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  1. Just my opinion but it looks to me like you could qualify for mild lower raticular group ratings of both arms (as they note several nerve groups affected) which would give you 20% per arm and add 10% on top of that for bilateral conditions. You may hit 100%. That being said, it would surprise me if they don't schedule you for an EMG. This test is a breeze if you have sensory issues.
  2. ArNG11, I work for a very small agency and there are no other positions that pay at my current rate. And even if there were, I couldn't perform them successfully. The Agency has admitted this. I heard that OPM is taking 10 months to complete disability retirement applications, I was hoping to hear that isn't true.
  3. I have 29+ years and was hoping to make it to 30 but my health is such that I'm only showing up about 70% of the time. Hoping they can push this through quickly.
  4. I am a long term Fed who recently applied for Disability Retirement. I remember chatting with a few others on the forum who had similar backgrounds. I'm wondering how long it really takes for OPM to process disability retirements? Thanks much for your input. Green
  5. Happy to hear you have some closure, long battle....
  6. From the FOIA website: Can I ever have my request processed faster than usual or expedited? Under certain conditions you may be entitled to have your request processed on an expedited basis. There are two specific situations where a request will be expedited, which means that it is handled as soon as practicable. These two situations apply to every agency. First, a request will be expedited if the lack of expedited treatment could reasonably be expected to pose a threat to someone's life or physical safety. Second, if an individual will suffer the loss of substantial due process rights, his or her request will be expedited. Agencies can also allow expedited processing for additional reasons. The websites for each agency will provide more information on any additional standards for seeking expedited processing.
  7. I always thought by law a FOIA request needed to be addressed within 30 days. This is what I found on Ebenefits (keep in mind I originally submitted a FOIA for my C-File and any related rating documents 11/2014 but apparently they now have no record of the request. I submitted the request again in May and didn't even receive acknowledgement until July. Status of Your Claim Gathering of Evidence Submitted: 05/27/2016 (Freedom of Information Act / Privacy Act Request) Estimated Completion: 01/31/2018 - 01/18/2019 Estimated Completion Info Tooltip with additional information
  8. I applied for the $10k in SDVI insurance and asked to have the premium waved. I received a letter telling me that I didn't meet the definition of "totally disabled" for VA insurance. Does anyone know what the legal definition is as it applies to VA life insurance? Thank you!
  9. Agreed Buck. I've been in contact with the RO, the 1-800 number, IRIS, ebenefits help number, etc. They all validate that I'm 100% P&T but nobody seems to understand why I can't access letters.
  10. Does that price include specialized testing? If not, that seems incredibly expensive.
  11. It helps, the first time I submitted the forms to the Regional Office, this time I sent an emailed PDF letter directly to the FOIA office as instructed on the VA website.
  12. I'm not sure what your question is. It appears to me the examiner is suggesting the condition is mild and that "it is at least as likely as not". So... looks like the exam went in your favor. You could always disagree with the assessment of severity but would need evidence to dispute. This is why I went to see a private neurologist prior to submitting my claim. I also had nerve conduction studies and an EMG completed. It's difficult for the VA to disagree with diagnostic proof. By the way, for peripheral neuropathy categorized as subjective (lacking objective proof), they rate it as mild.
  13. To those of you who submitted a FOIA request for your C-File. Did you receive any sort of response once you submitted the request? I submitted a request for my C-File 10/2015 and never received a thing. I submitted a FOIA request for my C-File a couple weeks ago but I did not receive any sort of acknowledgement. Curious if this is the standard practice? Thanks!
  14. Tried 2 different computers, firefox, safari, internet exploder.... no change