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  1. Mark, from what I've heard the Attig Law Firm is excellent. I'm sorry to hear that you still haven't received your well deserved rating increase and I wish you the best.
  2. Thank you, L, they awarded me 100% schedular for the lupus, and inferred housebound since my other disabilities add up to 60%, which is a tremendous help, especially with the p&t. My older children really needed the college assistance, and I'm so grateful they now qualify for chapter 35 benefits. My daughter has already submitted her application for her benefits.
  3. Thank you R3dneck, I'm happy with the outcome!
  4. Thank you Prettypantha, and I wish you the best of luck on your claims as well!
  5. Jimmer and green, thank you both, I'm hoping my VA journey is finished, but I will continue coming on this site as much as possible. I hope both of you experience success in all your endeavors and thanks again
  6. Flores97,

    Congratulations on your 100% P&T..

  7. Thank you jfrei
  8. I filed my NOD on November 6 2015, ebenefits updated with my new rating yesterday and the actual rating decision was made on January 20, last month, out of Winston Salem Regional. Don't hesitate to go to the RO or send an Iris Inquiry to check the status as well, Good luck.
  9. Thank you, Buck, you and everyone else have helped more than you realize! I will always try to contribute as much as I can to Veterans that need help on this forum as well.
  10. I submitted an FDC, or Fully Developed Claim, but he actually didn't do the in-person examination on me because I couldn't make the trip. He did a phone interview and reviewed my treatment records, which were very extensive, and he did a great IMO on 3 different conditions from that. I couldn't travel due to my SC disabilities, I actually tried to make it, on the bus, got one state away and had to depart the bus due to my lupus flaring up. Dr Ellis has a great reputation, and it only took a couple of weeks after the phone interview to receive the IMO.
  11. Thank you Saxman!!
  12. Speaking of memory issues, I left out the founder of Hadit without whom many more Veterans would be left behind, thank you Tbird!!!
  13. I wanted to update everyone on the great news I received yesterday when ebenefits updated. I received, as a result of the NOD I filed in November of 2015, 100% schedular rating for my SC lupus, p&t with no future examinations scheduled. My other ratings remain-50% for MDD/Memory Loss, 20% for fibromyalgia, and 10% for gerd/hiatal hernia. I was also awarded inferred housebound. I want to thank alot of members on this site, like Broncovet, Buck52, Ms Berta, Asknod, Gastone, and many others for your invaluable knowledge and help. My children thank you as well, as I have one in college currently and one about to start in fall semester, and the Chapter 35 benefits will be a blessing. I ask going to continue to contribute as much as I can to any veteran that needs help, I will do my best to provide it. Thank you Hadit!
  14. That's great Nick 2021, and welcome to hadit. Dr Ellis is one of the best IMO doctors in my opinion, and he's very thorough and honest as well. Good luck with your claims, I had very good results with my IMO from Dr Ellis and they listed his IMO as evidence considered. Again, best of luck to you.
  15. Green, how have you been? I hope you receive a speedy response, and I wouldn't be surprised if you receive your cfile very soon, be sure to make copies. I hope they locate your missing medical records as well, have you tried contacting the facilities in Alaska that you had the treatment at?