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  1. Not really, they have access to your computer file. She can tell you whats going on. Did it many times. Be nice to them, it goes a long way.
  2. Over X dollars, reward needs 3 signatures, never went that high so dont know how long they take. Check 2 things, Ebenefits and call Peggy (800-827-1000). One or the other should tell you what your claim is doing. It should be in appeal status or closed. At the least, peggy should get your BBE resent if the case is decided. If you cannot get the info, go to the regional office if you can. They should be able to provide you with the final decision letter, without that letter they wont pay a dime.
  3. Orlando Lake Nona VAMC has a new state of the art dental facility. Good techs there (so far). I got 4 implants last Dec, waiting till April for them to solidify for new teeth. This is under VR&E Ch 31.
  4. Finally came in VBA Decision.docx
  5. Not following you on this. You already approved for pension, and then got dependents included? If that is what it is, they should pay dependent increases back to the date you were awarded pension, or the date you acquired dependents (like if you just got married). I think you have up to a year to apply to get back pay, otherwise its lost.
  6. I use VA for Healthcare. It takes time, and you must be persistent. PCP puts in misstatements, they know that I will immediately Email them asking for a correction. They are doing it faster now-days... You have to be your own watch dog, check blue button reports weekly, demand corrections immediately when you find errors. You also need to be the squeeky wheel, advocate for your own care. Not heard from a provider or referreal? Call them, dont wait more than 3-5 days for them to contact you or they will take 6 weeks. Got somethng that you need work on to make a claim for secondary service connection? Read up on the condition, ask for the treatment, give them a valid reason why you need it (not just for a claim, but actual condition needs recognition in the VA medical records). If you have recognition of a condition, you have half the battle won for making a claim. Step by step, you have to work toward specific goals because the PCP or Specialists at the VA are swamped with Vets and they do not keep their minds on your needs like you can.
  7. If you got 100% and not by IU decision (or PTSD), you can work to your hearts content. P&T wont change that, P&T will just insure you dont get called in for any future exams, they concede that you will never improve. It will affect the SSDI if you get a job, any job will affect SSDI if you work for something like a year but if you have any skills at all you should probably be able to work part time and make more than SSDI pays. Dial in on CH31 benefits also, if you cant work get involved with the ILP like AskNod, the VA can do a lot for a vet, but you have to get savvy and learn the ropes to get it.
  8. Put in your intent to file on EBenefits, then you have 1 year to get it together and submit the FDC. Dont forget your own lay statement, anyone who knew you were airborne back then can also provide lay statements, as well as, anyone who has known you through the years and has knowledge that you have knee problems. It should have been an ongoing condition over the years, so employers, non service related medical files, family members all can testify that you complained about knee pain/problems. The VA cannot discount this testimony without cause, cause would be that someone attempts to provide a medical explanation as to the physical condition when they are not keep it simple. Properly done, lay statements are powerful testimony on your behalf.
  9. Just the fact that he had Hypertension in the service that never resolved is a big jump to get SC. Have you had an MD opine that it more than likely was caused by the pesticides and/or carbon dioxide poisoning in service? Proof that pesticides were used and proof that he was exposed to them are 2 different issues. He must give a lay statement that it happened, and it would be very smart if you had more than one statement from buddies that had been exposed in the same fashion. If you were with him back then, did he tell you about this? If so, you should also provide a lay statement as to what and when he told you about the exposure (and did you smell it on his uniform, etc...) Did he have any spine related problems in service? Back pain or lumbar strain must be documented in SMR or its a real battle to get SC.
  10. You need an IMO. Take both of the MRI's (from 1997 and 2017) and ask if the 97 MRI shows anything that could have contributed to the 2017 one. You will not get SC from this DBQ because the examiner did not give you a positive opinion for SC. The info in your old medical records and current records need to be taken for the IMO as well, because C&P examiners are known to skip over a lot of information to come to conclusions. They are very sloppy! You should make yourself familiar with both records, highlight the info for the IMO Dr so they do not miss all the facts that they need to come to an honest opinion. If they say no, its not likely that you will get SC. Torn ligaments and muscle that do not heal properly can affect the balance of the lumbar spine and eventually lead to issues leading to IVDS/DDD. These conditions lead to advanced arthritic conditions. You have both. They said you had a congenital issue as well, and they have to show that the injury you had did not cause or contribute in any way to your current condition. They did not do that, leaving the door wide open for you to come in with the IMO. If they opined that you did not have any long term residual problems from lumbar strain, they would have had to document that as well (also absent). You can win BUT you have to do it the right way, leave holes in the claim and they will deny it till you die! Meanwhile, you should also make sure to see a good spine Dr for the IMO, your current condition with mild/moderate forminal narrowing can have some hefty effects if you dont watch it. I ended up losing a lot, left leg atrophy due to nerve damage 2 years ago, it will never heal, nor will my foot drop. I will now use a cane for life and cannot run anymore. Fair warning!! Your exam showed you have left leg pain/numbness, neuropathy is what it is called, dont ignore this.
  11. Over 50% means you should have 100% medical free at VHA. Talk to your PCP and ask to diagnose you neck pain issues, they should be able to get xrays and MRI done for a referral to a neurologist or orthopedic specialist. Make sure to tell them if you are getting any neuropathy in your neck/upper chest or arms that could be caused by cervical spine problems. That would be much more effective than just pain in the neck.
  12. Any time you allude to a condition which could be compensable the VA has to ask you if you want to claim it. Beyond that, if your claim was for a condition already documented in your current VA medical file, they could have just asked for a medical opinion as to the SC without needing a DBQ filled out in a C&P examination.
  13. Call Peggy. Peggy should be able to let you know how it happened, or if its a glitch on EBenefits. (Peggy-> 800-827-1000)
  14. Hi Gastone I had 60% before I put in for increase. Still waiting for retro, its been 1 day, last time it took 3. The VA has policy letters stating that it is their job to do this. Once I found them, I went to the Patient advocate, they didnt know. Then I went directly to the Chief of Staff at the VAMC and it took them less than a week to get me to the right contact. I was sent to the C&P section, and they gave me an appointment (3 weeks and 5 days away) after tossing it around to supervisors for 15 minutes. I just showed up and they did my C&P exams. Tie in w/the Affordable Care Act that gave us Obummercare, it put the onus on the VA to be our provider. They now give us validation for the IRS that we have coverage so the VA owns the duty now. See this; Department of Veterans Affairs Veterans Health Administration Washington, DC 20420 VHA DIRECTIVE 1134 Transmittal Sheet November 28, 2016 PROVISION OF MEDICAL STATEMENTS AND COMPLETION OF FORMS BY VA HEALTH CARE PROVIDERS c. VA Medical Facility Director. The VA medical facility Director is responsible for: (1) Establishing and implementing a written facility policy addressing the following: (a) Completion of VA Medical Forms by VA Medical Facility Health Care Providers. VA health care providers are responsible for completing VA medical forms, in either electronic or paper formats, to support the delivery of patient care. A patient or their personal representative (see definition for personal representative) may request that VA health care providers complete the medical forms on the patient’s behalf. Examples of VA medical forms completed upon patient or beneficiary request include, but are not limited to: 1. Application for clothing allowance form, 2. Aid and Attendance (A&A) pension forms, 3. Housebound pension forms, 4. Survivors pension forms, 5. Vocational rehabilitation forms, 6. Disability Benefits Questionnaires (DBQ), and 7. Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA) life insurance forms. NOTE: For more information on VBA life insurance programs and forms, please visit the VBA website at ... 1. Examples of non-VA forms include, but are not limited to: a. Family Medical Leave Act forms, b. Life insurance application forms, c. Non-VA disability retirement forms, d. Return to work/work status forms, e. Medical clearance forms (e.g., for activities, oral surgery/dental work, school/college, therapeutic work programs, etc.), f. State and federal workers’ compensation forms. NOTE: Requirements for completing workers’ compensation forms may vary from state to state. Questions regarding completion of these forms should be referred to the facility Medical Statements and Forms (MS&F) point of contact (POC), g. Permits (e.g. state driver’s license, handicap parking forms, etc.), h. Medical necessity or accommodation forms (e.g., for equipment or supplies, transit, utilities, etc.), i. Capacity evaluation forms (e.g., functional, mental health, etc.), j. Social Security Administration (SSA) examination forms, k. Death certificates
  15. If you use an outside MD, they are obligated to give you copies of your medical record on request. Not sure if they can charge for paper copies, but my surgeon charged $5 for a DVD with everything he had on me. (Incl. MRI's, CT, XRAYS etc...)