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  1. Wonderful new! Make sure you check your state benefits for 100%
  2. Gastone, The review I believe is in part due to the pending claim I have. All of my other conditions are "static" and one condition has been rated at the same rate for over 20 years. In addition to that I'm over 55.
  3. I agree with Broncovet that you have to keep the pressure on the VA, because they will forget about those who are silent and not complaining . I send an inquiry to IRIS every month as well as calling peggy every week about my current claim. I also call the Office Of Case Management every one in while. I always print out every response that IRIS send me just in case I need to use it in the future. I once email the VA secretary because my claim for a copy of my c-file was over the 2 1/2 year mark. 2 weeks later I get a call asking how I want my c-file on a cd or paper. keep on them!
  4. Congratulation!
  5. Thanks Jfrei, I have called that number before, and the woman was helpful. I will give them a try with this issue.
  6. Jfrei, thanks for replying. My claim still has not been decided yet. After all the claims I put in for and awarded this is the first time I have seen this type of review. I just hoping it's may because my current claim will put me over the 100% mark if awarded.
  7. Thanks everybody for the input on my question. I will put in the request for my c-file as my claim goes through it's process because I would like to have it to prep for a NOD if I need to and also find out what else is in there because I filed several claims since getting a copy of my last c-file.
  8. Congratulations, on a long hard fought battle with the VA. Enjoy your family and your life!
  9. Thanks Buck52, I will go back and speak to someone else. I thought she was full of it but had no way of knowing. Why do they treat vets so bad????
  10. Thanks Tbird for the cards! I just printed some because I know vets that need this forum. Iam help a long time friend who is retiring this summer. He has no Idea how slow the VA is about completing claims, and whats all involved in the process.
  11. Buck52, I did go to my local VAMC and talked to the VA rep at the VBA to request a copy of my c&p exam from the QTC and she looked at me like I was speaking another language. She then told me that I have to summit a FOIA form. She did pull up my claim but would not tell me what the QTC doctor wrote. It was a waste of my time.
  12. Hi all, I have an claim pending and stuck in gathering evidence for 4 months. I would like to request my c-file but I'm wondering will the VA label it as a claim and lump it with the claim I have pending and consider it one claim therefore pushing the my current claim even further back? One main reason I would like a copy is so I can prepare myself for a NOD if I need to for this current claim, and another is to see what the Dr wrote from my last c&p exam. Note, the exam was done by QTC, so I don't have the easy access to the exam. I know he told me that my issues were service connected, so therefore I would really like to see exactly what her wrote. Thanks in advance for any reply.
  13. Silverdj1, the key words in her opine are "at least likely" which means 50% or more due to his long standing HTN. So, this is a good thing for you.
  14. My current PCP wrote a nexus without me even asking for one or even me telling him that I have a claim in process. This is a new PCP because the last one I had at a different VA medical center did things like writing up false statements in my records and asking me why I was there, when it was clear that I was there for my annual appointment. My current PCP looked over some of my military and civilian hospital records and current s/c disabilities and wrote a statement in my records stating that the condition I have is CHRONIC and is in part caused by my S/C disability. The condition he wrote about is on of my current claims and I never even told him that I have a claim for that condition. So, my point is seeing a VA doc can go both ways it just depend on the pcp.
  15. Hi all, Has anyone every had this review in the middle of a claim? I checked my ebenefit claim history and I didn't see it ever happening before. I know it is a rating veterans service representative review, but why do one now since I never had one before? I know my current claim has the potential of putting me at the 100% rating, could this have anything to do with it? I was just thinking that just maybe they are doing it just to make sure everything adds up to the 100%. Maybe this is just wishful thinking!!! Any input is welcome! Thanks!