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  1. Self interest and interest in the hand that feeds it. Nearly 2 years ago I had DAV as my VSO of record. They told the VA to deny my claims, and in fact sent me a letter on official VA letterhead stating they recommend the VA deny my claims. Now here is the kicker, they had not seen the results of the C&P exams. They hadn't even made it to the VARO. I called the benefits counselor at my VAMC, he told me that the exam results hadn't been sent to the VARO by the date of the letter from the DAV!!! Their letter was dated 12/15/15, and the exam results weren't sent out till 12/21/15. It took nearly a year, 4-5 complaints via IRIS and 2 emails to the Sec. of VA before they were finally removed from record.
  2. @Michigander, Don't add anything to your ptsd secondary to MST claim, okay? That would indeed cause problems. And they would look at those other things. Now having said that. You have your irrefutable evidence in that police report. As for the questions, I never had them, so I guess just be honest. After your claim goes through, and if granted, you can then file for those as secondary to the ptsd. And what I've learned, they take extra care with the MST based claims. And also they don't drag their feet with them either.. These are just what I've been told. Hope it helps you. Andy
  3. @Michigander, Yeah, I am happy with it. I am trying to be faithful in Him and wait on His time....23 years is such a long time to live with this horror...and all that came with it. I would be heartbroken if this gets denied. Dr. said definitely have ptsd from my mst, but we all know that means bupkus till the RO give their 2 cents worth. God bless you, too!
  4. @Maggiebell Hey, no sweat. I'm just glad you even noticed. I really appreciate your supporting comments. Thank you so much, it means the world to me. I am trying to get what I'm owed. I'll keep you posted on how it goes. Andy
  5. Tready lightly there...some are in if for themselves. But that was just my experience.
  6. @Markg623 Welcome to Hadit. Glad you found it. I'm in a slightly similar boat...just yesterday I had an eval with an outside contractor.for PTSD due to MST. He did tell me that I do have PTSD. That was basically it. I hope and pray you get yours! I'm a few years younger, my MST took place in the fall of '94. Memories were suppressed until this past January. All the best to you, Mark. Andyman
  7. @Onemanarmy I wish you all the best with this! I had an exam yesterday afternoon for my PTSD due to MST.
  8. Michigander, Hi, sounds like your meeting went fairly well. Therapy will be handled by a full doctor not a social worker. He was just doing his job. And that may explain why he wasn't asking for details. I hope you do get a nice lady Dr. My exam went well, yesterday...I guess. I only felt like jumping out of the huge plate glass windows from his 2nd floor office. He was quite pleasant, nothing at all like the VA psych dr who did my mental health C&P for depression a few years ago. That guy was a slime bag! Interesting thing to note, we didn't go over any kind of questions about my daily life, like you said they gave you papers about. So...I hope that part is still to come. Otherwise....I may well be screwed 3 ways from Sunday..... to start work now, if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. Also, keep me updated on your journey too, okay? Andy
  9. @Michigander I lived! Man.....was hard, but not as hard as I thought. The Dr was very kind and patient and understanding. I was able to tell him everything I could about the male predator and the two assaults by him. Doc said that survivors of MST, and civilian survivors are suffering from PTSD much more significantly than combat PTSD sufferers mainly due to the personal and intimate nature of the assault. He said he only sees this level of PTSD in Combat Vets who fought hand to hand, and close quarters combat..where you could see their faces...which makes that human connection. He wasn't knocking combat Vets, but was trying to help me accept that what I went through and have since then, really is as bad or worse than I feel. Which makes sense, the one Vet that knows what I went through told me himself that his tour in Afghanistan and in Iraq, where he lost friends in both and endured multiple combat contacts, was less, in his eyes, than what I went through. As far as the personal nature of my assaults. Thank you for your support. I hope your meeting goes well. Andrew
  10. I hope it goes well for you. I think you'll be okay. You're going to be going through some heavy poop, but they won't be judging you. That comes later, at the C&P exam and RO office. Yeah, I will let you know how it goes. If I don't die from anxiety, first. Forgive my poor attitude...this has me all messed up. Thanks for your support. Andy
  11. Hi, This afternoon I have my C&P exam for PTSD secondary to MST, with a contracted provider. I found out Friday evening after work. Fed Ex had delivered the paperwork earlier, but I didn't get a chance to see it until I got home from work. To say that I am nervous would be the understatement of the year. I am desperately trying to hold myself together. My digestive system is all out of whack. I did spend an hour on the phone last night with a wonderful person from a non VSO group. She is a Marine and has trauma history, so that made the connection pretty easy. She gave me a lot of good tips, if I could only remember them when it's crunch time. One of my biggest fears is that this will be just like my previous mental health C&P...where that examiner, a VA employee, when straight for the jugular and ignored my heaps of physical evidence. I don't know why I am even doing this. I fully expect to get more of the same....nothing. If I do get granted SC, the shock of that may well kill me...because that goes against the grain of what the VA has given me over the years....tons of grief and denials. Anyway, just wanted to write this down as some kind of therapy... No body has to read it, or respond. I'm not here anyway.........
  12. As far as I know, the SSD would be proof of your reduced ability to work, and would play in your favor. From what some here have said, one often helps the other. I hope that this will actually be like your "golden ticket". The examiner only examines you here and now, the RO is supposed to weigh the evidence accordingly. And if you already are on SSD, it can only play in your favor.
  13. Good news, and scary was info about upcoming exam for PTSD due to MST..tomorrow!!!!!!!
  14. According to the VA MST coordinator, from my area, a report is absolutely NOT required. They know that MST is the single most difficult issue to report. They are quite aware of the inherent danger of making these reports. As a Male was a near guarenteed suicidal death threat to my own self if I had reported being sexually assaulted twice by a Male civilian predator!!! How the F...was I to report that??? What risk, if the only thing to lose was my life??? Bronco, I know you mean well, and you have always given me good intell... But...this is a clear cut case of ...if you haven't walked a mile in my you really get it? I have had the hardest time relating to combat Vets because those are shoes I never put on...but'm's too much...
  15. @Maggiebell That is so wonderful...He is good, and He certainly blessed you...9 months...that must be some kind of world record for MST claim!!!! WOW!!! I'm speechless...and tearing up...I"m so happy for you. @Michigander, see...she got her SSD and 100% P&T almost back to back!!! I just got a FED-EX package at the house, while I"m still at work. I was contacted by LHI in reference to C&P exam, I'm going to guess that it's for my PTSD secondary to MST claim...I wish I had the faith of you two wonderful Vets...I won't ruin your happy by going on...