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  1. The VA uses common printer for many employees. Each 'job' is separated by a blue piece of paper- There's stacks of printed letters just sitting on the printers. What happens is someone picks up their letter, but has another stack included, so pages from another account are included. People also re-use letters and just change the address, but not 'Always include 123456789 when replying' in the body. You can only partially blame the employee. In companies humans run, you need a code or ID card to get the printer to complete your job- So you can't get the next account's papers. Hello 1996 ... But you have to give them some credit, they actually sent the letter!
  2. I got a letter saying I'd withdrawn my claim due to months old documents that had nothing to do with withdrawing the claim. Included was a 526 so I could reapply!! No rights to appeal. Scary. (A cong did get it reinstated, but ramifications are frightening) I think they were purposely trying to get it on the CUE forever, deny your effective date path- But just a guess. My question is, what happens if the VA just throws out your claim on pretext, lets say the absurd; because they saw a black cat, doubles down, then triples down? Can Veterans use the court to compel due process rights? After being reinstated, they've put the claim on forget- Completion date is two years out. They've again, thrown out the claim. Everything is there for rating. Everything. But that's not really the point- Do Veterans have access to courts to enforce Due Process rights? 'We've thrown out your claim, reviewed ourselves, and found we're right'
  3. http://www.militarytimes.com/articles/va-disability-claims-backlog-rising Veterans Affairs officials insist it’s only a temporary problem, due to an unexpected rise in the number of new cases that flooded into the system over the last few months. They’re confident the 30,000-case increase in the backlog since last fall will be brought back down again in coming weeks.
  4. An organization that needs: a floor of independent negotiators at each RO (VSO's) county office in every county (CVSOs) an internal court (BVA) an external court (Court of Veteran's appeals) an entire segment of private attorneys (NOVA) aides in every cong's office not to mention entities not in my narrow ken to deal with it- There's just something fundamentally wrong.
  5. wow Yikes Please; not at all trying to dis advice given in good faith, in hindsight- all in my perfect 20/20, of course. Perhaps DROs rule in Veterans favor if the rater writes "I just made the wrong decision and am writing I made the wrong decision" Few humans will decide against their own interests when given any possible out- even if it means destroying others- Which, after hearing Jeffry's tone through the posts she nearly did. Upshot:: 'Don't do DRO'
  6. I guess that's my answer. They can just put the NOD on forget? Most people have little to no awareness of the process- Even people who actually do your claims- How many Vietnam Veterans are denied when there's an APO front and center right on their 2-1, clinic stamp or the 214 says 'RVN?' In short, being denied is sometime unavoidable.
  7. Thanks- Informative!!!! Can/does the RO put bricks in the SOC process? Is there a specified time they have to complete it? Afraid I already can guess what the answer is
  8. Good! Schizophrenia, Anxiety disorders and TBI are three way different things- as far as psychology goes. The VA only understands PTSD and TBI. Other disorders don't exist unless they were diagnosed in service. You need to supply the bugs doctor with something from his records, and have your brother make statements to tie the two together- AND/OR you provide the statement "He was vastly different than the brother I'd known for 18 year when he came back in that he ..." That something could be his Purple Heart citation and/or medical (or even VA rating language) on his shrapnel wounds.
  9. That's a nonsensical fragment, unless I don't recognize 'mets'. I'm also missing the context. Exams, themselves, are built in a program that has little room for variation. If someone does need to go back for an insufficient exam, it's for clarification of a specific question on a disability.
  10. good advice- Yes, to help veterans, the cong team would essentially have to do the absurd and set up a shadow VA to work claims correctly
  11. Probably best that flake didn't fill out the DBQ. You can ask a VSO or the regional office to print the exam for you. I'm sure there's clinicians around you who would fill it out- Download the DBQ and familiarize yourself with it- I think there's questions on the extent of claims folder the examiner is able to review- For instance, if they had his DD-214, the QTC exam and service treatment records- They m i g h t be able to kinda honestly say they reviewed relevant evidence sorta. The opinion is what's important.
  12. You need to have someone give you an answer before taking any action. Don't assume anything at this time- It could be anything from simple incompetence, a systems error or, even your genius VSO revoking the claim. Ask your VSO outright if they have VBMS or share. If so, look to see what happened. If they refuse, tell them you're going to make a big deal through their chain of command. You can call 800 827-8000 and ask.
  13. You're looking at it wrong- How much does all this paper shuffling add to official's 'Number of persons supervised', and subsequently their power, pay and influence. Thanks- Wish I knew more about appeals- Felling I will shortly
  14. Initial processing is based on tracked items coming due- and days in queue or days at RO. There's no discrimination for non FDC. It, like everything else at the VA, is just carefully manufactured bureaucracy. The VSR gets in trouble if s/he doesn't add FDC flash or FDC Excluded flash, or send an FDC excluded letter when appropriate. Those actions do nothing for the Veteran. Past the development stage (i.e., rating, authorization), I can't speak.
  15. Just tell them the truth- Your knees were injured in the jumps, you didn't want to report it because you thought it would get better- And you'd be called a Bravo Delta and your career would go away. Explain how military parachutes come down quickly to minimize exposure to enemy machine guns- And how surprised you were at the sounds of impact of others coming down around you in the DZ while you gathered your parachute