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  1. I recently had a comp & Pen exam at VA medical center and I am implying how can I get a copy of this exam.
  2. Hello Hadit members I had my dreaded C & P exam for my bilateral knee conditions with the new and improved VA Veterans Evaluations Service in the Dallas Tx area. I feel this comp & Pen was a joke. Here are the the assessment of the evaluation I received: My appointment was schedule for 0800hrs which I arrived at 0750 hours and within five minutes I was see by the VA Comp & Pen doctor. He spent a total of 18 minutes asking me questions and he only had me to bend my knees twice on each side and was told that was it for my evaluation do I have it questions. My respond was why my knees doesnt fully extend and is that all for this evaluation, His reply was that you need to see you ortho doctor it could be muscle tightness or whatever. I feel there was no assessment of my disability profile other than the MR!'s I presented and the list of medications I give them to keep. Waiting to see what this evaluation outcome is because I feel more than likely I be appealing the evaluation as well as the way the comp & Pen was conducted. Please chime in as what to expected in regards of the outcome from this evaluation. Thanks Allen
  3. Hello Hadit Members! I am service connect for a knee disability which I am currently in workers comp for this conditions. The Work comp Doctor are going to scope my knee next month due to my condition had gotten worsen. This would place me on workers comp which the company would pay for my lost time at work therefore my question for the members is can i draw my temporary totaly disability rating while on workers comp and if so what paperwork I need to file with VA while during my time out on workers comp. Please Help confuse with the Va 21-526ez form Thanks Allen
  4. Thanks BlueVet and Gastone I kind of thought I was to late to file this claims. But I think several years ago I file a appeal using the SOC that was past the 60 day mark. However this must change or I just flat out forgot to due my appeal. However I type a new statement for sinusitis and think maybe using internet literature from various sources to link my allergic rhinitis to sinusitis. Also I am using my current allergy test and sinus CT scan which shows care for a deviated septum and allergic rhinitis and my sinusitis is currently in remission. Would this be enough for new and material evidence. Allen
  5. Hello Hadit Members I have a statement of case dated 09/17/2014. I which to submitted a appeal to the bva on several claims I feel strongly about a win. My question I have for the board is: 1. After carefully reading the SOC it states I have 60 day to file and appeal. 2. In the next sentence it states I have one-year period from the date of the letter notifying you of the action that I have appealed. 3. Does question number 2 still give me time to file base on 09/17/2015 is one year or I miss my filing day based on question 60 day rule. Please help with this matter because if question two is right I have 7 days to file thinks. Allen
  6. Thanks MRRR5 you right I thinks it best to wait for the retro payment.
  7. Hello Hadit Members! My last post was I recevied a rate increase from 70% to 90% in which VA sent my award information to DFAS for audit. DFAS return the paparwork back to VA after one month stating there is no money due. I receive a call from VA stating that it would take 4 to 6 months to award my Retro. This claims have a back date of 2006 for some contentions and 2010 for other. My questions is does it take this long for back pay? If so can I submitt my NOD for the contentions I feel VA low ball my rating without affecting my RETRO payment. In addition I trying to submit an appeal for my clothing allowance in which VA stop paying after 10 years due to not a device cover under clothing allowance law. I feel VA misguided veterans with the dual clothing allowance in other to get them out of the grandfathered clause in order to deny their allowance. How can I get my allowance reinstated? Thank Allen
  8. Hello Hadit Members!!! I just got my Two Big Brown Envelope from VA and my disibility rating has been increase from 60% to 90%. This process took 12 months from my DRO appeal which I was shock it came so quick. I would like to personal thank all the members for their support thoughout this process. In addition I have several claims to finish my course which I feel VA low ball me on some contentions. The letter states 90% which I have 230% disability rating that total to 92.8%. Again Thanks for the help and Iam here if any members need help with there claims. Forever Member Allen
  9. thanks guys!
  10. Hello members!!! I received a letter from Prosthetics stated my dual clothing allowance has been denied. Their reason was my bilateral knee braces and back brace don't have exposed metal hinges that would cause irreparable damage. I've recived clothing allowance for these devices for nearly ten years and had no problen until i applied for dual clothing allowance which I received for one year and denied the following year. I think this is a trap to get veterans to give up their static/grandfathered clause in order to disapproved their clothing allowance basis on their meaning of exposed metal verse non exposed metel. These device is needed for my serviced connected conditions and i wear them for approx 24 days a months and they cause my sweat pants to stretch and my shirts to frayed. In addition the bottom of my shorts wear from the frication of the knee braces rubbing against them. Please help me submitt an appeal for this situation. Thanks Allen
  11. Hello Hadit Members I have an Comp & Pen on Friday May 2, 2014 for my lower back. Please provide any information "if possible" for what to expected during this examination. Any help would be dearly appreciated. Thanks
  12. thanks for the info meghp0405
  13. Hello Board Members!!! I need your input on a denial letter I received from VA pertaining my clothing allowance. Here is a copy of the denial letter in my attachment. Thanks colthing allowance denial letter001.pdf
  14. Hello Hadit Members Just received a letter in the mail from DVAMC (Prosthetics) stating they want to reevaluate my back brace and knee brace to verify if my clothing has wear or tear. My knee brace was issue in 2003 and the back brace was issue 2008. What should I expected during this visit? Are they trying to disallowed my clothing allowance due to filing for more than one device? These device has been issue for a great amount of years so what the issue they trying to accomplish. Any information you can give me on this matter would be greatly appreciate Thanks
  15. Hello Hadit Family I just check my claims on e-benefits and noticed I received and increase from 50% to 60%. That's a good start however i had several claims that were denied and some remained at 0%. Therefore I'm awaiting my envelope to see what claims I need to submit an appeal. Thanks family for all your help and support and I would get back with yawl once I receive my official notice my mail Allen