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  1. I take it that neither of your VA Psychiatrists from 08 to present ever actually completed the Dr's Statement for Housebound status, right? You listed (3) issues resulting in the 50% back in 09, wasn't the 50% just for PTSD? Depression & the Weed Problem are covered in the PTSD Rating, they're not separate SC's. You were 50% SC, you're now 100% as of mid 2015. Is that a Scheduler 100% from the Combined SC Ratings or is it an IU Award? Semper Fi
  2. I recently sat down with a VFW VSR at my VMC. Just getting some generic info for another Vet I work with. During the course of the conversation, not the 1st we've had, I told her that I forgot to get a copy of my VSR's (Marine Corp Lge) request for my 05/16 Cue Review. Keep in mind, the VFW is not my VSO. After we discussed my Vet's issue, she asked me to wait a moment. Hit a few keys on the old computer, left the room and returned with copies of my VSR Cue Review Filing. All the VSOs have a couple-year-old policy about servicing Vets regardless of which VSO they're signed with. That saved me a phone call or trip to the VSO HQ at the RO. Give it a try if the documents in your file, they should be able to provide you with a copy. Semper Fi
  3. What kind of RO Formal Review did you attend, DRO Hearing? You continued to say Review, wasn't it an actual DRO Hearing? If a DRO Made a Decision on the IU, were there any additional issues to be determined? Back in 06/14, my VSO Rep had a copy of my DRO Hearing Award the same afternoon as the Hearing. There were some staged rating issues that the DRO said he needed to look into but he had completed everything by 3pm. My Retro hit within 3 weeks but the award letter took 3 mos to arrive. Your VSO-Rep has computer access to your RO E-File and can pull up and print the IU Award Letter completed by the DRO, if he's completed it yet. Semper Fi
  4. Guys, I think we can all agree that the entire VA Comp Claims process is a real trip. The Vets (us) lack of VA process knowledge initially puts him at a significant disadvantage. Quite often the Vet relies on the first VSO-rep he has contact with to counsel and file his claim. Some Vets can, some can't handle their appeals at the DRO Level. Very few can handle the BVA by their lonesome. Many opt for the VSO Free Representation, sometimes a good, sometimes a bad idea. After Waiting the 5+ yrs for a BVA Denial because either you or the VSO missed something would have to hurt your feelings. Probably would be a decent idea to get a couple Free Legal Consults from (3) different VA Appeals Lawyers. At some point, getting the RETRO, is worth the 20% Legal Fee. At the very least you should run your case by the DC Pro Bono Firm NVLSC, don't you think. TREYSNONNA, your husbands BVA Docket 15 - 02319, I believe indicates his Appeal was the 2,319th appeal docketed in 2015. You might want to check the number of Decisions the BVA has been averaging for the last couple years. Semper Fi
  5. Then there's the whole no yearly income limitation thing. With IU you have to have an earned income of less that $12,400 per yr under 65. You really don't have a lot of control regarding the loss of the recently received IU Rating if all of a sudden you get to a Scheduler combined SC of 100%. The VA considers your IU Award as Moot when you get the 100% Scheduler Rating. You won't see (2) separate Ratings. I went from being 90% IU T& P NF Exams since 12, to 100% Scheduler 12/15 for SA with SMC S 1. 2 of my main SC's were encompassed in the IU Rating, so no SMC S (1) for me prior to the 12/15 Bump from 50 to 100 for the SA. That might pose a problem for you if all of a sudden you lost the IU. Your IU (CAD or MH) condition was viewed as being 100% for SMC S (1) qualification purposes. That doesn't play if you become 100% Scheduler, I don't think. Semper Fi
  6. Ran, well Ya. No Ticky, no washy! You haven't filed an IU Claim, why? Your 90% SC, no "Inferred IU Claim" referenced in your last Award Letter? How about posting a redacted copy of your 90% Rating Letter? P & T Ratings aren't that difficult for the Rater to Determine. There's either a possible chance for improvement or there isn't. Usually, the Rater will "Diary Date" your C-File for a C & P Re-Exam in 3 to 5 years from your award Date. Age comes into play if your under 55, after which no future C & P Re-Exams are not to be scheduled unless you file a Secondary Condition Claim. What SC (or SC's) make you unable to do even "Sedentary Work" that would provide a level of "Earned Income" above the VA SGI of $12,400 (about $240 per week) per yr under 65? Semper fi
  7. BVA Docket numbers are assigned on a 1st come, 1st served basis. Once your appeal is Certified by your RO and transferred to the BVA, the BVA Intake personnel supposedly assign a Docket Number immediately. Then your real wait begins! Your Docket Number will be 17 - xxxxx, and you'll be behind every Vet that got a Docket number 01 thru 03/20?,as well as 16 - 15 - 14 and before. Check out the VBA list of BVA Decisions for 16 & 17, that will give you an idea of where you fit into the BVA Hearing time frame. Semper Fi
  8. What SC was "Awarded as of today"? What's the "New C & P Exam" all about? I may have missed it, did you ever post the Back Story to your 9-year wait? Who was your Representative throughout these 9 yrs? Did you try the DRO Review or Hearing before deciding on the BVA? Semper Fi
  9. Your 90% SC, didn't you get an "Inferred IU Claim" mentioned in your last Award Letter? You can file for IU on your E-Ben site. Do you have a MH (PTSD or Depression) SC? Are you unable to work due solely to your SC'd conditions? Has your individual Earned Income been under the VA SGI (Substantially Gainful Income) amount of $12,400 for the past 12 months? Probably most important and one of the Primary IU Denial criteria, are you capable of "Any type of Sedentary Employment" that would provide the SGI $12,400 (Under 65) amount? As to filing Claims after IU, absolutely. I was IU @ 90% since 2012. You need a New Claim rated at 50% or a serious current SC Increase to get to the 100% Scheduler. I filed about 6 claims after the IU Award, got my bump to 100% from an SA SC 50% 12/15. With IU, your Earned Income must be reported to the VA every year, within 30 days of your IU Anniversary date. Semper Fi
  10. Not only the SOC, but any New & Material Evidence that is submitted Post Denial/NOD has to be worked by the RO Rating Dept prior to RO Certification to BVA. As I recall reading in the way back, if the N & M Evidence doesn't result in the RO Awarding the Appealed issues, an SSOC is also required to be completed and provided to the Vet. How many Vets, after choosing the traditional BVA Hearing appeal route, send in N & M Evidence at some future point prior to the RO Certification to the BVA? One can only imagine how much additional time is added before the Certification to the BVA can take place. Semper Fi
  11. I think I'll still stick with and advise others to go the FDC route. Semper Fi
  12. Mike, do a read on VA requirements for Non-VMC Emergency Care. Pretty clear, the Vet has some hoops to jump through but nothing crazy. Really just need you or someone to notify your VMC Emergency Dept Honcho by phone of your admission to the Non-VA ER (Get the Names of the Dr).Once you're stabilized, the VMC will arrange ambulance Transfer to the closest VMC or authorize your admission to the Non-VA Hospital for post-ER Care. Big mistake many Sr vets make, giving the non-VA ER their Medicare card. Don't mention anything about your Medicare coverage, if you don't have the B Supplemental. The Hospital will jump at the chance of billing Medicare, it pays faster than the VA. If the Vet doesn't have a part B supplement that covers the 20% copay, he could be looking at BIG $$$ for a Co-pay that the VA won't automatically cover. I've had AARP's United Health Part B supplemental for about 4 years now. Full Boat coverage with no Deductibles or Copays cost about $160 per mos. I still use my VMC for everything but if it comes to a Life or Death procedure, I think I'll stick with the Non-VA Specialists. Semper Fi
  13. Now we're talking, how many 2015 docket numbered Decisions have you seen in the 15, 16 and 17 BVA Decisions? I don't really think you'll see any real movement until you receive the VBA Letter (60 Day Evidence N & M E Cutoff Letter) advising you have 60 days to submit any New & material Evidence. What type of BVA Hearing did you or your VSO-rep request, Video, Travel Board or DC? Significan addition time added for Travel Board and DC Hearings. How soon after the Denial was your NOD filed? Did you submit any N & M Evidence after filing the NOD, if so, when? Semper Fi
  14. 90% CSC, great news, did the Retro hit yet? What was your SC% before the increase? In you initial post's, you indicated you had a C & P before you filed your most recent claim, right. How's that possible, C & P Exams are ordered by the RO Rating Dept after they receive your claim. Now it could be that your VMC Recent Exams made an actual C & P unnecessary. Did you request that your VMC specialists complete Condition Specific DBQ's at the time of your exam? When you get your Award Letter, how about posting a redacted copy. Should be interesting reading. Semper Fi
  15. Tazz, I looked at the DSM V and the DBQ's for Depression & SA, not good for an SA Secondary to Depression claim. You should give the DSM Va read, see what you think. As to the current DBQ's, the Depression DBQ requests a discussion of "Any comorbid Sleep issues" whereas the SA DBQ doesn't mention anything regarding a Depression DX. I think the Depression DX is currently viewed by the Medical Community as being either caused by SA or exacerbated by SA, not as a causative agent for the development of the comorbid SA DX. Semper Fi