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  1. That date you filed the claim originally I believe
  2. how does one check on what qualifies or if it's switched into my name will that work?
  3. To bad it doesn't count for your spouse my wife just graduated with her masters in two months a we owe around 23000 since the loan is in my name could it still be forgiven I'm 100% TDIU 90% before TDIU kicked in not P and T yet?
  4. I had the same issue its because your regional office is over booked and to get you a decision they pay your mileage to drive crazy far to get you an appointment sooner. That's how it was explained to me when I had to drive 3 hours one way but it granted me TDIU so I assume it will be worth the trip.
  5. I myself am not rated Permanent and total yet I am granted with SMC S I am 100% TDIU though.
  6. Hey Nod I was granted SMC S but they said my 100% isn't P and T? Should I just ask to reopen it, my doctors have all said its just a matter of limiting the damage of my TBI residuals but that it's 99 % permanent after 10 years later.
  7. I guess I can only see this green print if I'm not on an iPhone?
  8. Sorry I get anxious and I post all over repeatedly sometimes I'll refrain the best I can and then I get scatter brained repeat stuff even as I am responding I proof read and end up deleting half the message since I said the same information in the prior post I apologize and will be better at making sure I stay on topic.
  9. If I graduate from a Voc program I know I'll lose my TDIU? But will I just go back to 90% since its work that isn't strenuous to my TBI residuals? I spend 6 years getting TDIU and now I realize I might not be able to survive on the income alone it could just be my anxiety but I don't want to put my family out of our home so I have to push myself to do something .
  10. I hope not seems that I hope my TBI/PTSD rated at 70% by lumped together by their self will will show unability to work. But who knows can't be harder to prove then winning my IU claim on the first try.
  11. Hey Crazyhorse I'm on the same boat currently at 100 TDIU not permanent though 90% without the IU they granted me with SMC S. Don't know where your at hope all is well TBIs suck?
  12. Yeah just got the letter I was 20 when I had my TBI then one last tour in Afghanistan knew my issues with my residuals were overlooked and it was time not to reenlist. IU granted for TBI residuals dizziness and lightheaded with PTSD all together 80 even though with my other 5 issues make me 90 without IU. I claimed my headaches as well but they gave me 0 poor C&P he didn't talk about them I am currently on 2 meds for pain from my headaches also one ER trip in last 2 months and two doctors visits just for my headaches somehow that was a zero. I don't care when it's right since I'm at 100 I just filed another increase I am keeping a journal for my headaches to see if That's more convincing. I have another C&P for my broken pelvis along with two appeals pending. All this VA crap makes my head hurt. Damn the Hamster doing to give him rat poison in his dinner.
  13. My IU claim was completed on Nov 11 of last year I submitted it on 9/5/2016
  14. I get it now apparently the payments for IU are always for the prior month so may will be June 1st and so on. It was awarded on Nov so my back pay was for Dec. 1 and the one for Jan is on feb. it's confusing but whatever I am still getting paid feb 1. As far as ssi I'm not eligible but she said I could be for SSDI so I applied gave my rating current disability list my DD214. I have to go back with the offical letter for TDIU tomorrow I got it today but went their first without it. Does that even qualify me now? She said it could take 3 ,6. Or 9 months all depends. I thought veterans could get it expediated? I don't know how or who to ask?
  15. So I was awarded TDIU with SMC S on Nov 11. I was paid 90% on Dec 1 and Dec 30 for Jan. I was paid retro for Dec 30 on Jan. 12 for 1500. Not to sound greedy but am I not owed another 1500 dollars for Dec 1 since I was awarded it on Nov 11? I know my math isn't great but what am I missing I did this without an attorney so no payout to anyone.