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  1. Breedlove, that sounds positive, I don't think you'll have anything to worry about, especially with the good in-service documentation. I hope you receive good news quickly, and please keep us updated. This is a great forum if you have questions or need assistance, it's helped me tremendously. Again, best of luck to you
  2. Breedlove, hello and welcome to hadit. It's extremely difficult to say how the exam went without seeing a copy of the c&p, but when you asked the examiner where things go from here, if he didn't say something like, well you must understand I'm not the one making the decision, you should be OK. I've had an exam I thought was going to be negative, due to the fact that I went to the exam during a good day for me when my lupus condition wasnt flaring up, it turned out to be a positive exam. As long as everything was well documented in service and the examiner did his job and reviewed your records, you should be good to go. I wish you the very best on your claim.
  3. Excellent advice Ms Berta and Buck, thank you and I hope I'm just being paranoid. I checked ebenefits but it never changes status for the NOD, just says appeal pending-Notice of Disagreement. If I do receive a denial for the tdiu I will redact and scan and post it here. I just wouldn't put anything past them at this point, especially with the VA secretary on his way out and the new one yet to be confirmed.
  4. Thank you Buck, and your absolutely correct, I really don't see how they could Deny the tdiu, and if they do, I will have to see what evidence they have listed on the SOC as being considered. I'm staying hopeful, and I'll keep everyone posted. I have gotten to the point in the past year where it's difficult for me to concentrate on anything, and it's very frustrating because I used to be able to find the answers anytime I needed, now I just can't seem to do that anymore, at least not nearly as often. Buck I appreciate the response, and I pray that I get p&t for my kids sake, as most of them are in college. The voc rehab counselor did state in the letter he wrote that I was permanently and totally disabled, so hopefully that will help.
  5. First off, I hope everyone had a great New Year. I am not certain that my NOD has been denied yet, but when I called Peggy I was told that a statement of the case was being prepared, so I'm preparing for worst case scenario. Background-I was granted service connection for systemic lupus at 60% and acquired psychiatric condition to account for memory loss at 50% in September 2015, effective date was Jan 7 2010. I submitted a NOD on Nov 4 2015, disputing the rating I received for the lupus, and requested tdiu. My VA doctor has completed a DBQ for me and stated that the lupus does cause severe impairment of my health. I have been found unemployable by Vocational Rehab, and have regular lupus flare treatment records for the past five years, all of which were submitted. I was also terminated from my job September 2015, due to SC disabilities. I completed every form required for tdiu, including the employers form, which my employer stated they could not complete, as well I submitted a statement explaining I had completed the employers form due to the companies refusal and submitted my last pay stub that showed how many sick days I had missed for the year. My question is, if they still deny the tdiu claim, in spite of the letter from Voc Rehab stating that I am permanently and totally disabled due to SC disabilities, would that be a cue? I am currently at 90%, since I was also awarded 20% for fibromyalgia and 10% for gerd on a later claim, so I do meet the criteria, in fact I meet the scheduler criteria for 100% for systemic lupus as well, due to flares occurring every four to six weeks, lasting 9-11 days during which I am mostly bedridden, and causing severe impairment of my health. I will of course file a form 9 as well if denied, but should I also ask them to cue themselves. I apologize because I did try to find the information myself, but I wasnt certain which regulation it would fall under. Thanks in advance, and I will keep everyone updated.
  6. Gastone, I believe I know the company in Arizona you mentioned. They are a husband/wife team, called Valor Compensation Consulting. The wife is a prior c&p examiner. She did an IMO for me, and I think she did a great job. They are based out of Arizona. I posted a copy of it in the IMO forum. Never heard of the other company, out of Florida.
  7. Tired Marine0331, it's no problem at all and I will be sure to post my tdiu situation as soon as I hear anything.
  8. tiredmarine0331, just to clarify, you do not receive any pay from the call center itself, just the bah allowance through the voc rehab program. If that is correct, I don't think that would count as a job, but it's difficult to say with the VA. If they were to try to use that to say that you can work, get a letter from the supervisor at the call center stating that you have missed alot of days due to your SC disabilities (in fact, I would go ahead and get the letter from the supervisor and submit it). What Ms Berta stated above is absolutely correct, there's no way to tell how long it will take, but if you are in a hardship situation, get late rent statements(if your behind on rent), late electric bills, car payments etc, and submit a request for hardship. I have done that myself and it did help. If I remember correctly, use a statement in support of claim form, state that you are requesting expediting due to hardship and submit proof with the statement. The letter from Voc Rehab will help tremendously, I just received one myself and am awaiting my decision now as well. Good luck to you, and I hope this helps.
  9. Snake doctor, that looks like a very positive exam! I'm actually amazed that the examiner included the note from the doctor stating that you should be raised to 100%, and the doctor did provide rationale for it as well, which is excellent. I would say your chances are very good.
  10. Cbpritchard, if you have not done so, request your complete cfile immediately. Go to your Vso and ask for him/her to assist you in the request. And as Broncovet stated, submit a Notice of Disagreement ASAP. There is a specific form you must fill out for the NOD(Notice of Disagreement). You can call 1-800-827-1000, speak to someone and tell them you need to submit the NOD and they will mail you the form. Also google VA Disability Benefit Questionnaires, for each of your conditions. You can print out the questionnaire for each condition, and often VA doctors, if you have been seeing them for awhile, will complete the forms. If you cannot get the VA doctors to complete them, look for some private docs that will. If you still can't find any willing, look up Valor Compensation Consulting. They are a husband/wife team, wife was a former VA C&P Examiner, and they will accept payments to do an Independent Medical Opinion on all of your conditions. I hope this helps, and Merry Christmas to you and your family
  11. Andyman73, I noticed that you mentioned you were able to see the notes from the exam? Did the examiner mark the at least as likely box, or were you not able to view the entire portion of the exam. It really p's me off that so many Compensation exams are done by unqualified medical personnel rather than the specialists they should be using, I hope the results turn out well for you!
  12. kentorambo, did you put in a hardship request to expedite? Its very difficult to gauge without knowing where the expedite request is coming from, plus the holidays will probably slow things down a bit. If you have put in a hardship request, then you should be hearing something very soon, probably in the first half of January. I wish you the best of luck on your claim, and Merry Christmas. Keep checking ebenefits, especially the benefit verification letter(under VA letters), it usually updates there first.
  13. Buck, that's a good question. I would think the other two doctors signatures are for the notes for the actual clinic visit, not the addendum.
  14. Buck, it's no problem at all, I'm so glad he is correcting that. I've found that often, (but not all the time), if I'm polite and respectful to the provider they will usually assist, that's not always the case but I've been fortunate. The notes should have been correct to begin with, but like you said Buck, they are human and have a huge amount of patients they are trying to get through on a daily basis.
  15. Buck I couldn't agree more! I would call the hospital and inform the head of his clinic that your secure messages are not being answered. They are required to answer those messages supposedly. If that doesnt work, I notice when I dial the 1-800 number for Peggy the automated system asks if you after calling for health care, there should be someone we can report that too on the 1-800 number.