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  1. Not that it matters...I'm sorry for all of you that were hurt due to the pigs in uniform, or civilians.
  2. Thanks, Buck. I do have my C-file up to June 2015. But it's the timeframe since then that I need. Nonetheless...forward progress must be maintained. I'd like to check out that FB, but wife forced me off years ago. And I'm not willing to risk her finding out I got back on. My current T at my VAMC is now aware of the MST and we've started dealing with that. So...we'll see where that takes me. Thanks again, Buck.
  3. I'm still hanging....I've tied myself off, so no falling off that rope! It's so hard to forget the past when it trying to tear me up everyday. All those memories are fresh in my mind...and dealing with my domestic violence issues...well...out of the frying pan and into the fire, sums that up. Thanks, ArNG11. I appreciate your support, too.
  4. Michigander, I am so very sorry. The Police report is more than enough to get that ball rolling. File that claim. You can contact a VA MST coordinator, via the home page...there is a link or two to follow that gets you there. That's what I did. I'm only in the starting stages of my claim. I have no official reports or documentation. Being a man....well....cutting my own throat by reporting those 4 incidents...would have been career suicide. Never mind what ever else I would have gotten...victimized and criminalized by the UCMJ and the Marines to start... Andyman
  5. Okay, got my heart stashed back in the dungeon, and my brain back out of the box. I requested my c-file 05/ waiting. I sent a few IRIS inquiry's and complaints about not getting it. I guess it's my fault, I just assumed the lawyers would be interested before being denied. Or in fault. I will give Ms. Cantrell another chance. Thanks again.
  6. Buck, How you been? I've been...existing. I have an appointment with a domestic violence counselor next week. Also, my younger brother has offered me floor space in his full house..he lives about 2 miles from me...and it's on the way to work. So when I get to that point, I will actually be closer to work without being too far from my kids. I know you didn't post that link for me, but I checked it out...and I contacted them. I'm sorry I haven't been my old self lately, Buck...I think he died...or just abandoned screwed up me to face the pied piper. Anyways, thank you Buck, for tolerating me...I appreciate it so much. Andy
  7. @Buck52, @Gastone Thanks guys for both of your replies. I wish I had something useful to say. I wish I could show you inside my head. I wish I could show you my first sa at age 5. And how it took over 5 years for the physical pain to go away. Or how it triggered my mom into attempting to beat the flesh off my backside for 6 years, 3-4 times a week. Or the point of a switchblade in my throat at age 7. Or the final beating with a 36inch long switch that my brother and I had to cut off the tree in our backyard. Or any of the physical assaults in my teens, or sexual assaults. Or any of the 4 while in the Marines...or the 20 years of domestic violence at the hands of my wife. I wish I could show you what it's like to get caught attempting suicide at work, while in the Marines, to have that completely ignored and brushed off. Or what it was like to be groomed and sexually assaulted by a male predator...while in the Marines. Knowing that reporting it would get me labeled as gay and screwed by the machine. Or the drunken female sailor in Spain. Who tackled me and sexually assaulted me. Knowing full well that the sober male Marine would have been seen as the perpetrator and not the drunken female sailor. I wish I wish I wish....And I can only talk about the things that happened during my 6 year enlistment....otherwise I'd be out on my bum with no hope of ptsd due to mst claim at all. I wish....
  8. @sunnyh Let me ask you this...what would we be feeling if we felt nothing at the same time??? Okay..dumb joke... Time...yeah...21 years since the last time it happened. My therapist seems to think what I'm going through is real enough. But we know that don't mean bupkis if the VARO says "F-you!" They been telling me that a lot.. It's okay if you talk in circles...dehumanized...yeah. Sounds about right. I do remember how I felt when I got caught trying to stop my pain, and got no help at all. Felt invisible, ignored, worthless... I've felt nothing for a long time. Now I feel hurt, angry, lost, depressed, anxious, like a dog gone emotional smoothie!
  9. Buck, I've checked with 6 different Law firms...and NOVA...they all want to help...after I get denied...even in the appeals stage. As for Ms Cantrell....after a few tries...she must not be for me. And I'm okay with that. It's just easier that way Buck. I have to stop caring about this. It only hurts when I care. And I am so very very tired of hurting. Seems every time I make any forward progress, something comes up that sets me back 3-4 steps.
  10. Gastone, I will do that. I know that I've got some serious memory issues, as tested by the neuro-psych team at my VAMC. And some other things...from what I recall the last time I checked the ratings, I'm a lock for 50%, and if they actually follow the letter of the law, a 70%. But I won't hope for anything. Then I won't be too disappointed if the VA does me like they have been. And if anything good comes, I'll be blown away. Semper Fi
  11. Gastone...I figured that, but you didn't have to say it out loud! Lol. But let me ask you a question...I filed a claim for jaw pain, it came back from the VARO as a symptom of something else in MH arena. They said it could be granted as secondary to ....what ever, if and when "what ever" becomes SCD. So then, would that be one that would fly as secondary to the ptsd? Also if the sleep apnea was dx by private dr, would that still fly? As always, I appreciate your thoughts and opinions. Andy Semper Fi
  12. Well Buck, That's all fine and dandy, I can get my sleep apnea and hypertension, and gastro all tied into that...if and only if they grant my mst/ptsd claim. Thank you for posting that link. I looked at it. I am at the verge of throwing it all in the trash. Only bright spot, went to rehab dr for my back, at the VAMC. Told him about what that pa did and wrote at my exam back in december, how she wrote degrees measured with out even using the goniometer. And that her opinion is being given more weight than the full blown dr who did the exam that got me the 40% for my back a few years ago. HE got out his goniometer, measured and said ain't no way! These measurements are are worse than the exam in 15, not better. Said he is going to write up in his notes an overview of all that we've done and worked through since that 15 exam. Andy
  13. @sunnyh Well, if I lie and say I'm doing better, would you believe me? I appreciate you stopping by to say hi. At this point, not sure I want help, anymore. If the VA doesn't see it, why should I. Sorry, you didn't come over for that. I'm sorry.
  14. Thanks, man. I appreciate it. I hope to survive with a scd granted instead of denial, tho. You know what I'm sayin?
  15. @neoncosmo Forgive me for being a man. I imagine you may not be too interested in hearing from a guy, much less a fellow Marine. I am so sorry these things happened to you. I have only just begun my ptsd due to MST claim. My own story started when I was 5. And 38 years later it is still happening. I will pm you, if that's okay. Just a few things I want to say that I'm not comfortable saying here. No weird stuff, Okay? Andrew