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  1. Ultimately it didn't even matter she told me I was never even given a SOC in my intial decision so that should have been an easy grant for her but she lacked the authority her words and it had to be decided by the BVA. No upshot :but she did help certify my appeal to the board which is why my appeal only took 5 months to decide and my retro was almost 100k.
  2. I still have to request PT on the correct form this time and am currently waiting my VA wants to send me to inpatient care for my TBI now I've only been SC for 7 years..I didn't know you could get 2 SMC I'm just SMC S
  3. Or they will saw it's currently being uploaded and could sit there for a month. Make sure you don't 1800 they have no clue call the office of case management they will tell you why it's at that phase and if it's pending uploading you NOD
  4. They might also rate you as I am rated for Dizziness and lightheadedness secondary to the ear disease
  5. Also if you happen to go into a finacial hardship or become terminally ill you may get your claim bumped up in line but still wait behind the other few hundred in that same line...
  6. My question is SSA willing to pay me SSDI if the VA wants to send me to PTRP in Richmond VA for a few weeks to help my healing and memory problems? I am not able to even start for a year since I'm having a baby but he said that fine it's approved whenever. Will this automatically discontinue my Voc rehab since I won't be able to actively participate?
  7. Appealing takes forever unless you have a hardship if you want you could just reopen your claim and file the new evidence with it through ebenefits. Just my opinion not so sure what MDD so can't really give an opinion to that but unless it's lumped under one rating like PTSD and TBI then its considered different issues. Please someone correct if I am mistaken I just say question was here for awhile with no answer.
  8. My VA poly trauma rep said they want me to go to Richmond VA for this inpatient program that sounds amazing. I also was told I can go at anytime even in one year so I have time for the birth of my son and adjust for another 8 months give or take. Has anyone have any experience with this program I was told all my doctors feel it's the best way for helping my individual independent living circumstances. In my head I'm thinking they tell me most of my residuals aren't going to get better but livable maybe I should fill out the P and T paperwork? This place they tell me is ways to minimize my damage that I could do to myself from my residuals. Hate being scatter brained
  9. I am rated 100% IU due to my TBI residuals... Secondary Migraines, Dizziness, scars, and Hip pain. I'm still unsure how many more issues I can claim resulting from my TBI accident ? I have about 4 more issues two of them are at the BVA right now dealing with this accident the va doctor told me it shouldn't be considered that because it's another physical injury not related to your head injury but another causality to the incident that's no longer in question..
  10. Thanks I'll try my best to help TBI survivors as far as sTBIs I pretty well versed. Although I'm only at 70% for just my TBI I am cognitive enough to answer severs TBI questions. I shouldn't be here, but I am so I want to help all that I can. Even my doctor was telling me at my exam he had filed a NOD that hasn't moved in 9 months I armed him with numbers email addresses to call/email and gave him my number to give me updates. I may not have the ability to use my short term memory but when I repeat things and read things over and over my obsessions become memory's stuck in my head.
  11. After my neurologist apt I get annoyed when the doctors all say "I slipped through the VA cracks" is it bad I just want to say there aren't cracks in the VA but huge pit holes to fall into with no help to pull you out? The doctors at the Va are usually all great to work with medically wise and have nothing to do with the disability process. But thanks Bronco something else to arm look into.
  12. I'm on the same boat I was 90 filed IU granted 60 days later. But when you file for PT make sure you do on form 21-526EZ. I requested in writing and just got my denial the reason was I didn't submit it on the proper form.
  13. 6 hours later that was exhausting. I thought I did ok but the second half of the day I felt like a total rifle range Unqualifed with a pistol nominee. But I guess I see we're I need to work and I'm not sure it will be done in 10 days I told him about my SSa claim he said he will try but who knows I just want the results...
  14. TBI

    Yea I just had a 6 hour neuropsych and my local VA not for disability but for my treatment polytrama plan. I currently am awaiting my initial SSDI claim work it's way through I have my SSA exam on the 30th, my test may or may not be ready for them in time for the exam just sucks if he makes me do another test. At least I should hope it's as through to get a complete picture of how my mind is still xxxxxx 10 years later.
  15. Sometimes I don't even know I want to post me questions in the TBI forum at times but I noticed nobody really answers questions in there.