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  1. Thanks a lot to all the advice USMC VET i will do as suggested and get the IME now. Hope all of you are well.
  2. Hello all fellow vets: So my wife has been at the 70% rate for about 18 months now and she put in for IU on a temporary basis just so she can seek proper medical care because she is currently unable to work. About a month ago she had a c&p exam but the day before the VA called and said she did not need to be in attendance for it because records were enough. Today I was able to read the report that examiner wrote and it says that the veteran has no history of migraines the veteran has been awarded benefits for migraines in error.......what the heck??? My wife has very high blood pressure which gives migraines. How did the examiner come up with this. what should I do I know im jumping the gun because the desicion hasnt been made yet but to know the examiner did this pisses me off.
  3. I was awarded a partial grant at the BVA and. I wanted to ask for a reconsideration but I do not want to delay that partial grant because I need it for medical supplies. Would asking for reconsideration delay that partial grant?
  4. Recently received a letter from BVA saying Smc for aid and attendance have been met with the earlier effective date of 30January 2008. When I called the Va to see what to do now they said my claim was sent back to my RO in Seattle for a rating...but i thought smc aid and attendance effective 2008 was the rating. Anybody have any input on what this is.