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  1. Are you using the VA IL (Independent Living Program) administered by the VA Vocational Rehabilitation Dept? If so, what does your IL Counselor have to say? Give some thought to contacting your City's Animal Control Dept about the neighbor's dog. Seems like just about all VA Benefit Programs, take an inordinate amount of time. In the end, we have to remember, this is the Federal Govt that we're dealing with. Good Luck Semper Fi
  2. Wil, I kinda disagree, with what I think your "get my drift" take is here. I tell the SC Vet's I'm in contact with to remember, "everything you say, can and will be used against you." By that, I mean not to tell the VA Nurse or Clinician that your better than you are, everything you say regarding symptoms, ends up in your treatment notes. Using the "10% Rule," we have to consider that around 10% of all Vets receiving or applying for SC Comp are Malingerers. Can't say I know of any Vet that would condone Malingering, whether or not they'd "Eat Cheese" on the Malingerer, could be a different story. Semper Fi
  3. How long had the PTSD Claim been pending? "Just Awarded PTSD @ 100%," would be very interesting to read a redacted copy of the PTSD Award Letter. This Award doesn't wipe out your SC Depression, just includes it in the PTSD Rating. 100% PTSD, you've been under a VA Psychiatrist care for some time, right? How long ago did the VMC Psychiatrist or Psychologist give you a PTSD DX? If this Private or VMC PTSD DX has been in place for any period of time, a Secondary SA to PTSD should be considered. Excluding your 100% PTSD SC, I don't believe your other SC's Combine to 60% using VA Math. If that's the case, an additional SMC S (1) Award (Statutory Housebound) won't be included at this time. Strictly my personal opinion now, based on having been successful doing exactly what I'm recommending you do today. I would file a New E-Ben Secondary FDC, SA to your PTSD. I did exactly the same thing back in 14, got a Denial Letter and an Award Letter within 2 days of each other. Semper Fi
  4. No SA SC Rating for you, sorry to say. Your Service Med records don't document any Sleep problems and it was DX'd many years after discharge, not within the 1st year after separation. I've done a significant amount of OSA, CSA & MSA research since 2010. Really can't say I ever came across any Medical Sleep Journals or articles linking SA to Depression. PTSD yes but it is still difficult. When you have the time, research BVA Decisions for 14,15 & 16. Use "Sleep Apnea Secondary to Depression," as you key search term. I doubt you'll see any Direct Nexus Awards to Depression, but you never know. Semper Fi
  5. You can sign up for VA OIG Reports on your E-mail. Go to the VA web site. Get the full story there. 2 VA Dr's drop the dime on her, she admitted to the investigators and in court, that she had exaggerated her symptoms. Been collecting full boat IU for 5 yrs. I don't recall seeing the break-down of the $300K. Married, IU with SMC S (1) & SMC K, KIDS ?? would be in the area of $43K x 60 =$258K plus any Retro $??,000.00 gets fairly close. She knew she was Malingering, from jump. Semper Fi
  6. VA Forensic PTSD C & P Psychiatrist's call over-reporting of symptoms, evidence of "Malingering." Once branded a Malingerer, that cloud will follow a Vet forever and be considered in any future Claim Filing. Semper Fi
  7. Andy, am I missing something, what Medical test do you need that you have to pay for? At 80% SC, you have no deductibles or copay's with your VMC. Any Medical Test RX'd by a non VA Dr, will be done by your VMC. You just have to provide the RX to your VMC PCP. What's this "my wife would ALLOW ME?" You were a Combat Marine, right? Semper Fi
  8. Andy, little or no sleep due to SA or any other reason, over a period of time will Frack up a host of Mental and Physical issues. Short term memory is definitely one of them. Looking back, my MSA DX 2010, was preceded by about (2) years of being a cast member of the "Walking Dead." My non VA PCP said I just needed to exercise more and gave me weekly B12 shots. My memory was shot, I had daytime somnolence, no energy, tired all the time. 2010, new Private PCP (Insurance issues) picked up on my SA Symptoms right away, when I asked for a B12 Shot. 4 weeks later, I had a Severe MSA DX and was on Bipap with 02. That young female Dr saved my life, just from (1) office visit. Semper Fi
  9. JOB WELL DONE! Are you sure you were in the Navy, not the Marine Corps? Semper Fi
  10. Your PTSD 50% Award doesn't quite comport with your posted DBQ, could you post a redacted copy of your actual Award Letter? The Rater always explains why, in his/her opinion, you didn't get the next higher (70%) SC Rating. My advice, file your NOD today, I'd request a DRO Hearing. Does your Voc Rehab application show up on your E-Ben as a Claim Pending? Voc Rehab, unlike anything else with the VA, has an office at the RO where you can walk into it and check with the clerk regarding your application. Don't jerk around, make the trip or even try calling the Voc Rehab Dept to check on your Initial Appointment. The SQUEAKY Wheel, gets the GREASE! Time to start SQUEAKING, right. Semper Fi
  11. SMC S (1), Scheduler Housebound requirements state nothing in regards to a T & P or No Future Exam Scheduled. The Requirement is (1) SC rated at 100% (by itself) and 1 or more additional SC's that have a Combined total of 60% SC. In the case of an IU Rating, whichever SC gets you the IU Rating (even if it's a 50 or 70%), becomes a 100% SC for SMC S (1) qualification purposes. Your other SC's not involved in the IU Rating must have a combined SC Rating of 60% using VA Math by themselves. If you've never been rated IU and have a 100% Scheduler Rating based on a number of SC's, your not eligible for the SMC S (1). However, you can earn a Million $$ a year and keep your 100% SC Comp, unlike IU with the SGI Limit of $12,400. If you qualify, you could request your PCP or specialist to complete a VA Housebound application, problem being you actually have to meet the Housebound Requirements. Semper Fi
  12. Buck & Bronc, I could be mistaken, sounds like he's already been reduced to 0%. We certainly need more definitive information. He may have missed filing Deadlines also. That Bill from the VA for $7500.00, ever heard of that, before a Reduction Decision is made? If he's been 60 or 70% SC, we really don't know, his Comp with a Wife is in the $1500 per mos range. That would be (5) mos of Comp being Clawed Back, not good. We're missing some critical info. Semper Fi
  13. Doc, your 5/16 PTSD Award's anniversary date is fast approaching, have you filed your NOD yet? A Request for Reconsideration, does not stop the 1 year NOD Clock! The somewhat harsh reality of your situation is, what you feel you should be rated at SC % wise, really doesn't matter. It all comes down to the VA Forensic C & P Psychiatrist or Psychologist PhD's completion of the Forensic PTSD DBQ. Do you have a copy of your PTSD C & P DBQ, if so, post a redacted copy of the DBQ and your PTSD Award Letter. We need to see what your working with. Consider applying to the VA Vocational Rehabilitation Program via your E-Ben Comp filing account. You should be able to get an appointment with a VRC in about 2 - 3 weeks. If your VRC agrees that your Unemployable and currently unable to pursue a Voc Rehab Path, a VR Denial Letter would be a piece of Gold, as Evidence for a IU Claim Filing. With IU, you have to prove that your unable to do even Sedentary Work that would provide earnings of more than $12,400 (The VA SGI) cut-off. A full or even part-time job at Mickey D's would pay more than that. Semper Fi
  14. Wil, just tuned in to your posts. After looking back at your prior posts, me thinks your currently 90% SC and apparently haven't filed for IU. You never received an "Inferred IU Claim," stipulated on your last SC Award? If that's the case, the whole Chapter 35 for T & P No Future Exams, CHAMPVA and other associated Benefits is somewhat premature. Do You have an IU Rating? Are you discussing a hypothetical future 100% SC Rating? What exactly makes up your Combined SC Rating of 90%? Getting an C-SC bump to 100% is not only difficult, it's almost impossible. For the most part, you need a New SC DX or Secondary SC that is rated at 50%. We might be able to assist you but definitely need to know what your working with. Could you posr redacted copies of your Award/Denial Letters and C & P DBQ's? Semper Fi
  15. Still kind of early to get twisted. A DRO Review doesn't get worked, until it reaches the top of the Review Pile, unless you get a Hardship bump to the front. Not unusual for 16+ mos to go by, with no apparent movement. Was the Vet Center Counseling Statement completed by a VA Psychiatrist or Psychologist PhD? Any chance you could post a redacted copy your PTSD C & P DBQ, your PTSD Award Letter and the Post PTSD Decision Vet Center counseling Statement. At this point, your locked into the DRO Review. I think you can now see the Benefit of a Face to Face DRO Hearing. Takes longer but it's a better way to make your case. Besides your 50% PTSD, what's the breakdown of your combined SC 80%. CAD ??%, what else? Back in 01/14, I'd been waiting almost 4 yrs for a DRO Hearing. I filed an Official request for an Informal DRO Evidence Conference, mid 01/14. Received acknowledgement of the Filing mid 02/14. Never heard anything else about the request, but I did get notification of my DRO Hearing early 05/14 for a 06/34/14 Hearing Date. Did the Request for an Evidence conference help, who knows? I got my Hearing 5 mos later, that's all that mattered. Semper Fi