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  1. This is all just in time for the coming war with Iran. If all the 20 million vets knew how badly they were being screwed they would fly, drive, run, walk or crawl to Washington D. C. and burn down the capitol and cut off the heads off all those criminals who rule our society. Of course as soon as the masses converged the criminals running the nation would call out the same military we served to gas, burn, shoot and crush us. Thomas Jefferson said that "The Tree of Liberty Needs to be Watered with the Blood of Patriots" from time to time. Now is the time before the next war. I don't believe for one moment that things are going to change by themselves. The current vets of today will soon be forgotten by the next crop of vets from the next war that is brewing as we speak. Who besides some people in their late 60's and 70's even remembers the War in Vietnam today? Does anyone remember that there was a war in Korea that cost 35,000 lives? I am not saying Dems or Republicans are the guilty parties in this fiasco. There is no difference. They are different sides of the same crooked coin. We have been at war since the end of WW11. The military-industrial-financial complex is good at one thing ......producing disabled vets. They are terrible at taking care of them after they come home. The servants (Us) are just a small cost of doing business for the our corporate Masters (.001%).
  2. If you get rated TDIU or 100% scheduler I advise every vet to claim P&T if you are denied Chapter 35 in your decision. When I got TDIU I was denied Chapter 35. I appealed via a NOD immediately. By the time my claim for Chapter 35 was reviewed a year had passed and since there was no change the VA granted Chapter 35 which is P&T. I also had an IMO saying I was P&T. So I have been P&T since August 2001 when my original claim for TDIU was made. I did not win the appeal until 2002 but it was retro back to August 2001. If I have a serious claim I also try and get an IMO to go along with it. The only claims I have not had IMO for were for Agent Orange claims. For secondary claims I always get a medical opinion saying the SC primary disability is the cause of the secondary condition. If you want to get your claim approved without years of appeals this is a good way to do it. To trust only on a VA C&P exam is like playing craps in Las Vegas. The house usually wins.
  3. Autopsy is most necessary and I am told that in Florida even if you are an organ donor the docs just take the donated organs and don't do an autopsy which will cost some 3-4 thousand bucks. Unless the death certificate says something like " drug overdose secondary to PTSD" I think you may have difficulty.
  4. I would not let grass grow under my feet on the TDIU or 100% VA claim. Getting SSDI for your VA service -connected disability is a huge help in getting TDIU or even 100% rating. I would be thinking TDIU, P&T, and then SMC "S". It is a wonder to me that our government believes it possible for an adult to live on SSDI. Even if you got the maximum amount that is not enough to support an adult in my neighborhood. If you get the SSDI and TDIU/100% then that is a different equation. With my SSDI and VA I could live on that even though I have a couple of other income streams. It does not get cheaper to live the older you get. It gets more expensive in my case. You know after you get SSDI you have to wait 2 years for Medicare. Us vets who are over 50% are lucky since we do not have co-pays. That is a goal to work on that really pays off.
  5. I think you need a couple of IMO/IME friendly doctor reports saying you are unable to do any sort of work solely due to your PTSD. I noticed how you said the exam doctors were professional etc. Yes, they are professional at helping the VA deny TDIU claims. Did you have an IMO in your record when you applied for TDIU? I hope you did not rely just on the C&P exam and VA vocational rehab reports. I think you need a report from your private psychiatrist to say you are totally disabled solely due to your PTSD. If you don't have that then you are just wasting your time. You put all that effort into schooling and now it bites you in the azz. That is not the way to go after TDIU. Can you or do you mind revealing your age? Age is a big factor I think in SSDI and TDIU claims even though it is not supposed to be a factor. If you are over 50 all the vocational rehab in the world will not make you employable in this economy. What you want is to get permanent and total disability before you get another year older. I think TDIU may be one of the weak spots for vets so you should be thinking 100% rating if possible. When you get TDIU or 100% the 20 year clock starts to tick. That 20 year rating time makes it impossible under existing law for the VA to reduce you. The 20 year mark is the only real permanent and total rating that exists because even after 19 years at TDIU or 100% the VA can cook something up to reduce you. Not too likely but possible. If we get some real reactionary people in office they may very well look at TDIU and say " Hey, this person is already getting SSDI or a disability pension. They should not be entitled to another disability rating for the same conditions. Why don't we just make them choose between SSDI and TDIU"? I have about 4 years to go on my 20 year TDIU rating. I am 90% plus SMC "S" and I still don't rate `100% scheduler with VA. Our government is creating huge debts and they will look to cut all the so-called entitlement programs like SSDI and VA compensation. You want to be grandfathered in because I think the government will make it harder for people to get SSI, SSDI, VA compensation and VA NSC pensions.
  6. If you are fortunate enough to have other income like investment income, or any taxable income beyond a pretty low threshold the government will tax part of your SSDI. The VA money is non-taxable. Because my wife and I do have some investment income and I have a post office pension 85% of our SSA is taxed. To me this is double taxation because if I am not wrong I paid tax on the money I contributed both to SSA and Medicare for 40 years. Medicare and SSA contributions were not pre-tax dollars I don't think. Correct me if I am wrong! Us middle class types are just screwed to the wall.
  7. That was just in time for my great, great grandfather who was a confederate vet to die at the VA hospital in Atlanta. He was 87 years old and up until this time he was not considered a military vet by our government. He was disabled from the end of the civil war until his death and finally got a pension from the state of Georgia for $60 a month in 1910. Both of his brothers were also disabled from the war, or were indigent. Even my cousin Dr. Archer Avary got a confederate pension and lived until 1937. He died at the VA hospital in Atlanta as well. You know during the FDR years disability pensions for soldiers of WW1 were cut to the bone. Absolutely nothing was done for returning war vets until WW11 and this was just because the government believed that millions of returning vets would cause a recession if they were not encouraged to use the G.I. Bill for education, buy houses, create families and start spending. The results were good but the motives, as usual, were just in the interest of those in power. john
  8. Yes, the congress that is always praising the sacrifices of veterans is the same congress that makes it so hard to get service connection. It took them and their servants, the VA, 40 years to connect Parkinson's Disease to AO exposure and Heart disease. It is them that invented the BVA and the Court of Veteran appeals that often turns a claim into a ten year battle and the necessity of hiring a lawyer to win a claim. Congress, the President and the federal courts make it so difficult to win claims just to save money. When you are 21 years old and are discharged from the military are you given some sort of real class as to your rights to claim service connection for injuries or illness you have incurred while in your service? Being a Vietnam vet I did not even get a copy of my medical and personnel records when I was discharged. Most of the draftees that ETS'ed right out of Vietnam were actively discouraged in trying to get copies of their records. This is all based on the government which is supposed to be of, for and by the people from having to spend money on returning war veterans and peace vets as well. The very lowest priority the government has had since the years after WW11 is helping disabled veterans. Sweeping them and their problems under the rug has been a high priority since vets are considered by our masters as liabilities and not honored members of their communities. Consider the difficulty in getting a PTSD claim accepted before 9/11 and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Getting service connected for PTSD or any mental health issue before 9/11 was a most humbling, humiliating and degrading process. I was called a liar and my motives were questioned almost every time I had a C&P exam. I don't know what it is like now but I know just to get a 10% rating for a "nervous condition" I had to go inside the VA's mental health locked ward for a month. This was within one year of discharge. Everything about the VA's treatment of vets lets you know who is the master and who is the servant.
  9. If you complain to the VA that your meds are causing or making your OSA worse they will just tell you to stop taking those meds. No doubt opiates and drugs like Clonazepam make it worse so if you take those drugs the VA will give you fits if you have DX of OSA. This has already been a big problem for me with my various doctors fighting about which drugs I should or should not take. I would say just from my own experience the fatter you get the worse your OSA will get. Now if you are disabled and cannot get around much you are liable to put on weight. This will make your OSA worse. If you have DMII you will probably put on weight. Just having OSA causes weight gain which in turn makes the OSA worse. So it is all a feedback loop ending in our extinction. I remember going nuts because I could not sleep in Vietnam and that is in my records. There were not sleep studies in 1970 as far as I know. I have long history of sleep problems but only found out about OSA about 4 years ago long after I had been DX'ed with DMII and CAD due to AO exposure. We all need to find doctors who will write reports that are acceptable to the VA and provide medical rationale to connect OSA and any other non-presumptive disease to our service. My current pulmonologist will not do that since he believes it does not matter what caused it only what will fix it. The C-Pap failed and Inspire has failed to a substantial degree. I guess I need one of our "hired gun" doctors. Hey, the VA has an army of hired guns that are ready to deny your claims until you are rotting in the ground. Anyone know of decent and vet friendly docs who will help a vet? As far as the vet who actually had a sleep study done in the service I think there is a natural progression theory from your first in-service sleep study to current study that says OSA. Once upon a time I had a small army of shrinks that I could call on for help with the VA. They are mostly retired now since I am 67 and they were all older than me when I got P&T. If OSA is going to kill me I want the VA to take responsibility in part. I have certainly gained weight with age and with the peripheral neuropathy which is secondary to DMII (A0) because I just can't walk two blocks without pain and I cannot even do other exercise due to the neuropathies in my hands as well. It seems obvious that the SC conditions are caused by or made worse by the few non-SC conditions I have. 98% of doctors neither understand or want to understand VA rules and regs. in order to write up an IMO/IME. They shrink from making a medical opinion because they believe their future credibility or liability will be called into question. They want to keep their petticoats clean while raking in money for bogus treatments and pushing new expensive drugs from the companies that visit them and always buy lunch. John
  10. My basic question is what are conditions that cause OSA. The OSA is having drastic effects on my service connected conditions and there is probably a feedback loop to the NSC conditions as well. How can you untangle all these conditions and say one is SC and one is not SC? All this on top of my chronic pain that is service connected and I don't know how I have lasted this long. I am thinking for another avenue for connecting OSA to service is as a secondary condition to a accepted SC condition because way too much time has passed since I got out in 1971 and for me to find those lost records of sleep problems. I don't mean to step on your post but there are more than one way to skin a cat. My OSA was so bad at one time I was having 50 events an hour. I was like the living dead. John
  11. If you have service connected DMII, CAD and neuropathy can there be any doubt that OSA is going to aggravate those conditions. I would like to know if depression, anxiety , DMII, CAD and neuropathy could lead to OSA and hypertension. DMII does lead to weight gain and weight gain leads to OSA, but getting a doctor to say that is hard. It is as if OSA just popped out of the sky. I was DX-ed with OSA and hypertension after my DMII DX. I know there are interconnections between all these problems. I want to file for OSA and HB but is there any basis or any doctor who can make such a case for them to be secondary to DMII? Have disease, money and will travel of IMO. John
  12. Adderall is an amphetamine. I don't think your VA doctor will give it to you. I took it but it was prescribed from another doctor. The VA had a fit since I am in the pain management program. What your friend is taking is what used to be called a "speedball" that is mixing speed with a narcotic. The problem I had with the Adderall was that I was taking oxycodone and Fentanyl plus I have sleep apnea. I was out of it, but while the Adderall helped me wake up it made me angry and I just could not control my temper. I did not care about that but my wife sure did. I know there are better pain meds out there than that damn Morphine SR, but the VA just won't prescribe them. OxyContin is better but the VA is so afraid of people abusing it or selling it that unless you have cancer they don't want to prescribe it even though it was invented for those with intractable chronic pain like me and you and your friend. If you have a opiate pain contract with the VA I think they will object. Since I have sleep apnea the VA objects to everything I take. They think I should just gut it out. Speaking of guts it takes a lot of guts to tell a person who is feeling hopeless from depression due to chronic pain to gut it out and live with it. John
  13. You need to get some real doctors. The combo of OSA and COPD is a bad one especially if you have HBP or CAD or anything like that such as enlarged heart. The least of your worries is getting extra disability. You need to worry about your life. I am sort of in the same boat with DMII and CAD, HBP and OSA. I am surprised I wake up every day. I would like to get the OSA and HBP service connected but I don't think I have the strength to go through it. John
  14. Get the IMO! The IMO is the most important factor to you getting 100% or TDIU. I had three doctors who helped me by writing IMO/IME's when I got P&T back in 2002. They resided in Tampa Florida, but since then two have retired. This is the problem with being an old timer. I would not trust a VA doctor as far as I could throw the Empire State Building. I had evidence fro Voc. Rehab., A Vet Center and I was already on SSDI for the SC condition. I still believe the IMO's were what tilted me over the TDIU hump. I had an ex-VA doctor write me an IMO. The VA never gave me anything I did not have to fight tooth and nail to get. No gifts from the heartless bastards. John
  15. I am already 60% for CAD secondary to DMII. I have NSC sleep apnea and HBP. I feel doomed and all I am concerned about is making sure my spouse gets DIC and there is no way in the world for VA to slip out of that obligation. I am already P&T for 15 years so I know she can get DIC, but she is woefully ignorant of VA tactics and rules. I want there to be no doubt that AO killed me. If I don't die from the OSA the other AO things will get me. Maybe I should study up on how to get the OSA service connected because I don't think I will wake up one morning. The high blood/DM11/heart disease combo is not helping me to live to be 90 years old. If you combine OSA, HBP and all my service connected issues I am dead man walking and I want the *&^^% VA to pay for it. John