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  1. Berta laid it out perfect. She is one of the most, if not the most insightful at Hadit. I recommend using SSDI and VR&E to support your claim for TDIU P&T. Have your spouse assist you with this task. The best document to support your claim will always be a Doctor's Medical Opinion. Preferably a VA doctor A.K.A Mental Health. Should you receive TDIU P&T be sure to not become a 22 statistic. STAY BUSY!! Good Luck!
  2. No, it's not uncommon depending on the circumstances. If you don't have a doctor's statement stating you're unemployable. I think you're in for a fight. I believe the doctor should be a VA doctor that can enter the opinion straight into your VA medical records. The problem is getting a VA doctor to make the statement. It took four years and continual treatment with my VA doctor. Before, I asked him for just such a statement to support my claim. Three months after submitting his letter to BVA a favorable decision was rendered. The decision was granted for TDIU P&T. JM2C Good Luck! I don't currently have the docket number but, i'll Try to find it for your review.
  3. IMHO, an IMO from your psychiatrist stating your unemployability and Voc Rehab denial statement(s) wold be your best options.
  4. Have you utilized your Federal Employee Benefit known as Thrift Saving Plan (TSP)? If the TSP funds are enough. They could cover your lack of employment before TDIU and SSDI come through. It worked in my situation.
  5. At the end of the every day. It will always be about "what the doctor states in your medical records".
  6. You'll receive the retro and starting receiving a monthly 70% payment the first of each month. Go ahead and file for TDIU. The clock starts for TDIU the moment you apply for it.
  7. There will be some type of retro pay you'll need to make for not taking part B of Medicare. At least, when it was first available too you. I believe you need to be a SSDI recipient for three years. Before Medicare is even accessible to you. I have no opinion on whether to buy into Medicare. If you're a combat Veteran and would like MH counseling outside the VAMC. Your closest VetCenter is a very good choice. I prefer my VetCenter over VAMC MH counseling anyday. I wish you the best. Remember, squeaky wheel gets the grease.
  8. I agree 100% with your VSO and his/her opinion. The VA will look into all your service connected disabilites and would very likely move to reduce. I know this to be a fact.
  9. Yes, but you may need to request P&T and while TDIU P&T has some protections in place over a 10 & 20 year marks. It's my opinion to never assume the GOV or VA won't/can't reduce your earned benefits.
  10. Great! Thanks for sharing.
  11. It's never to early or late for the VA to re-evaluate your service connection. I'd stand by and wait for further advice by others on Hadit. However, at the end of the day. I'd go ahead and apply for P&T. Use VA Form 21-526b asking for P&T and get a VA doctor IMO stating your P&T. JMO
  12. Anytime you decide to add another disability claim to the original service connection. It always allows the VA to re-evaluate all your service connected disabilities. Hence, they can propose to reduce. If in fact your already TDIU. Just apply for P&T.
  13. I'd start with my PCP for referral or go to the closes VAMC dental clinic. I still believe a VA Form 10-10ez will need to be filled out. JMO
  14. 100% P&T tdiu is class IV covering any needed dental work. I believe VA Form 10-10ez is required for dental care.
  15. They'll take care of that issue. They should take care of anything except orthodontic care.