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  1. I may be wrong, but if your surgery is service connected related, you can submit a claim for 100% while you are out of work. You would need a letter (note) from your doctor for the time you missed work. I have no experience with this, however, that is what I read. I would think you would get the 100% percent until you recovered and went back to work. However, it after surgery, you were not able to your current job again, then you could file for IU. Someone on here with more experience will hopefully have be more help. You could also contact your local Vet rep. I use my local CVSO (County Veterans Service Officer) for questions also. Good luck, Hamslice
  2. All, I found this site when I first got out of the service and started working on my claims. It did take me a little bit to figure out the name and when I typed in hadit into google it would take me somewhere else, then I started typing hadit. with a period and it would bring me here. Now its an Icon on my home screen. Honestly, it took a day to get "I had it", as in I had it with the VA, but I was probably thinking too much. I didn't post for a while, as is the norm, then after a while joined the conversation. I enjoyed my posting with Carlie and miss her commentary (help) still today. I enjoy most if not all whom I engage on this site. I even enjoy a couple of the grumpy guys who's target is the same as all of us, however, their trajectory can be questioned from time to time, and the back and forth is always a good read. Lastly, I rely on this site for a lot, and for that I am indebted to you, Thanks Tbird, Hamslice Here's to another 20!!!!!!!
  3. Has anyone tried the new Vets.gov site? eBenefits has a tag for it and says it will not impact current claim if you try it out. I'm too scared, Hamslice Not afraid, just scared....LOL...
  4. Watch out, Berta's on the prowl.. I agree, read your ratings when you get them, come up with a plan or not. Then take a break. Then after some time, read the rating letter again and look at your evidence you sent in and see if it fits. And as Berta says, don't forget the deadlines for appeals, etc.. Got my last claim back three months ago. Should be pulling it out and getting ready for the appeal. Hopefully the c-file gets here by then, Good luck Berta, Hamslice
  5. Nice, did you get paid back to 2014? Hamslice
  6. Having children is never free, Just saying, Hamslice
  7. Thanks, that make some sense now. Oh, boy, might be a wake up when the checks stop coming and the garnishing starts! Hamslice
  8. Someone must have added a zero to the $ amount for effect. Can't see the 300K. Something is missing from the story. Hamslice
  9. Actually did not get to hearing. My lawyer (legal aid actually) ran it by the judges staff and they made a early deal. Came a couple weeks after my wife signed the agreement. Hamslice
  10. Sounds like you did good. My wife's SSDI was denied, denied, win (with legal rep). I think it is a scam, because of the wait for medicare, 2 years or whatever it was. Our lawyer actually settled early (withing 4 months, Wisconsin is a 18 month wait for a judge) and we agreed to SSDI payments back to when we filed, but no Medicare until the full 2 years etc., we had private insurance, so we agreed. Lawyer took 20-25% of $6000.00 or there abouts, and then the checks started rolling in. By the way, you can register online with Social Security and see the whole show. Anyway, hope your lawyer is on target, Hamslice
  11. Under normal situations, you have to apply for SSDI within 5 years of leaving work. So, get on it now. Also, SSDI is different than VA in that its all or nothing. You're either disabled or not. And, don't be surprised, but most get denied at the first claim and the appeal, but win when it goes to a judge. A lawyer helps at that level. Its just the way it works. But it doesn't work if you don't apply, Hamslice
  12. It has happened to me at least three times. And twice for the same claim. In one instance, I had a C&P for plantar warts. Then I went back to gathering evidence and another C&P. When I went to the second C&P they measured my scars (from the removed warts). In the end I was SC'd for both plantar warts and scars. I had the exact same thing happen with acne. I claimed for acne, had the C&P, went to prep for decision then back to gathering evidence with another C&P, again measured scars and again, SC'd for both acne and scars. Mind you, all four of these were rated at 0%. Which is fine with me. If I die from acne, plantar warts or scars my wife gets DIC. My last claim had multiple contentions and it went from prep to gathering and I received one decision and two where referred. So, anything can be happening, you almost always have to wait for the snail mail to get the straight skinny. Hope I helped a bit, Hamslice
  13. 63Charlie, Thanks for the info. Looked it up. Sometimes I find it hard to read what actually happens in our Gov. That is just terrible. If I participated in an armed robbery (??????????), I would be too ashamed to show my face much less have/hold a government job. I have a local gov job and I come in early and leave late and feel extremely lucky to have the job. Just unbelievable, Thanks again 63, Hamslice
  14. From what I have been reading is that anyone worth a grain of salt did not want the job because they see it as a big mess. And Trump did not want the political hacks that wanted it. Don't know enough about this new guy to comment. Time will tell, Hamslice