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  1. LIke Buck said, at least as likely, more likely than not, is due to...are magic to the VA. Your doctor doesn't have to state fact and regs, just in their opinion they feel the Vet's medical issue is "at least as likely as not, due to or caused by".
  2. Gastone, You're chock full of helpful advise, especially in this particular arena. Is Pulmonary Hypertension same/same as high blood pressure? If you have SA secondary already, can you get the PH secondary to the secondary SA? Thanks. Semper Fi
  3. Hamslice, When I claimed my feet, I wrote foot pain to include plantar fasciitis, which then was granted as pes cavus(claw foot) w/plantar fasciitis, bilaterally, at 30%. I do agree with you about not guiding them too much towards whatever your claimed issues are. Andy
  4. EODCMC, Boy you ain't kidding, interesting times indeed, do lay ahead for us all. Just had my first appointment with my new ENT specialist. I think he is a Veteran, I made a comment about being in the Air Wing for my 6 years in the Marines, and that I spent too much time breathing aircraft exhaust and fuel fumes. He responded that he hated the smell of the helicopter exhaust in Vietnam. Anyway, he noticed heavy pitting(scars?) inside my nasal passages. Tomorrow I go for CT scan of my sinus cavity region...see what happens there. When I told him that I spent most of my enlistment breathing that crap, he said that I am definitely on to something there. So that is a bit of good news. Told him that I have SA, and he said most likely my sinus issues are a part of the problem there, too. So that is also sounding good. We'll see.
  5. AJones, Are any of those ratings for opposing body parts? Like arms, or legs, or any part thereof? If so, then the bilateral factor would also play a part.
  6. Hamslice, Reading your post got me wondering...I filed for hypertension back in '14, but was denied. Said due to being DX'd 11 years after EAS, no way to connect to service. And STRs show both high and normal readings. I guess that means the 3 day hypertension test, where the overall average bp reading was high, for a healthy 20-21 year old male, not enough evidence to link it. That 3 day test was done in 1994, 20 years before I filed the claim. Andy
  7. Well, there ya go! Hope that makes you feel a little better.
  8. pwrslm, I know that they wanted to find out what the root cause of my pain is, and such, and to see if it can be reduced, eased, etc;. Physical therapy didn't help. Pain injections in the SI joints, didn't help. 5 sessions at the Chiropractor, did not help. Acupuncture appointment coming up in the middle of February. But no amount of treatment, short of surgery, will undo the damage started by a fall down the stairs back in November 1992. And it certainly won't undo the transitional anatomy/partial lumbarization either. Or 24 years of limping due to knee problems from that fall. Or the foot issues that developed a few years after that. Would be nice to have something go my way, instead of not. My original SC date for my low back is 11/98, and L ankle and well. And my feet SC 03/06. Just gets old, to be told, that no matter what's in your SMR, if no DX, then no nexus, no deal. Just called the radiology department to see where my image and report info was. I was up there on Dec 14th, for bunion x-rays, filed ROI request for all my images and reports. Lady said she overnited them the same day. I said, well, 4 weeks later and I haven't received them yet. She took my info and said she will drop a new copy and send it out, again, in today's mail. Got some IMO appointments lined up and need those images and reports. Something's gotta give, just hope it's not me.
  9. Do I need to get an IMO/IME if my secondary issue falls exactly as the CFR states how the symptoms manifest? Background, November 2015 I had a C&P for hip pain. X-rays show hip joints are fine. Exam finds that where I'm pointing out the pain and burning is not actually my hips, but SI joint and SI crest area. However, ROM of my hips is noted as reduced in most, or all directions(flexion, dorsiflexion, abduction and so on.). Examiner recommends MRI, but won't order it. Says I need to see my PCP to get that ordered. Long story cut short, PCP sends me to PT for consult, had 3 sessions, PT stopped due to no improvement and fear of making it worse. Physiologist looks me over, recommends pain injections in SI joints. Went, got it done. Relief lasted a week. Then follow up, anethesiologist offers some other choices that carry a higher risk, like epidurals and such. Back to Physiologist, who sends me to Chiropractor for 6 VA authorized sessions. Chiro stopped after 5th session, noting short term little relief, but no progress. This ended in December 2016, a year after the C&P exam took place. Have a VA acupuncture appointment in a week or two. I've been trying to do things the right way, more so backwards and upside down, than right up the middle. According to CFR 4.66, covering the SI joints, one of the indicators is painful ROM of the hips. Normally this whole area is bullet proof, with limited exceptions, like severe trauma directly to the area. Also traumatism(fell down stairs at boot camp which is documented in my smr) on top of transitional anatomy(congenital partial lumbarization of S1, of which I have according to numerous VA x-rays) can cause problems with the SI joint region, felt as pain and burning sensations along the SI crests and outer thighs. And painful ROM of the hips. I have that noted by the PT, my PCP, and the Rehab dept. Physiologist, and from that C&P exam back in November 2015. Also there is a separate condition covering the burning pain felt along the outer thighs. So, this brings us back to my question. Do I need to get an IMO for this, since I already am SC 40% for low back strain/pain. And I've been going through the VA for treatment and DX for this pain. The Physiologist noted that this is most likely due to my low back strain, and DJD. Is this enough or do I need more? Thanks. Andy
  10. So there you have it, Armyvet89, way to go, Buck on the info!
  11. No sir, I have a 10% per side for mild instability, and a single 10% for pain. As for both ROM and instability, you would get which ever rates you higher. And then a separate rating for pain. When I had my exam for increase for my knees, the examiner told me he was going to do that. I know, totally strange, that an examiner would put you in for something so obviously in your favor and tell you that, too. Originally my knee rating was a single 10% for bilateral patella femoral pain syndrome. Come to think of it, I probably should have argued for 10 each side, way back in 2000, but didn't know any better. I suppose it's possible to have more than one rating for your knee, but would have to be two separate issues.
  12. What about this, tho? Do I claim this as secondary to my low back and SI joint issue? I had a C&P exam a year ago for that, and the ROM was noted as moderately reduced with pain throughout my sacroiliac crest bilaterally. According to the 38 CFR 4.66, it states as I quoted reduced ROM of the hips is also a part of it.
  13. What about this, tho? Do I claim this as secondary to my low back and SI joint issue? I had a C&P exam a year ago for that, and the ROM was noted as moderately reduced with pain throughout my sacroiliac crest bilaterally. According to the 38 CFR 4.66, it states as I quoted reduced ROM of the hips is also often a part of it.
  14. Buck, It's not that I wanted help, just wanted folks to give their 2 cents worth, tell me I'm dumb, or tell me I have a mouse's chance in a catnip factory. I suppose it's real easy for the raters to misinterpret the manual and read the exam notes upside down and backwards, especially after the exam was performed by a lower level med tech. Flores, The examiner did NOT state whether or not anything for my SI joint issue. As for the bunion, she did state less likely as not caused by, and ignored the aggravated bye, part of what makes up secondary SCDs. I know the VA does not recognize bunions as primary SC based on medical science, which shows that bunions are actually not caused by foot wear, but genetic code. Studies show equal rate of occurance between shoe wearing and non-shoe wearing peoples, world round. My VA Podiatrist told me that this is the VA's official position on bunions. So, very clearly, by omission, bunions would be SC secondary via aggravated by SCDs.