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  1. My step father was in the Marines and unfortunately passed from leukemia three years ago. His primary duty station was Camp Pendleton; however I was told all Marines have to attend infantry school before their first duty station. I probably will have to visit a VSO to request his personnel records unless there is another way. Am I on the right path?
  2. Congrats............
  3. Congrats................
  4. What are the requirements for the Post 9/11 GI Bill?
  5. Excellent information regarding the 646. This is one of the reasons why the appeal is not forwarded to the BVA sooner. Good analogy, Berta.
  6. Excellent news............
  7. There are many reasons why claims are denied at the regional level and eventually end up at the BVA. Submitting a good claim is paramount, but also acknowledging medical evidence and basing judgment on evidence is just as important. The triangle of a good claim is straight forward and simple, but somehow more claims seems to be denied because medical evidence is either not present during the process or not considered. Maybe all submitted relative medical evidence needs to be listed and whether it was used in the decision. This would force accountability from the veteran and the regional office.
  8. Shameful and completely uncalled for.
  9. I would contact a VSO. In some cases, if the veteran is 30%, his children and wife are entitled to funding at any instate university or college. I think children are entitled to 8 paid semesters and spouses 6 paid semesters. GOOD LUCK...............
  10. I agree with Berta. Ask for a CUE on the information they didn't use.
  11. Any veterans from North Carolina attended?
  12. I was informed the American Legion in North Carolina is sponsoring Claims Clinics throughout the state. The Claim Clinics are supposed to be a way for veterans to speak with raters and DRO's and make a case for their claims to be approved. I have heard its a huge success because veterans are getting favorable results. You must bring all paperwork and medical records. Does anybody know if this will be expanded? Especially to Maryland, Texas, Alabama, and Florida.