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  1. to carlie, Just curious? What would you do - not be prepared? The exams are infrequent. I just brought files of issues since the last P&T. I've been told "Improvise & overcome" is marine 101. Unfortunately, 80% came easily to draftees shipped to Vietnam. The benefit is a thin C file. hr
  2. Based on my experience, the odds are 50-50 that the examiner will accept documents. Had 2 C&P exams 10/20 for UI & OSA secondary to DMII - The VA psychiatrist ordered the OSA test (positive) The 10am was a psyche exam lasted 1-1/2 hrs (I didn't request). The examiner would not accept additional information. The 1pm was a complete physical medical exam that even measured wounds received 41 years ago? Lots of questions were asked. This examiner accepted 3 nexus letters. The moral is when visiting the VA, bring your file with you in case a surprise C&P pops up.
  3. Documents submitted to the VARO appear on Ebenefits 10-14 days later. (2 times in a row) Recent changes to the site track more progress stages. Improvements, of course, did not speed decision time. As a draftee, it is difficult to comprehend that the I was trained and sent to Vietnam in 5 months less 2 days and presumptive claims took 9 months to finalize.
  4. Has anyone been to a C&P for sleep apnea? VA furnishes a BPAP machine. Vietnam Vet. With agent orange presumptives of DMII, IHD. hr