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  1. Been out of the loop for far too long.  2 knee and 2 hip surgeries later, still pressing on.  Slow is smooth, smooth is fast.  :smile:

  2. Merry Christmas to everyone.  Enjoy your family and each other as that is what IS really important.  

    1. Hamslice


      Back at you buddy,

      Stay warm,


  3. Right Hip Surgery went well.  A little surprised I'm using the walker so well.  The left hip was less FUBARed than the right and that surgery was a killer regarding pain.  But yippee all is well, still no word on BVA but heh it's the Holidays no time to think about the VA woes.  Enjoy the holidays folks, enjoy the family and friends.  

    1. Buck52


       ArNG11 ,

      Glad to hear your hip surgery went well,Hadit radio show host Jerrel Cook had HIP Replacement a few months back and I think he was in and out of the Hospital within a week doing a Hadit Radio Show   tough guy!! thats fast!  AGHHHHHH The wonders of modern medicine.

      Hope you both have a safe and speedy recovery.

      Happy Holidays Everyone!!!


    2. ArNG11


      Thanks Buck.  It's been hard these last few months, but I got both knees and both hips done while waiting for my claims to have some movement towards the BVA.

      Luckily it both times for me were not replacements just torn ligaments and a bunch of arthritis, however, all is well.  Thanks Buck.

      I need to get back in the loop,:wink: I have been gone for a little bit.:sad:

  4. Green there are a lot of factors to consider, heck OPM's work load and manning and staffing requirements. I can't say that my case is typical but from most in my circle 4 to 8 months is about the norm. Get that agency assessment in writing as it will come in handy for a few things. I waited them out and tried to last as long as I could. In my case I lost it at work and took my aggression on assets located in my work area. I had to bail before I really made a situation for myself. Not saying that you will do that, but be aware of that. Stress gives you a beating. I was told more or less the same thing and it was shorter than what they stated. I'm not sure if that was just luck or what. I know that 2/3 of the staff that processed retirement packages were not available. When mine was processed one or two people usually took care of medical retirement packages. All I can say is to make sure you make it easy for them to have all the information and medical evidence to warrant your medical retirement. This will help immensely. Tid bit make sure you visit occupational health and ask for a copy of your medical records you will need those eventually and they come in handy. I don't get on here as often any more, however, I will share what I know from my experiences.
  5. Haven't been on much but Andy I agree with Buck don't give in and throw the towel, with the right nexus and evidence behind you, you will prevail. Keep at it. Slow is smooth, smooth is fast. Hang in there.
  6. Back from La la land.  left knee surgery went great, already walking better.  Soar as heck but no more grinding and popping.  :lol:

  7. In Oklahoma, from Tinker AFB, it was all said and done in 6 months. It all depends on your condition, skill set, and available slots in other career fields. They'll try to put a job placement to accommodate your disabilities but, frankly, that was just a pipe dream. OPM was not very forthcoming with information, however, you just have to keep at them. I went out with 10 years of federal service and went at age 40. There is not an age requirement. Explore your options. Don't be afraid to ask questions either. In my case my HR and retirement offices were not very forth coming with information until I pushed some buttons.
  8. Way to go Navy. I need to get on here more often, my mind drifts and I seem to miss a lot. Take it easy now and relax a bit. Let it sink in for a while, none the less enjoy your win, you are definitely one of us who has been fighting the good fight. ...the rest of your life....Full steam ahead... Congrats again.
  9. Congrats. Way to hang in there. Good luck to you and yours.
  10. sensitive as this topic is, if I may Buck, just request to have your T levels checked out. Speaking for myself, I was embarrassed to talk to my private doc as well, similar situation, young attractive doctor, made the situation worse for me, however, it is a matter of health. Whether male or female issues such as these, the topic should be brought up with your primary doc, it can be discreet, Drs are human beings, if they are professional and respectful it makes it easier. I get the T shots by my pain management doc when I have a pain med consult. Just my thoughts on the subject, take care.
  11. I like the ideas of how to safeguard your medical and service records. I still employ a paper/electronic system. I like the combo approach with redundancies. Believe you me it has come in handy several times already and once BVA hearing approaches, well I have a few green cards with the Regional Office and Evidence Intake Centers signature all over it. Can't deny an item wasn't received if you have a signature to prove it. Not to give cudos to the VA but the e-filing of claims through e-benefits has not failed me yet, well other than consistent access but you can see and load both ways on submitted evidence. Confirmation of submission and acceptance are a nice facet. Still even in this digital world, I would suggest the same in regards to records. Keep a hardcopy, have one on a drive, jump drive, online server, and for kicks throw a media copy in a safety deposit box. You never know. The one thing I would suggest with the online methods is to make sure the encryption and back up redundant systems are to your satisfaction and meet new technological standards.
  12. I feel kind of silly asking you this guys, however, the last blood I had drawn by the VA showed low T, levels, it wasn't until 2015 by my private doc that she gave me a testosterone shot. Kind of borderline abnormal for the age group and conditions I have been diagnosed with. So low t-levels isn't unheard of. Have you had similar circumstances or results? The last 5 doc visits I've had, I needed to have the shot.
  13. I know this is a sensitive subject. But the smaller finger relationship had me rolling. Not because it is embarrassing, but because it is sooo true. Similar experiences.
  14. That is always the hard part, I believe, it is not enough to ask for help and get it, to become knowledgable in the fight and not use that knowledge to help yourself or better yet someone else who needs the help. I must admit that each and every one of US, have that flame, knowing when to fan it and when to let it burn by it self I believe is the hardest part. Once that flame is self sustaining it is rather easy, keeping it that way is another matter entirely. Self empowerment has its place, however, those little nudges are usually the ones that can determine a victory or defeat. Sometimes that little spark or that dousing of fuel is all it takes. This process is long and at times can devour someone if care is not taken, however, progress and success need to have that little push, that little bit of accelerant to get going again. I find this site to be that fuel, that spark and in the process met some of the strongest willed people I have encountered. They gave me hope and direction. Although at times 5 years can seem to be an eternity, 5 years is nothing compared to a person's lifetime after that investment. Those that benefit even after you're gone is what sticks in my mind. It is all relative and must be considered. JMO. Keep fighting till your last breath!