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  1. Yes, QTC is slow because after the Dr does his report it has to go through their QA department before it's sent to the VA. This was my experience with my QTC C&P exam.
  2. Thanks Buck52 that saves me a trip to my local VAMC to request one. Why do they make it so hard to see what the doctors wrote? Uhhh!
  3. BurnTheGalaxy, I have the same thing on my pending claim and I called peggy and they told me the RO sent a request to your local VAMC for a C&P exam.
  4. QTC is a medical contract company that does C& P exams for the VA.
  5. 2ndmardivdoc, My current claim doesn't have anything to do with the denied claims. The denied claims are being appealed. I don't have any re-open claims either. My feeling on the re-c&p exam is the Doc didn't fill out all the information they needed because he didn't measure my scars. I had my exam at a QTC office and I can't get copies of my exam. I'm headed back to the VAMC to find out how I can get copies.
  6. 2ndmardivdoc, I have the same issue going with my claim. The claim before the one that's being processed now completed within 6 week with denials and 0% rating on two of them. Now, fast forward to the current claim that i filed in Oct of 2016 it's dragging. The c&p examiner told me that all of my issues were service connected. My exam was the beginning of Nov 2016 and my claim when to preparation for decision the middle of Dec, then just last week it went back to gathering of evidence. They also are going to schecdule another exam. I called and that's what they told me. I feel the first exam was very favorable, now I don't know what to expect with this new one.
  7. Glade to hear you got it corrected Ajones. The VA makes many mistakes, so you have to know what is right. Who knows how long it would have been before they corrected it, if at all.
  8. Thank you Tbird! You have helped so many people because you started this forum, and I know many vets who have been down and dealing with issues from the service and didn't know how to get help. Thanks again! I discovered your forum by accident when I was typing had it.
  9. JayBrown1 I have the same thing going on with my appeal! I don't know what's going on here!
  10. Thanks Hamslice it did shine some light on the possibility that they may be looking at the measurement of my scars from acne too. Yeah, i know I just have to wait to get that notice in the mail....
  11. Hi all, I just found out today that my pending claim went from preparation for decision to gathering of evidence. I also see that the VA ordered another C&P exam. This time it's at a VA medical facility instead of QTC which is where my last C&P was. Has this happen to anybody before and does it mean anything that I need to be concern about? I was just wondering what is wrong with the first C&P exam? The one who told me all my conditions were service related.... I just feel the VA want to get a C&P that's not in my favor... any comments are welcome.
  12. AJones, I came up with 88% which is 90%!
  13. ArmyVet97B, I just wanted to let you know you may be in for a long fight with the VA. I filed my claim for Tinnitus back in July of 2013 and it's was just certified to the board. My AFSC was Jet Engine Mechanic for over 11 years under running jet engines running in afterburners.... Good Luck!
  14. Gastone, it is true that you need a FOIA request to get a copy of your exam. I had my c&p over 5 weeks ago at a QTC office and when they sent it to the VA they told me I could only get a copy of my exam from the VA. I went to my local VAMC and put in a request and was told it can take up to 20 business days to fill the request.
  15. Hamslice- Once I get a copy of the exam and they finish processing my claim I will be filing that other claim if they don't add it to the one that's already being worked. I too like to wait until they finish the claim they are working on because if you add anything to it, it will be processed as a regular claim instead of a FDC.