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  1. Back to pending decision approval well a little concerning with this FDC claim and had no C and Ps. The evidence I submitted was Va exams just done this and last month don't know if that was enough but hopefully I'll find out next week or even later today.
  2. So now here I sit wide awake and this is why I hate even the smallest dose of Ritalin as a kid. But my wife sees me as more compassionate and understanding. Plus I feel better other then long nights wide awake it could be worse I imagine...
  3. Whatever I did Mr Ebert emailed me stating the VA is now looking into PT now.
  4. Well it's now confirmed to me in an email from Mr Ebert the VA is now looking into PT for me..
  5. Honestly that was never determined although the doctor at my PTSD exam stated I showed signs of wreck less behavior prior to my accident after watching my friend die on a hospital bed after an IED. But since my car was recalled ten years after my accident and also was involved in several investigations one finding GM at fault for 124 deaths 275 injuries mine being one of those injuries but because they filed bankruptcy after my accident I couldn't sue. It made me bitter after finding out they knew since 2006 what caused my crash I was even in the their internal investigation of how my ignition switch turned off and it went into detail how it happen. This is how i won my appeal in 5 months with no hearing. Now the fight hasn't even begun with GM since now the bankruptcy shield has been lifted by the Supreme Court yesterday but I just am tired of fighting whether it's been the VA or weeding through GMs lies I'm exhausted... My last battle I'm currently battling is awaiting to see if the VA will grant me PT which Ted Ebert yesterday explained yes they are looking into it now. Apparently I was scheduled for another exam in four years to determine that but nothing will change I've been the same since 2007 and no short term memory unless I use the saying "repeat reuse and repeat til it sticks"!! The VA granted me IU because the doctor saw that even with that last statement I've still forgotten basic steps because I was impulsive and could have jeopardized lives of people on board the aircraft I used to work on. I only continued it taking temporary jobs since I didn't have to disclose to them my disabilities until I kept failing at the job.
  6. Exactly I didn't know what that word ment until it was to late and the exam was over. But oddly my headaches are getting a little better but I'm also prescribed Ritalin now for my adjustment disorder. As far as my Permanent and total claim Mr Ebert emailed and said I am now being evaluated for it. It's funny I filed FDC and within a week it was at the raters. He responded to my email it's now kicked back to under review at least it wasn't an instant denial.
  7. I won SC for my sTBI and was granted SMC S so not sure if it's worth all the time of exhaustion, frustration for my family life. I'm literally tired like you have to be for fighting what I know I deserve. I think I'm taking some time to get my health under evaluation so I can start an effective treatment to help with my residuals. My claim was started in 2010 didn't grant SC after my appeal in 2016. Maybe someone can explain what all the it takes for one to go from SMC S to T (r2)? I have just been dx by the VA Neurologist with an adjustment disorder as a result of my sTBI and my headaches which were daily are getting better but not until they gave me Ritalin for my adjustment disorder. So I filed for my disorder secondary to my sTBI with all my records from the VA and the two doctors who opinioned that through the FDC. It was moving really quick which had me thinking they were going to deny so I phoned in two days and they said it was awaiting rating with he raters. Three hours after that it went back to under review? How is that possible when i called yesterday he said I have know idea what happened to your claim call back in May... does this sound like they saw something in my evidence that may require a C&P for? I'm rated at 0 percent for my headaches But since I am getting some help with acupuncture, Botox, and now Ritalin to help lessen the pain how can a increase keep getting denied?I know that you can only have one mental rating which is why I filed for an increase to my sTBI to add my adjustment disorder to the list of residuals, which already has PTSD and sleep disturbances. Is it possible that after 10 years the residual of cognitive impairment that's already apart of my rating can be changed to just chronic adjustment disorder? It's like if you don't ask the right questions at your exams you'll get undiagnosed for ailments until it's to late....
  8. It's sad when the office of case management answers their phone well hello Mr Frei what can I do for you today? Lol they all see my number and know it's me calling Caller ID forgot what that was for a minute...
  9. Love how it goes from intial to Prep to a decision back to under review in less then two weeks. Talk about a head game
  10. How is it possible I filed my claim on the 14th on the 18th it went to the Prep to decision. I spoke with case management this morning " it's awaiting to be rating at the rater". And now it's back under review three hours after my phone conversation. Is that a bad sign it had two increases 1 new contention for adjustment disorder also asked for Permanent and total? I've never filed a FDC I have read they move quick and was feeling ok and now it's started back over to the beginning to under review again the next guy I spoke with said he has no idea of what to say give it a few weeks.
  11. Actually the other way around they say and lumped it with my sTBI. Since the psychiatrist couldn't tell my symptoms from my TBI even though she actually said I showed symptoms prior to my accident with the death of my friend and reckless behavior. But my accident was a car manufacturer defect that was then recalled ten years after my accident. I got the call 2 years ago and then got my service connection last year for my TBI and then my ptsd SC followed along with headaches and dizziness scars and shoulder injury. But I don't have years to fight for a separate rating i will keep fighting for it it's just not a priority at the moment I hope it will all be worked out with this presidency.
  12. That's why when I call the office of case management she was like are you serious that's ridiculous on my last decision and she helped me file my FDC claim she said she didn't know that it changed recently when I just filed for it. So when I filed this time she was messages the man who had my case over Instant messager in outlook. One thing he said was they usually don't approve claims for PT unless there's at least 6 months of time tona year in between but then he say what my decision was that it was on the wrong form said ok this might be a different case. And the last thing was I had to fill out a 526 manually put seeking PT on the disabilities list and uploaded onto another 526 as evidence through ebenefits and that's how it's done. I'm not saying everyone else did it another way I don't know why I had the hassle but if you do it this way you won't get the below message. The VA duty is I should be emailing Ted Ebert tonight so he can light some fire under my ROs ass for putting that last sentence on my decision from March 14 Lol those nasty ass feet from walking barefoot my apologies
  13. Like I found out just like you I played the game I opened a 21-526EZ with the paper version to specify the disabilites such as P and T.