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    • TY Berta,  Long reply I know and am sorry but hoping the detail will help. When they awarded the 70% ,did they send you a TDIU form or suggest that you apply for TDIU in that decision? If not, did they give you a reason , such as maybe you were employed at that time. I don't think so I would have to go back to the letter and see which I will. If they didn't it was never mentioned to me by anyone until I got the new SVO In 2016. I was not working I have not been able to work since 1997 but didn't know I could file with the VA. Do you receive SSDI and is that solely for the Major Depressive Disorder? If so was VA aware of that SSDI award? And if so, what was the date of the SSDI award and what was the SSDI EED? Were you ever turned down after applying for VA Voc Rehab, solely due to you SC disability? If so did VA know that as well? The answer to these is no. I learned about my ears and my rights from an older vet I happened across who saw me trying to clear my ears he told me what it was and explained it to me thus I went and filed a claim with the VA and got set up with the VA Hosp,didn't even know until then I could go to a VA Hosp.I had been unemployed since 1997. This was on 8/16/2016. I hired the DAV to help me after I filed and became homeless. That was in Jun of 2013.  I received the decision and retro pay Nov 1 2013. They gave me 70% Mental and none of the physical so I appealed and got busy pulling all my records to send them I got a place to Live in SC and changed SVO at that time. I had already filed my appeal on my own I did not know about TDIU so I didn't ask for it.   I have several medical conditions that I know are SC Stomach Issue Test show an Erosion Diagnose while I was in AF and told it was nervous stomach, Had 2 Endoscopes at VA hosp both show I still have the Erosion now on daily meds for it but they denied it as SC.  Hearing loss and tinnitus proved SC I thought Entrance exam showed good hearing AF exam 1 1/2 yrs after I joined states reason for exam being assigned to a noisy duty area stated no hearing protection issued, showed good hearing exit exam show hearing loss, they said I had not complained about it I thought the noisy in my ears was normal had it so long, and was told at discharge nothing could be done for my hearing. Lastly Damage to my right arm and shoulder, AF Medical files show the accident where a 175 part fell on me and pinned me backwards on a concrete floor in the 80s, I was told when I was discharged 2 years later that it would get better over time it hasn't it has gotten worse VA Hosp shows I tore the tendon in my shoulder so long ago that it would have to be replaced and I would lose more range of motion with the repair, they denied it as a SC. I filed my NOD within the one year mark on ebenifits it shows this, but I know it was in 2014 I have copies filed away if needed. Decision                 Status                        Description                          Received 03/31/2016            Appeal Complete        Your appeal is complete.   Date not available I moved to Fla in 2015 which put me with a new SVO He reviewed my case and asked me if he could file for IU for me I said sure and asked why the DAV in SC didn't do that.He filed to have that added to my existing appeal 11/10/2015. On Ebenifits it show like it was put in as a new claim while my appeal was still being processed. Submitted          Type                          Closed                 UpdatesActions 11/10/2015          Compensation          05/23/2016         Attention: Development Letter SentDevelopment Letter Sent ·                                                                                       Attention: Decision Notification SentDecision Notification Sent                                                                                                                                                            View Appeal Status I did receive a very thick package denying my claims again which I immediately filled out NOD and took to my SVO who said to wait for the NOD until we got and answer on the IU. I never had another C&P for my NOD, They did do another C&P with a non VA Doctor for the IU I was give 70% paid at 100% P&T TDIU. The retro pay was only back to Dec 1 2015?             
    • Thanks for the education! I aways grab my card if I have a dental antibiotic drugs at Walmart, but so far it hasn't done anything but waste my time, so I pay the Walmart $4/drug charge (and I hear VA drugs where I'm at are cheap substitutes with many side-effects.) I don't think any medical service would opt to work with the VA's paperwork, delays, and incompetence: but I don't know for a fact. But some health care providers I have heard will give you free services if you don't make them work with the VA, ha ha.
    • MyHealthVet lists your upcoming appointments under the "Get Care" tab. When you check into the clinic, if your clinic does electronic check in with your VA ID card it also lists all your appointments for the day or it says "No Appointments Scheduled".     
    • I have asked if this is CUE on here before, but I have since received my C-file and am able to upload my C&P exams. I was initially denied PTSD in 2009. I was awarded 50% in 2015. I have filed a NOD on the rating and effective date last month and made inquiries to a lawyer to handle my claim. The problem is it doesn't seem like CUE to me as I understand the definition. I was diagnosed with adjustment order in 2009 and then PTSD in 2015. The main reason I would like to try for an EED is the last paragraph of the 2015 C&P exam where the Dr. states: However, it should be pointed out that most of the symptoms the veteran described during today's MH examination, certainly those common to a PTSD diagnosis- she also described during her 7/8/09 Initial PTSD examination, in Oklahoma City Both C&P exams are attached. Any thoughts? 2009 C&P exam notes2.pdf 2015 - C&P exam Notes.pdf
    • Thanks Berta, and armorer!  armorer i don't know what her title is.  I guess I could find out when she does the report and I look it up.  

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  5. ALS - Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis

    Veterans with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) may receive badly-needed support for themselves and their families after the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) announced today that ALS will become a presumptively compensable illness for all veterans with 90 days or more of continuously active service in the military.

  6. MST - Military Sexual Trauma

    A good site for these claims is http://www.vetwow.com

    This is a very sensitive issue, triggers abound so be careful. Remember whenever you post something on the internet it is there for everyone to see forever. So be cautious with what you share however if you have a claims question we want to help.

  7. Radiation Exposure from Operation Tomodachi (Japan Earthquake Fukushima Nuclear Assistant)

    Operation Tomodachi, Tomodachi Sakusen?, lit. "Operation Friend(s)") was a United States Armed Forces assistance operation to support Japan in disaster relief following the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami. The operation took place from 12 March to 4 May 2011; involved 24,000 U.S. servicemembers, 189 aircraft, and 24 naval ships; and cost $90 million.[1]

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  13. 1151 Claims

    Claims under 38 U.S.C. § 1151

    Benefits for additional disability or death caused by VA medical care is government by 38 U.S.C. § 1151. Claims under § 1151 are a different species than service-connected disability claims, but they are compensated in a similar manner as service-connected disability claims. To prove a § 1151 claim, a claimant must show that the veteran’s death or his additional disability was caused by negligent VA medical care or by some unforeseeable complication of the VA medical care.