more severe than VA rated it.

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General VA Claims Questions & Information


  1. VA Disability Claims and Benefits Research

    VA Disability Claims discussions post your Veterans Administration disability claims questions or answer for others. Read and research other veterans experiences.

  2. Appealing Your VA Disability Claims NOD, DRO, BVA, USCAVC

    Appealing your VA Disability Claims decision usually starts with the Notice of Disagreement (NOD)

  3. Compensation & Pension Exams

    Compensation and Pension Exams -

    Please only posts questions regarding Compensation and Pension Exams

  4. E-Benefits Questions

    Please post your E-Benefits questions in this forum.

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  6. Entitlement - VA Disability Compensation

    Once you know you are eligible for VA Disability Compensation, the question then becomes are you entitled to it by law. This is where to post those questions. it's OK, if you are feeling confused this is not at all unusual it can be a very confusing system. If you were injured in service and have a question about whether you are entitled to file a claim, post it here.

    Law 38C.F.R.3.4 (a) Disability compensation. (1) Basic entitlement for a veteran exists if the veteran is disabled as the result of a personal injury or
    disease (including aggravation of a condition existing prior to service)
    while in active service if the injury or the disease was incurred or
    aggravated in line of duty.

  7. Eligibility - Veterans Disability Compensation

    Questions concerning eligibility for veterans disability compensation. Eligibility - Veterans Disability Compensation,

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  10. Success Stories

    Post your successes and read others, VA success, Social Security success, leaving the house whatever it might be.

    This forum is dedicated to Carla Croft "CarlieCash" a dedicated member, moderator and admin from 2005 - 2015. She gave tirelessly to veterans here and all over the internet. Nothing she loved more than a successful adjudication. She remains in our hearts always.

  11. OEF/OIF Veterans

    Welcome Home Brothers and Sisters - This forum is for our returning troops from Iraq and Afghanistan.

    We will guide you as to which forums your questions will get the most eyes on it.

    We want to provide help and guidance for you, if there is something you think would be beneficial for you let us know.

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  14. Veterans Benefits State & Federal

    Post your links and information about state and federal benefits available to disabled veterans.

  15. VA Medical Centers Navigating through it

    To assist the veteran by providing assistance in navigating through the Veterans Affairs Medical centers.

  16. Medication – Prescription Drugs-Health Issues

    Looking for folks who are the same medication as you and what they think of it. Exercise, diet ideas. Remember we are not giving professional advice, and you should consult your doctor regarding any and all health issues you may be concerned with.

  17. VA Training & Fast letters, Directives, Regulations, Other Guidance Documents

    VA Training & Fast letters, Directives, Regulations, Other Guidance Documents

  18. MEB/PEB Physical OR Medical Evaluation Forum   (3,366 visits to this link)

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