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  1. Ok if your IU With P&T AT 100% OR Even if you were 90% combined using the extra scheduler. IU....With your separate 70% S.C. Rating that Qualify's you for SMC S..Depending on the severity of the 70% S.C. Disability & what the SMC RATING TABLE has. OK now that your getting SMC R-1 I don't think that Qualify;s you for the SMC S IF THIS IS WHAT YOUR ASKING? if your I still don't really under stand what your asking?
  2. ''So, in view of this, what are the advantages of scheduler over IU? I have no spouse or kids at home that would benefit from P&T IU.'' ok the only difference I can see between the two the main difference is being 100% P&T scheduler you can work $$. Being TDIU P&T Your not suppose to be working at all some say you can if you earn less than the allowed amount but I disagree , if your IU and work your playing with fire and being IU Veterans need to fill out the pesty unemployment questioner form ever year usually on their anniversary date of the IU Award. That's the only difference between being 100% P&T vs Being TDIU P&T They both have the same benefits and pay. with of course the $$ added from the Special Monthly Compensation if the Veteran gets them. Also being 100% P&T You may not have a lot of dependents, but it helps to have other rated S.C. Disabilitys too in case you ever get a proposal to reduce.
  3. If your undecided about filing old appeal claims even CUE or new claims? I advise you to file for them...let the VA figured it all out...not any worse off now than before and they could rate you to a higher paying SMC? It all depends on the severity of the S.C.Disability
  4. allensc2005, What exactly is your question? There are two different levels under Category R: Category R1 and Category R2. Category R1: For this category, the veteran must have to have someone helping him every day to perform daily tasks, but that person does not have to be a professional. They can be a family member, friend, etc. Category R2: For this category, the person helping the veteran must be a licensed medical professional or someone working on behalf of a licensed medical professional. In addition, the VA must judge that the veteran would have to be hospitalized, put in a nursing home, or otherwise institutionalized if he did not have this professional-level care at home. Note: The amounts shown in the Special Monthly Compensation Rates table for Categories R1 and R2 are the total amount the veteran receives each month if he qualifies for Category R. He does not also receive standard disability compensation or compensation for other categories (except Category K).
  5. This is debatable. Everyone is correct and somewhat incorrect..eh! to go for the extra % after your 100% is a smart thing to do, they will be more $$ in it for you if you qualify for the SMC and also having more % above your 100% helps in case they ever try to reduce your ratings & the higher above the 100% the harder it is for them to reduce below the 100% if that makes a lick of sense..'that's the way it was explained to me. As for as seeking any SMC My Advise is to go for them if you meet the criteria for any SMC file for them. it adds extra to your total compensation.& any extra sure comes in handy now days. Here's my educated guess I was 90% combined plus 10% for tinnitus and the extra scheduler was used in my TDIU P&T Award, its equal to the 100% but your still considered 90% IU....because I could no longer work b/c of my sc disability and at 90% they use the extra scheduler to boost the veteran up to the 100% so he can have a decent income. (no complain from me) OK NOW years later (14) I filed a PTSD Claim & Awarded 70% ..that qualified me for SMC S.....AND THEY DO HAVE ME RATED AT 100% ...It's in the little blue circle on e benefits and in benefits section it has all my disability's and TDIU P&T is still showing up as 90% combined rating along with the PTSD 70%Rating& 10 % tinnitus and a second SMC K for E.D (that I just got) but its showing 0%service connected the SMC K is not rated 10% its a separate compensation from your OTHER S.C. Disability's at 0% service connected paid separately at the 10%rate. .I think Gastone is correct when you get the 90%combined rating for IU Then another 60% separate disability then they makes the IU moot at that point but they do keep your 90%IU in e benefits at least its still showing up on my e benefits.
  6. SoulArcher You should go see the VA MST Coordinator at your VAMC you have some options here as for as your claim & treatment You should see a VA MH LCSW first thing...If you are currently in treatment ? keep going. As for as your claim you can stay on Hadit and ask questions and just let everyone know what you have did with your claim so for & what the status of your claim is at present. Most of the hadit members will be glad to help you and guide you in the right direction with your claim. Or you can go see a Veteran service Officer /or an attorney to help with your claim and just hope you get a good experience Rep in VA Claims. Remember medical evidence is the best evidence you can have when filing a V A Claim However medical evidence is not needed in a MST CLAIM buddy statements and lay statement from you...I don't believe there is a time limit for this type claim because some times it takes years for the victim to come forward for help. check out this link it goes through the normal filing routine. it may help you. https://statesidelegal.org/how-file-well-prepared-mst-claim
  7. Jimmer Thanks for the difference in the HMO...PPO what is your Advantage plan called? is it plan HMO Advantage or MAP A...B..C..D...F Some plans cost less and some cost more depending on the provider. I have an appointment with a Medicare Specialist April 14th and he will go over all the plans and try to find me a good reasonable Medicare plan...that would be beneficial and not over cost me in dealing and paying for high medical care. I'll certainly look at your plan too, how much is the HMO Advantage Plan? and is there co=pays and deductible's? Thanks Buddy
  8. You can look up 38 CFR 4.125 For mental health Criteria.
  9. You can ask your VA PCP to refer you to the MH Clinic (Mental Health) for a PTSD Evaluation . That's generally how to get to MH....I'm not sure you can just go to the MH (Mental Health) and ask to see a Phyistrist or a Social Worker? You might try that but the referral form your VA PCP would help. My PCP put in an order for me to see the MH...and they took it from there. I first seen a LCSW( License Clinical Social Worker) Unless you get in trouble with the LAW or Abuse some one because of your Condition your claiming (PTSD) The behavioral aspects of it would warrant that you see a mental Health D'r ASAP
  10. You will need a DSM5 PTSD Diagnose from the VA MH Dr's they will evaluate your symptoms and ask you if you want to see a therapist and start treatment (I advise to do so) there are 5 you need to meet the criteria. I forget what they are but it will be in a chart in your medical evaualtion that says 1.Criteria A has been met 2.Criteria B has been met 3.Criteria C has been met 4.Critiera D has been met 5.Criteria E has been met you will need your stressor's and medical documentation of the in service events Your Lay statement of what happen and how this has change your life ect,,,ect,,, and a Dr to state he has read your medical records and examined you & it is like as not'' this veterans trauma events is related to or caused by his prior military service you should get a PTSD Forensic exam (they are not fun)....in my opinion.. & Just be honest with the examiner and make sure the examiner is Qualified to do this Exam. after your PTSD C&P they (VA Rater) will evaulate that and send you a letter if you need any more documentation for your claim if not then they take their ever loving time to make a decision. its just wait wait wait.
  11. I couldn't find your ear condition...so you really need an opinion from a specialist.
  12. Yes your right but also you need a Dr (specialist) to connect the problem in relation to what ear problems you have to your military service What ever it is the Dr needs to give his/her opinion that it is likey as not related to or caused by your military service & connecting each condition that radiates to another condition & is caused by your ear problems. Also you need to have a Hearing test given...& if you have a ringing or hi pitch buzz, crickets chirping with constant sounds in your head (known as tinnitus) you need to mention this to the Audiologist. a specialist needs to state this or something close to it.
  13. Never request a Reconsideration if the appeal is still on going...they will turn this into a new claim and will start your EED when you file the reconcideration send in the NOD ..they might not got it....resend it.
  14. I believe the New VA Secretary is working on this so I would file my claim anyway. check out this link. http://www.military.com/daily-news/2017/03/08/va-to-provide-mental-health-care-to-vets-bad-paper-discharges.html