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  1. Sometimes I've gotten lucky checked the historical claims tab and shows a partial decision and also clicking on the disability tab that shows all issues under compensation menu will show what's pending or deferred.
  2. It maybe you just have to change your internet security to accept all cookies from the website or just turn down the security level
  3. What's the test for?
  4. Yes that's happen to me a few times were they give you a partial rating then kick it back into gathering of evidence for your other C&Ps
  5. So if you know the rating and it hasnt been updated on the list yet go to file a new claim and when it shows and asks you about your disabilities it should be on that list and another thought is if you had anything else claimed it could awaiting those before claim is finished.
  6. Everyone has been sending l mail I have emailed both Ted Ebert, McDonald, iris, and office of case management. I don't always get a response right away but the last time Mr. Mcdonald he emailed me saying he has spoken to my Regional office and magic happened things were going quickly like a fire was lite. All there emails are on the website if you search their names I recently emailed the new secretary as well. Just wanted to see if he responds like the others did.
  7. Well you can call the BVA number for status update and ask for docket number if there is one.
  8. Dizziness light headedness migraines scars and PTSD are what I have although my ptsd TBI lumped together
  9. I was given 70 for my TBI 0 for my migraines 30 for my dizziness 30 for scars I don't know how they decide it
  10. Great now something I need to ask my doctor about relating to my TBI I need to worry about i quit smoking 7 years ago though
  11. I almost did and i gave up then my appeal clocked ticked off stumbled on some new evidence the VA ignored and that was my CUE claim 6 1/2 years of fighting before service connected to 100% now. Everyone has a battle everyone has a new method to get what we all want just keep reading and posting it will come to all of us who truely need and me want it!!
  12. Ike the others have said I would file your not risking a lose just make sure you know what the exams are by doing research before you go in I'm not say lie just be informed
  13. Funny how that works I'm still waiting for my SSDI don't know how long it takes as a vet hopefully only 4 months
  14. Good to go I should have read this before requesting it in a letter.