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  1. Andy I concur with Buck. Hang in there and see your claim through. The evidence will ultimately win your claim.
  2. Very interesting article and figures. I am one who would also be interested in the outcome of this.
  3. I like your way of thinking, examiners being held accountable and being subject to prosecution. Wow then Veterans might have an honest go when they file for benefits. Man could anyone picture the headlines. " VA doctor caught in lies, looses medical license, and serving time". I would smile to see that on headlines. If that day comes it man, it would turn things around. Until that day though, "we" will just have to keep having Had it and other resources like this in play. Knowledge is a strong weapon to have in the arsenal. JMO
  4. No worries as I get in that frame of mind at times. That is why I haven't been on as much. Gotta do the PMCS on yourself every now and then, rather more often than not. Self aid and buddy care. I stand by the words I was taught in service " Slow is smooth, and smooth is fast" I can't relate to the MST, however, much of the healing techniques for PTSD translate, as I believe the two are intrinsically intertwined. Keep on moving forward, even if the steps are small, keep moving forward. You survived! You are a survivor.! You will prevail!!! JMO Take care.
  5. Understandable, You really do need to set goals and limitations. At the very least know your own limits and know when the fight is taking more out of you than whatever possible return you may receive if and when you prevail.
  6. Pain meds have been clouding my mind too much lately, time to make some changes again.

  7. John you got that right on your assessment, however, it is not all lost and doomed. There are loopholes and you can use some regulations and laws to your benefit. New and material evidence is a good one, or you know the evidence that the VA had all along but decided to ignore or conveniently lost. Of course I am talking about Duty to Assist and you know the presumed Benefit of Doubt to favor the Veteran. You must learn and research the indiscretions that were used to lowball and deny you and use those to fight your claim. Sometimes it is the simple things that can be of use to you in defense for your claim. Easier stated and written down, much harder to apply though. Just don't give up. keep fighting, keep appealing. That is just my two cent's worth of an opinion.
  8. Unfortunately you hit the nail on the head with the filing of of I9. Just like the timeline for the NOD, you cannot, absolutely not let those suspense date pass, other wise you claim is in serious trouble and possibly dead in the water. Make reminders, alarms, notes or whatever mechanism will keep you on task. So very important that this is done.
  9. Congrats, long time no hear.
  10. I agree with Broncos advice, it is sound. The local stinky Regional Office won't approve SA at the regional level even with an IMO sometimes. Mine went that way. Even in appeal and with a nexus the local office said no way, but the real deal in my case will be at the BVA. I can't wait either. I'm angry and mad and can't wait to educate the VA on regulations and evidence they so conveniently dismissed. Not being too ornery, but I am going to cut down the bogus c&p exam I was given. Just have to wait for my turn in the hot seat. Just remember to have all the 3 bullets for service connection. in-service symptoms of the disease or illness treatment records mentioning the symptoms and or treatment and a doctors medical opinion tying the two together using medical rationale. Extremely important! JMO
  11. Didn't know that was a thing, however, it's great if the Mrs. like to hunt and fish. I hope all other states start doing this as well. Not too shabby.
  12. Still moving forward, a little slower these days, however, still going onward...

  13. Haven't been on much but I wanted to write this, for Andy, and for anyone else for that matter, don't throw in the towel. Things get rough and seem hopeless but don't give in, even if loved ones are the ones that are telling you to do so. You will never get rid of that guilt and wonder, " what if I didn't give in, wonder what...." It's a killer man, no joke, it will eat at your brain for the rest of your days. I, myself, wonder about the would have, could have, should have and to be honest, I should have endured because I was right and just and especially when I had the evidence to support my contentions. Don't get me wrong if you need to compromise with the mrs then do so, just make sure it is for right reasons and for the best. Long term best that is. JMO
  14. Been out of the loop for far too long.  2 knee and 2 hip surgeries later, still pressing on.  Slow is smooth, smooth is fast.  :smile: