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  1. I've seen scars for C-section rated $
  2. Sounds like the cat's already out of the bag, so to speak. If you don't file, you'll still have to answer for the ER visit on your clearance
  3. First part: Not following your logic- You want the rhinitis claim backdated to the HA claim? I'd guess we're all wondering why you just didn't claim rhinitis in the first place. There must be some reason why you're waiting. Just have your POA, the VA Regional office, or your county officer print the app from your eFolder, or Virtual VA. Your file's been scanned? This is a great example of why the 'new' system is worse than paper- If any of us had his application- We could all see what was claimed and exactly how he claimed it. Now, the disabilities are transposed, vulnerable to interpretation and omission.
  4. For Comp, unemployability must be a result of a service connected disability. Many times there's 'secondary to' disabilities to DMII, such as peripheral nephropathy. These are a near 'slam dunk' if he has a diagnosis. I have little doubt his Schizophrenia was triggered by his service, I'd guess as a result of traumatic events in Vietnam. It would be incredible to suggest his being a rifleman in Vietnam had no part in the onset. I'm not being tongue in cheek or suggesting being 'sneaky' when I say the following: The VA sees only 'PTSD' in mental health, everything is viewed in terms of traumatic event(s) or fear of such. You must see what he's currently diagnosed with as a result of this- Kinda like how a snowball gets bigger as it rolls down a hill. See if he has a Combat Action Badge (CAB), Combat Infantryman's Badge (CIB) or qualifying medals listed on his DD214. If so, you simply file 21-0781 and put "CAB, see DD214". If not, he'll have to write out a statement of 'Fear of Hostile activity', and he'll get a PTSD exam. Again, Schizophrenia is a manifestation of these events. Clinicians agree that it's 'triggered' by stress during late teens/early twenties. It's important to focus on those events, not the outcome of what they call Schizophrenia. Again, the VA only speaks in terms of PTSD, so schizophrenia is extremely difficult. You can get his current provider, if private, to fill out a PTSD Initial DBQ, instead of waiting for the VA to schedule an exam. I want to say there's still guys that are incapacitated due to their Vietnam service- most don't have Schizophrenia. His reaction was just worse.
  5. The hiring freeze only took effect late Jan, and RO's hired like drunken sailors before that- Lets say about 20% new VSRs, and multiple series of hirings before that. These people aren't stupid- They knew what was going to occur. Of course, blaming the hiring freeze resonates, even if on it's face the excuse doesn't make sense. Again, these people aren't stupid. As the cong woman said in the article, the claim goes to multiple people- Ham had it exactly right- now a new person has to go through everything, and the goal is to "advance" it (get it off your desk). They're hammered, and I mean hammered to get that done. About 50% of the time, the previous person has made some type of mistake, mostly unintentionally, and the new person has to double check the work. You don't need a degree in anything to figure this is inefficient. With inefficiency, you need more people, more people raise your 'number of persons supervised', and, hence, your pay. These people aren't stupid.
  6. The RO 'brokers' stuff to the Nat'l non rating when it gets old
  7. No, I'm pretty sure he's referring to the actual codesheet. It has a list of disabilities, when they were rated, what dates of percentage on each disability, and 'non service connected disabilities' (aka 'denials') Here's an ancient one on google, Different look nowdays. After looking at it, any idea why they don't like handing them out??? ;)
  8. You need to go into your new POA and fill out VA Form 21-22, and both of you need to sign and both of you need to date it. You need to ensure 'Access' (aka 7332 notice) is checked. Do not check anything in box 13- VA will revoke your POA's eFolder access. There's zero harm going it alone and leaving a POA on your record- Nothing, that I know of, is actually sent to them, they just access files through the eFolder. That way, if you need to view something, you can still go to your POA and look at your eFolder.
  9. http://www.military.com/daily-news/2017/02/14/va-disability-claims-backlog-grows-despite-paperless-fix.html In short, VA decided scattering claims all over was going to help- In addition to points in the article, especially the cong's astute observation, people don't want to work hard claims, and send them along by various means, so someone else gets them. If you got assigned something, and saw it through from start to finish- As you might imagine, you have more familiarity with the claim, and more ownership.
  10. It's a 'Codesheet', and you probably can't get it at the hospital most likely. See if your representative will print it. The VA is told not to give it out, but they just might as I don't think there's any real provision that prevents it.
  11. Not at all to be construed as any defense of the VA, but there's now national non-rating teams specifically for dependency. I would expect 60 days- Give or take two months. All old claims- (that haven't been 'S-canned' by VSR's who didn't want to do them, or didn't understand) Say over a year old- are done.
  12. I don't know how this applies in the context of an appeal remand - Or if it really has any actual effect except to create more bureaucracy: III.ii.1.D.3.a. How a Claimant Establishes He/She is Experiencing Extreme Financial Hardship If a claimant states that he/she is experiencing extreme financial hardship and submits documentation to support the assertion, accept the claimant’s statement as factual. Documentation to support the assertion of extreme financial hardship includes, but is not limited to, an eviction notice or statement of foreclosure notices of past-due utility bills, and/or collection notices from creditors. Important: A Veterans Service Center Manager (VSCM) or Pension Management Center Manager (PMCM) may designate that a claim requires priority processing because of extreme financial hardship even though the documentation described in this block does not exist. Remember: Append the Hardship corporate flash to a claimant’s record when extreme financial hardship has been adequately demonstrated.
  13. I think that would be a safe assumption! If they applied that much on just one square mile, it would be deep enough to moor ships!
  14. My understanding of the Royal Thai issue was primarily massive use of commercial herbicides. JSRRC then says the irrelevant: tactical herbicides were only used early in the war. (Openly contradicting the presumptive dates in place for Royal Thai) The problem you Royal Thai Vets have is there's no one-stop center for you- One person goes to one Legion office, another goes to the DAV- and so on. If there were a Royal Thai association it would be easy to get buddy statements, collect what worked to get connection, and useful documents (Like KCAC's Photo)
  15. Denied. Didn't get the letter yet.