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  1. My current PCP wrote a nexus without me even asking for one or even me telling him that I have a claim in process. This is a new PCP because the last one I had at a different VA medical center did things like writing up false statements in my records and asking me why I was there, when it was clear that I was there for my annual appointment. My current PCP looked over some of my military and civilian hospital records and current s/c disabilities and wrote a statement in my records stating that the condition I have is CHRONIC and is in part caused by my S/C disability. The condition he wrote about is on of my current claims and I never even told him that I have a claim for that condition. So, my point is seeing a VA doc can go both ways it just depend on the pcp.
  2. Hi all, Has anyone every had this review in the middle of a claim? I checked my ebenefit claim history and I didn't see it ever happening before. I know it is a rating veterans service representative review, but why do one now since I never had one before? I know my current claim has the potential of putting me at the 100% rating, could this have anything to do with it? I was just thinking that just maybe they are doing it just to make sure everything adds up to the 100%. Maybe this is just wishful thinking!!! Any input is welcome! Thanks!
  3. Buck, I just checked ebenefits for a claim I have and it said unavailable. I also checked my current disabilities and it also said unavailable. What's going on?
  4. Buck, I have not read asknod blog yet, but one of my friends from the Air Force told me that it's important to see the va doctor at least once a year. I later learn that the va will look for reasons to reduce you if they can. So, my theory is don't give them any reason to start that reduction ball rolling!
  5. I use the VA Medical Center for my s/c disabilities and the meds that suppose to help. I also do my annual with my Dr. just so VA wont say I'm not using VA services and try something to say I may be getting better. I'm static with my disabilities and over 55, so they shouldn't be trying to get me to do reexaminations. I'm also over the 20 year mark on one of my disabilities. My suggestion is to see your primary VA Dr at least once a year. If you don't have one get one.
  6. Congratulation Flores97! I know like many of us it was an uphill battle. Never give up!
  7. BurnTheGalaxy, I had my c&p exam at the same QTC location in Stockton and my claim is still not finish because the VA decided it didn't like something about the exam. now i have to have another one. im still waiting on the exam appointment. you can't get a copy of the exam on your on your VA health record. i tried
  8. Buck, how do you know who's processing your claim?
  9. Congrats Killemall!
  10. Fiasco, make sure you take your STR with your if you use a private audiologist to review. This is why the VA denied my claim for tinnitus, and it's now on the way to the board.
  11. Congratulation wes 1. yes, never give up the fight. I'm still on that hamster wheel fighting the va.
  12. Victor Ray, Buck 52 and paulcolrain, I just want to add to Buck 52 statement about getting your congress person involved. My congressman sent me a letter letting me know that he is there for me if I need help dealing with the VA. In his letter he goes on to state that he has help many veterans get their just due back pay, over 800K. I have not had to use his office yet, but it's good to know that he has helped many veterans already. In addition to that he is also a Dr. that use to treat vets. jmo
  13. That's the truth Buck52! I have experience the rubber stamp that said denied in just 6 weeks of filing a claim without having a C&P exam! lighting fast!!!
  14. Well, just to let you know that my current claim was in the preparation for decision phase for just over three weeks then it went back to gathering evidence phase. I called on it and now the VA want another C& P exam for one of the contentions. My scars! I believe because the last examiner didn't measure my scars. So, bottom line is it could be anything that's holding it up!
  15. Congratulation