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  1. Hi all, When I first filed for disability they sent me to VES a third party VA examiner and they diagnosed me with unspecified anxiety disorder with OCD and gave me a 30% rating. I filed an appeal and did my form 9 in July. On Aug 19th the VA changed my diagnosis to Chronic post-traumatic stress disorder, Insomnia disorder related to another mental disorder, and Major depressive disorder. I received an supplemental statement of case today and referred my VA evidence from July 8 to Aug. 19.I have been building my file with therapy and now I am awaiting starting the PTSD therapy program. I intended to build this evidence and submit it at my hearing, Am I wrong and should I take what I have now and turn it in???. Since they gave me the correct diagnosis finally am I going to get all this included in the appeal or should I file a new claim for all the above diagnosis I have received? Thanks in advance for any information and advice you may have and I look forward to hearing from you all.
  2. Final update:... Well all the battle has been lost. The good old folks at the VA decided nothing on my claim is service connected so that means they pay more attention to the sorry motherfuckers they outsource their exams to against the medical evidence you have in your medical records from VA doctors. I had 3 other issues on this claim and none of them were addressed with an exam just a big FU on all of them. But as I have learned from the numerous people on here and from my own experiences even thought you may lose the battle the war is not over yet. So Wednesday I will go to my VSO and file an appeal on the AS claim appeal # 3 along with filing my form #9 on my first appeal. Also that day I see my rheumatologist and hopefully she will do the back DBQ for me and a Nexxus letter so it will be ready for the good old VA a year or so from now when appeal # 3 gets address. Maybe in a couple of more moths I will get t do my form #9 on appeal # 2 and will now be living in the appeals hell world. SO off to the appeals forum for me and hope others out there have better luck than me.!!! God bless you all!!1
  3. Oh man have I been in that situation before. This is the first time ever I actually want them to slow down with my claim. The last two I wanted them to hurry up and I can not believe I want the opposite. A doctor at the VA told me yesterday on average it takes 2 appeals to get your ratings right and it looks like I am in track for 3. Hang in there Jim!!
  4. Funny you ask, yesterday when I checked the estimated completion date was 7-14 to 7-18 and when I checked just before my post on here I noticed it had now changed to 7-12 to 7-14. the status changed from preparation for decision yesterday and now today it is showing preparing for notification. So you might be right and they are working Saturdays because this has changed since I looked at it yesterday, looks like appeal # 3. On my first appeal I filed it in January and just Thursday I got the statement of case and VA form 9 to fill out so my appeal will move forward, so hope that means even the appeals process is improving.
  5. Update.( Need Help), Just checked e-benefits and status has changed to pending decision approval for 7/12-7/14 up from estimated sept date. Here is the problem I have.. I go to the rheumatologist on 7/13 and I am going to stat my Enbrel or Humeria treatment and I was going to get a Nexxus letter and help on this claim. Is there any way to get this stalled like trying to talk to who has my claim file and talk to them??? As you know it takes 3 days to get access to medical record notes on myhealthvet and I want to get this medical evidence submitted for this claim because I do note want to go through appeal # 3. I just finally got the paperwork on my first appeal and have 60 days to respond so a trip to the VSO is planned for this week. I just have a bad feeling since a 2 month time period just jumped on this claim and as you see the idiot C&P doc did not give me a good exam so I am expecting the worse and a denial decision that would like to avoid. Plus the exam they just looked at the AS and I have other issues on this claim such as: Disabilities Claimed: ankylosing spondylitis (New), inflammatory arthritis secondary to ankylosing spondylitis (Secondary), BL HEARING LOSS (ACOUSTIC TRAUMA) (New), DJD LUMBAR SPINE (New), DJD CERVICAL SPINE (New). in which I have no had an exam for these other issues Hope someone sees this since I posted under my original topic cause I could use some advise. Thank you all again.
  6. It would surprise the hell out of me if they ever called me before hand. I always look on ebenefits and know the answer before the letter arrives since that is the easiest way. If your rating % good decision but probably been low balled, if its the same not good news :-). That lady sure did surprise me now I know according to her the RO will take a VA doctors word over some third party examiner. I guess I will be the guinea pig and soon find out.
  7. I definitely believe they have the "quality control department". I think they probably do not do anything and it might explain why dealings with the government takes as long as it does. You must have made an impression at your VARO for them to call you before issuing an award, wish I was that special. I was at the VA this afternoon and a lady who works there just starting talking to me when she saw I was in a cast and I told here about this issue and she said " just have your doctor write a statement that your condition is service connected and it can be used as your C&P and send it across the street" Here in Houston I am lucky that the RO is here as I can take a van shuttle that runs every 15 minutes from the RO to the hospital so it makes some things easier like getting copies of exams results done outside of VA. o I will just hurry up and wait till the next doctor appointment soon and hope the doctors in a god mood that day. take care!
  8. I will be sure to do that. I cannot a rater actually saying that. I have a picture in my head that they get our claim and look at all the documents and they only read a page or two then say well... lets do 10% and call it a day. I uploaded all my medical records from myhealthvet website after I submitted my claim and I was going to do so again since I am still receiving treatment there so it will be current right before the decision date. It makes me scratch my head in wonder at what the raters think when they are handling our claims and at the same time I do not think I would want that job because I am biased and I would SC everyone. Thanks again!
  9. Hey Vync, You are so right about how you have to appeal everything to get things right as they should be. I have 2 appeals right filed because when I went in for PTSD they rated me 30% and called it unspecified anxiety and of course with my symptoms I should be 50% to 70% rated on it and then on my rating for bilateral plantar fasciitis I went through the same on the DBQ from the VA PA who did my C&P where it contradicted itself and I got rated at 30% instead of the 50% that I should have got. I go to the VA for everything and I am in treatment with MH and Podiatry and I have had the doctors use the correct "VA Language" in my medical records so I have the evidence I will need for the appeals. I do consider myself so lucky to have the 50% I have because otherwise I could not afford the Enbrel or Humira I will be on for the rest of my life. But it is important and I am very worried about this claim because if I do not get the SC for the AS then I will probably lose my claim for inflammatory arthritis secondary to AS that I filed to make sure I get rated correctly under code 5002 and 5240. All I can do is take your advise and try to get it SC and the worry about ratings later which I only care about the SC part because from what I seen unless your spine s frozen its hard to get more that 10% to 20% which really does not matter. Thank you again for a your help and I hope all is well on your end.
  10. Vync, My god you are a life saver got and me fired up thank you for the great advice. First thing is I will get my family to write statements for me. Second thing I will do is I will have my rheumatologist at the VA do a statement also for me when I go back on the 13th of July since they are the one's who were finally able to give me a diagnosis and they are really nice and good doctors. On this date I am also to start either Enbrel or Humira shots. Luckily my claim is not to be decided until at least 9/4/16 according to ebenefits and I am sure I will have one or two more exams for everything on the claim. The C&P doctor I do not think he knew what he was doing as you saw on the DBQ where it says one thing then contradicts itself. I was thinking this claim was not going to be as it is turning out to be and I was more worried about it being rated properly as my research has said that the disease should be rated under code 5240 for the AS and code 5002 for the rheumatoid arthritis since it affects a lot of my joints. Thank you again for the great advise and I will get to work on gathering this evidence so hopefully I want have to do a 3rd appeal.
  11. Hi all. Finally went to the regional office today and got my results to share for some good old feed back. of course in my opinion another shitty exam but starting to get use to them now and I will be an appeals expert one of these days. Sorry I had to attach the results but I got them on paper and I had to scan them as a pdf file because I can not use windows 10 worth a shit. The files open up in the Microsoft edge thing and it will not let me copy and paste them or give me the option to save as a word document. Anyways as usual it says onw thing then another and the doctor says its not service connected in his opinion but he was googling the disease because he did not know what it is. also he only wanted to look at my back only but the disease is complicated and has been caught early enough I do not have much x-ray evidence and it effects my joints more than my back and neck. I look forward to some feedback and computer help if someone knows how I can copy and paste the results in the body of this message. Appreciate you all and thanks again! Back DBQ.pdf Back Medical Opinion.pdf
  12. Thank you for your help especially with the cfr rating. I am guessing 60% since i am not totally incapacated. I live in houston and the regional office is here so according to ebenefits the report is due to the va by the 27th so i should be able to go there again and get the report like i did for the VES exams i had. I will be sure to post the results for you all so it might help others.
  13. Hi all. Did not get any feedback on my last post seeing if anyone had any knowledge on Ankylosing Spondylitis. Anyways fed ex jut delivered exam notice through a company named QTC Medical Services. Anyone had any dealings with these people? I filed for the AS with a secondary for arthritis because this condition is in my spine etc. but affects several other joint. I had dealt with VES for exams in the past and they did not go well as I have a pending appeal for A 30% rating that should have been 50 and another appeal for an exam done by the VA at the hospital that also resulted in a 30 that should be a 50. Needless to say I was shocked as hell when the doorbell rang because i submitted this claim just on May 19 and the exam is for June 15. I have not see the VA move this fast. All my treatments and diagnosis has been done at the VA hospital so to me it seems weird they do not trust their own doctors but this is the VA we are talking about. Any advice, questions, comments, or feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thank you all and god bless ya and best results for you fight with the VA!
  14. Hi all. Got a good one for you again. I saw my rheumatologist today and was diagnosed with Ankylosing spondylitis. It affects both my feet, my right hand, left knee, lower back and neck. Apparently this condition is related to rheumatoid arthritis and when i start treatment i will have to take shots for the rest of my life. I just got low balled at 30% for bilateral plantar fascitis which i just found out is related to to ankylosing spondylitis. My question is do you think i should file a claim and will this get services connected??? So internet research i have seen said RA is easier to get service connected but this is another new road i must go down so i would apperciate some Knowledgable feedback. Would this be one of those rare cases i have read about where this disease would be rated and the joints as secondary??? i did have some back issues in my service medical records and my feet so that would help i hope . Thanks all and i look forward to your replies and advice.
  15. Update: they rated me at 30 % so lowballed once again. Good luck to others out there amd hope for better results.