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  1. Greetings I'm kind of in the same situation. My NOD claim for Diabetes Mellitus Type II and Diabetic Nephropathy has been with the VA since Jun 29, 2015. My original claim was submitted in 2008 and I was awarded 20 percent. This NOD is for an increase for restricted activities and hospitalization for hypoglycemia and DKA conditions. According to the VA 1-800 number representative I talk to yesterday, no action has been taken yet on my NOD due to the backlog. Anyway, not too long ago, I was diagnosed with Chronic Stage III Kidney Disease (CKD). Should I submit that CKD claim information now or wait? If I wait and don't submit the CKD information, will the VA look at my CKD medical condition when they finally review my NOD. Your inputs will be appreciated. Best Regards Chiefhouse
  2. Greetings As stated earlier, my BVA remanded case (Docket 11-12-911) is now awaiting review by an appeal judge. This is a confusing process but I'm standing by for a positive decision soon on all five of my service connected claims. It's now a waiting game. To All, Merry Christmas and Happy New Years. Let's fight on to Victory. Best Regards Chiefhouse
  3. Greetings I called the DAV DC Office to check on my BVA Remanded Claim status and was told that they completed a "brief" on my five contentions and sent it back to BVA. I ask if I could get a copy of the "brief" and they will send it out today by mail. I certainly hope it is favorable to my case. More to follow... Best Regards Chiefhouse
  4. Greetings Berta Thank you calmly for looking into this and your sound advice on how to move ahead with this case. My head is pounding (tension headache) and I'm taking a ton of meds for everything under the sun. I kinda get lost at times trying to understand and pursue my BVA and NOD cases but I intend to hold on as long as I can to be successful. Again, thank you and everyone who have taken time to assist me. Have a great day. Best Regards Chiefhouse
  5. Greetings This is my remanded case and no additional C&P examines have been requested. Ebenefits show that by case is now in line to be reviewed by a BVA Judge. I'm I reading this correctly or not? Best Regards Chiefhouse00
  6. Greetings I just checked eBenefits on the status of my BVA claims and it said, "Awaiting Place on the Docket." Does this mean that the DAV has reviewed and written statements to support my Remanded Claims (Docket 11-12-911)? Best Regards Chiefhouse
  7. Greetings I'm still awaiting a BVA (Docket 11-12-911) and NOD (DMII increase) decision review on my service connected claims. I know there is a backlog but I'm very hopeful that most if not all of my contentions will be favorable. Best Regards Chiefhouse
  8. Greetings Okay, thanks for your advice. Best regards Chiefhouse
  9. Greetings Berta I have attached my current rated disabilities. I still have one claim pending BVA action and one NOD awaiting a review (over 300 days). My overall health is fading as we speak. Best Regards Chiefhouse
  10. Greetings This is a CT , HEAD W/O CONTRAST completed 19 Dec 2013 @ Tripler Medical Hospital: Helical CT of the head was performed without the use of IV contrast. Sagittal reformats were produced. Findings: There is no intracranial parenchymal hemorrhage, hematoma, mass, herniation, midline shift or extra-axial fluid collections. There is unchanged prominence of the CSF containing spaces and diffuse brain parenchymal atrophy with periventricular white matter hypodensities, consistent with chronic microangiopathic disease. There are atherosclerotic vascular calcifications of the intracerebral internal carotid and vertebral arteries.The calvarium is intact without fracture. This one completed last month at VA Clinic: CT HEAD/BRAIN W/O DYE Exam Date: 10/13/2016 9:13 AM REASON FOR EXAMINATION: Near syncopal episode, Diabetic TECHNIQUE: Noncontrast Axial images performed with coronal and sagittal reformations performed and reviewed. COMPARISON: 1/18/13 noncontrast CT head. FINDINGS: Brain: No focal parenchymal hemorrhage or acute extra-axial fluid collections. No hydrocephalus, mass, mass effect, midline shift or acute infarct identified. Mild to moderate periventricular white matter small vessel ischemic changes which appears to have progressed. Old left frontal periventricular and right basal ganglial lacunar infarcts. Mild to moderate vertebral artery at the skull base and bilateral carotid siphon calcifications, slightly increased from previous exam. No posterior fossa lesion/infarct identified No calvarial fracture. Visualized paranasal sinuses are clear. Mastoid air cells are clear. Best Regards Chiefhouse
  11. Greetings Can I claim "Mild to moderate periventricular white matter small vessel ischemic changes in my brain? I had head injuries while in service and have a history of losing consciousness and hitting my head. Recent CT scans and MRI have shown this condition. If it can be rated, what DC code would I use? Best Regards Chiefhouse
  12. Greetings My BVA claim (Docket 11-12-911) has been lingering at the BVA for quite some time with no apparent daylight in sight of being resolved. I will call the number you provided and get a status update. Thanks Best Regards Chiefhouse
  13. 0000]Greetings TLaff Request another C&P exam with a different doctor. And report this last doctor so he can stop hurting veterans. I had a similar issue that I'm appealing but it maybe it my be a little different from yours. I had a favorable C&P exam by a contracted VA doctor that was disallowed by the VA Rating Officer. He based his decision on a second C&P exam conducted by a regular VA doctor. I have been waiting eight months now for a DRO decision. Good Luck Chiefhouse
  14. Greetings Based on the DFAS Audit, it only assess Retro from Aug 2015 to Oct 2015 versus Aug 2013 to Aug 2015 when my rating increased from 20% to 40% which took me to 100% P&T. Since this was an Appeal action, maybe the VA will include that 24 month period in my Retro Pay...I just don't know what will happen. Best Regards Chiefhouse
  15. Greetings GASTONE I received my award letter on 13 Nov 2015 and copy of the DFAS Audit [which I requested] but haven't receive any RETRO Pay yet. My lower back rating increased from 20% to 40% which resulted in my 100% P&T rating, but the DFAS Audit only calculated VA Retro for two months, the difference between 90% to 100%. Shouldn't there be more? Capture5.MHT Part 7.MHT Best Regards