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  1. I have a 0% rating for a head injury and a 0% for erectile dysfunction. For SMC purposes does this equal 10%?
  2. Thanks for your help asknod.
  3. I will list the ratings and you guys let me know what you think. PTSD 100% P&T Radiculopathy left lower extremity 20% Left shoulder condition 10% Radiculopathy Right lower extremity 10% Rifght knee chondromalacia 10% Lumbosacral Strain 20% Chondromalacia left knee 10% Ed SMC K 0% Scalp 0%
  4. Thanks for your response Mr. Rogers? How do I tell the VA to CUE themselves? Can you explain to me why I would want a hearing regarding the CUE request. I don't know how to do a NOD either but I'm sure I can find that info on this site. Currently i have a VSO but for what it's worth its too much of a hassle trying to track him down. How can I relinquish him from his duties?
  5. I was recently granted 100% P&T. I have one rating thats 100% SC and I have a bunch of individual ratings that add up to 59 which should round up to 60. When VA decided my claim they didn't say anything about SMC but after doing some reading here I believe it should have been inferred last year when they decided my claim. Since it hasn't been a year should I ask for a reconsideration or file a NOD. How should I proceed?
  6. I would like to thank everyone here who directly or indirectly assisted me with my claim. Before I found this site I was lost...I just didn't understand the VA...well thats putting it mildly. After coming here I spent my countless sleepless nights doing research on these forums and arming myself for battle with the VA. I am very grateful for this site and the people here without you I'd still be going in circles with the VA. On the other hand thanks to you I was recently granted a very favorable decision. I would like to specially thank Navy04 for his help and guidance in both my VA claim and my SSDI claim he really helped me nail them both. I can't thank you guys enough for what you do every day. I don't know if I should piggyback on this post or start another one for some denied issues associated with this claim. I have chondromalachia in both knees rated at 10%. I also have radiculapathy in both legs rated at 20 and 10%. I had knee surgery last year and I was denied a rating for the cal/mcl knee surgery. Does anyone have any experience with this? How should I attack this situation. Also if anyone is wondering I am 100% P&T so I was thinking maybe I would just let sleeping dogs lie and just be content with what i have. But a part of me wants to fight for what I believe I deserve. I believe that I should have received a rating for my knee during and after the surgery. I had a very rude examiner for my knee and the entire time we bumped heads so he gave me a less than favorable write up for my knee. That was my fault but I felt like he was bullying me. That was a mistake on my part I just couldn't keep myself poised while under such baseless attacks from a stranger. At any rate what do you guys think I should do?
  7. If you are 100% P&T where do you sign up for the life insurance? I thought I saw it posted here but I cant seem to find it.
  8. Hey US Vet I printed a copy of the 100% award letter yesterday. Thanks a lot for you help and guidance during this trying time. I really mean that. You were a great attribute to me. Please keep helping veterans with their issues with the government.
  9. Prep For Notification as of this morning. I have been praying and thanking God.
  10. Thanks guys it also said something about Ch35 benefits does that mean P&T?
  11. I don't have my official bbe yet but I did receive the DAV letter yesterday and I laughed and I cried and I laughed and cried at the same time. I also yelled at some point. I am now unoficially 100% SC for PTSD. I have a bunch of other things deferred and headaches was the only one denied.
  12. I worded my last post incorrectly I have been sitting in preparation for decision then back to gathering evidence then back to preparation for decision then to pending decision approval a few days ago back to gathering evidence today any idea whats going on guys and gals?
  13. I just checked ebenefits and my claim has gone from pending decision approval back to gathering evidence a few weeks ago back to pending decision approval today. Hopefully everything works out in my favor. I haven't been able to work in almost a year and the credit cards are almost all maxed out and all my savings has been spent trying to hold us over.
  14. I received some correspondence from the VA asking for evidence to support my claim for loss of a creative organ. I wanted to know if I was going about this correctly. Below are diagnoses from my VA medical record and medications prescribed to me from the VA. am I on the correct path in what I am about to send to them as evidence? Problem: MAJOR DEP DISORDER, RECURRENT (ICD-9-CM 296.30) Date/Time Entered: 01 Jan 2010 Problem: History of male erectile disorder (ICD-9-CM V11.8) Date/Time Entered: 01 Jan 2010 Problem: Priapism (ICD-9-CM 607.3) Date/Time Entered: 01 Jan 2010 Posttraumatic stress disorder (ICD-9-CM 309.81) Date/Time Entered: 01 Jan 2010 VENLAFAXINE HCL 75MG SA CAP SILDENAFIL CITRATE 100MG TAB "Special monthly compensation may be paid for loss of use of a creative organ, as a result of service-connected disability. 38 U.S.C.A. § 1114(k); 38 C.F.R. § 3.350(a). Although the term "creative organ" is not defined in the law or regulations, the Office of General Counsel has held that a "creative organ," as used in 38 U.S.C.A. § 1114(k), refers to a procreative, or reproductive, organ. VAOPGCPREC 2-00. In addition, where a veteran has loss of erectile power from service-connected causes, he is also entitled to special monthly compensation for loss of use of a creative organ. VA Adjudication Procedure Manual, M21-1, Part VI, 11.25 (Change 85, April 4, 2002); see 38 C.F.R. § 4.115b, Code 7522. Therefore, although not specifically identified as a "creative organ" in 38 U.S.C.A. § 1114(k) or 38 C.F.R. § 3.350, other legal authority clearly establishes that the penis is a creative organ, for purposes of entitlement to special monthly compensation."
  15. Me, Hello. I haven't received my increase yet. They still have my claim in the gathering evidence stage. They have all the information but for some reason it isn't moving at all. I hope they rate my issues justly so I can focus on getting help with the issues I have. But I know this is going to be a fight. Good luck with your claim.