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Found 15 results

  1. I recently submitted a claim, 09/28/16, for IBS (presumptive to Gulf WAR) and dysthymic disorder. Had C&P exam on 11/16/16 and EBenifits shows Claim Complete on 12/24/16. Received BBE on 01/02/17 only addressing dysthymic disorder (Denied, not SC). There was no mention of IBS and it does not show up at all in my Ebenefits. I should note that C&P exam results clearly note my IBS and referenced my Gulf War Service. Called 1-800 # on 01/02/17 and was informed information on IBS was mailed on 12/21/16 and had to wait 10 days to request copy. Called 1800# yesterday and the woman informed me that I was given incorrect information about the IBS decision being mailed on 12/21/16. She then went into what I will describe as a more technical mode, informing me that she was a VA employee authorized to give and receive claim info. something along those lines. She told me I would have to file an appeal to have it looked at again ( I have no decision to appeal). She then informed me that my best bet would be to file the IBS claim again but this time as secondary to my currently rated GERD. She stressed this strongly and would not answer any of my questions, stating it was my choice to appeal or re=file as secondary. It appeard she was trying to help me out by stressing the Secondary method, but she was very vague and suggested it was the consensus among who she was conversing while I was on hold that I undertake the Secondary path. My questions are does anyone know what occured here? Why was I not notified of a decision either way on IBS? I thought IBS was Presumptive! Is Secondary the best path?
  2. So I was given a 0% SC rating for IBS (which is BS BTW, the examiner botched the C&P). How do I go about submitting new evidence to increase my disability rating, while retaining the original claim date? Thank you!
  3. I am currently s/c for IBS, Anemia and an Eating Disorder. All of these have attributed to my issues I have to this day regarding my hemorrhoids and anal fissure. I have filed for secondary s/c for anal fissures. Since one of the known causes for this is chornic diarrhea, which is noted in my prior C&P exam for IBS s/c, I feel this warrants a secondary s/c. I have progress notes from two doctors indicating I have the anal fissure. I had surgery (twice) to remove my hemorrhoids and repair the anal fissure in one surgery. The anal fissure is still an issue and will be for the rest of my life. My current doctor states that Chronic Diarrhea is one of the causes. I am due to see my doctor this week for post op discussions from my surgery in July. Prior to filing, I read up on anal fissures and the causes for it, and one of the causes is the Chronic Diarrhea, and I also read that symptoms for anal fissure are commonly mistaken for hemorrhoids. I have suffered with hemorrhoids for years never realizing that they were associated or potential associated to my issues with IBS. Anemia, although rare from blood loss due to hemorrhoids, I have Anemia from my Gastro issues due to my Eating Disorder (also S/C for). I filed an FDC claim on July 20th, 2016 for anal fissure to be secondary s/c to my curent s/c IBS. I am sure it will turn into a traditional claim since my NOD is still in the "decision" stage but I was moderately surprised to see that I have a C&P exam ordered so quickly. On Ebennies I happened to be looking at my upcoming doctor's appointments and happened to check the calendar for C&P exams and boom there it was! That is super fast! I do not have any secondary s/c contentions so I have a few questions. When you file for a contention to be secondary to the already s/c contention do you need to bring up the prior evidence that s/c you in the first place? Meaning, I am s/c for IBS, do I need to bring that up? I did state in my FDC claim (VA21-4138) why I felt it should be secondary to IBS. CODE 7336: Hemorrhoids large are swollen veins inside or outside the body near the anus. They are created from a lot of pressure being used to pass feces and can be very painful. If the hemorrhoids cause constant bleeding that leads to significant blood loss and anemia, a decrease in the number of red blood cells, or f they cause fissures, it is rated 20%. If there are blood clots inside the swollen veins, the swelling can’t go down, and there is a lot of redundant tissue, it is rated 10%. If they are only moderate with occasional bleeding, it is rated 0%. If I stated that it should be secondary to IBS but maybe it should be secondary to Anemia or my Eating Disorder, do I need to add those comments to ensure that the secondary contention doesn't get denied? Obviously the secondary contention was not in-service related but is aggravated by the current s/c contention. Also, anyone who has had a C&P exam for this type of claim, can you tell me your experience with this exam? It's a bit embarrassing already but understand I have to go through it. Anyone with knowledge on secondary contentions? UPDATE: I filed for secondary to my IBS but I have since found documentation in my SMR's that I had medical notes indicating I had hemorrhoids in-service as well. I also had colonoscopies in-service that discovered hemorrhoids internal/external. I did not provide that evidence to the VA b/c I am going under the assumption it should be secondary to IBS. Now I am wondering if I should submit that SMR's evidence showing I also had hemorrhoids? All my SMR's for many years show chronic diarrhea and issues relating to all of this. I know I don't need to supply those SMR's b/c I am already s/c for Chronic diarrhea/IBS. I filed an FDC claim, but since I am under a DRO decision, I was told that it wouldn't be an FDC claim anyways, but rather a traditional claim so what do I have to lose right? I think I would rather submit the concrete evidence sooner than later.
  4. My claim for ervice connection for Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) as a presumptive service connected disability due to my service in the Gulf War per 38 C.F.R §3.317 was denied. Wondering how I can succesfully appeal. VA DENIAL LETTER “ Service connection is not permitted if there is affirmative evidence that the disability was unrelated to military service in the Gulf War. Service connection for unexplained chronic multi symptom illness to include irritable bowel syndrome is denied because evidence established that this disability result from poor diet and fitness. Your service treatment records do not contain complaints, treatment, or diagnosis for this condition. We did not find a link between your medical condition and military service. On examination, the examiner indicated that your stated symptoms do not meet the criteria for a diagnosis for irritable bowel syndrome and are most likely the result of poor dietary and fitness habits.” SERVICE INFORMATION & MEDICAL DIAGNOSIS: I served in Southwest Asia during Operation Iraq Freedom. My unit did participate in ground combat in Iraq. I have been diagnosed with IBS from VA medical doctor. I currently take both RX & non-RX medication for IBS. This information was submitted in my claim but not listed as evidence considered C&P EXAM Examined at VA Loma Linda. Examiner is a physican assistant. Examiner did not ask about fitness or diet patterns. Blue Button says I am unable to view the exam notes.
  5. Hello everyone! First I want to introduce myself. I am a recent USN retiree, 6 years active duty, 14+ years reserve (with deployment), and a qualified submariner. I am a long time reader and first time poster. I want to give my sincere gratitude to everyone who posts here, the information in this forum is priceless! I will spare you all the medical details, the long and short is: I have a number of chronic service connected disabilities, chiefly IBS and Fibromyalgia, as well as chronic urticaria (hives), scaring secondary to hives, and chronic fissure due to IBS. Utilizing the knowledge I learned here and from shipmates, I worked with my private physicians and prepared a series of disability benefits questionnaires (DBQ) which the VFW submitted on my behalf. My claim process was unbelievably fast- it went from intent to file, to filing, to award in seven months. I was recently awarded the following: IBS 100%, Chronic Urticaria 60%, Fibromyalgia 40%, Facial Scars 30%, Anal Fissure 20%. I was awarded 100% total disability compensation with a Special Monthly Compensation (S-1). I have not yet received my letter, however I can see the benefits in benefits and my VFW rep called me to inform me of the award. I am very grateful for the award, and consider myself lucky based on the stories I have read here. I do have a couple of questions, and in advance, thank you for taking time to read this! 1. I have never heard of anyone being awarded 100% for IBS. I have chronic oscillating constipation and diarrhea, and constant abdominal pain, which is noted in the DBQ. I miss a few weeks of work over a year's time due to inability to eat, compounded with the aforementioned bowel issues. While I am grateful for the award, I do not understand how the VA awarded me 100%. I thought 30% was tops unless the veteran requested an extra-schedular award (which I did not). What do you make of this? Was I assigned a TDIU or something similar without applying for it? Will or can the VA provide an extra-schedular award without the veteran asking for it? 2. My award indicates that I was also awarded SMC S-1. What does this mean? I do not require a home health aid at this time, although my wife did leave her job to assist me with activities of daily living such as cleaning and cooking since at times, I am not able to complete those tasks due to either bowel issues or exhaustion from fibromyalgia. The SMC S-1 code indicates that the award was given due to having a 100% disability (IBS) and a second award of 60% (Urticaria). Is it just standard process to issue an SMC S-1 for someone suffering from two diseases that are over a certain percentage each? 3. Does any of the above legally impact my ability to seek and maintain employment? Again, I do not have my formal VA letter yet, however, the above mentioned awards seem to indicate that the VA issued a TDIU or something to that effect. While I am in constant moderate to severe pain, and the problems are chronic and debilitating, I strongly prefer to try to maintain employment because working and staying active as I can seems to help me, at least mentally. I am afraid that if I quit working and focus solely on my chronic illnesses, my overall life outlook would suffer. 4. Lastly, am I missing anything? Thank you so very much for you time. As I learn more, I will be glad to assist anyone here by sharing what I did (almost of it learned here). Thanks again everyone!
  6. I just got the award letter over the weekend granting me 30% for Irritable Bowel Syndrome as secondary to PTSD. My better half is positive that I should have been awarded SMC-S statutory based on my new ratings: 100% IU P&T - 70% for PTSD; 30% for IBS secondary to PTSD; 10% LF residuals injury; 20% LF residuals with RSD & metatarsalgia; 10% RF plantar fasciitis with RSD - I researched some here on Hadit, and I found this in a thread from July : That was written by Asknod. So my first question, which was whether TDIU was good enough to count as 100% seems to be answered. My second question, as to where a condition rated as secondary can be counted... I'm not sure. I called my VSO this morning and she said she would research it for me. She apologized that she didn't know the info right off the top of her head, but the SMC's are confusing on a good day... I feel like a greedy bastard asking for more. Then my other half say stop thinking that way and remember all the years (25 +) that I didn't ask for anything from the VA, not even a vaccine or flu shot.
  7. Hello all, got a question, I have been dealing with multiple issues that are stress related, for over 20 years. During my 2nd year on AD I began to develop sleep issues, and from there I had sinus infections seemingly on a monthly basis. My bowels also began to be grumpy, resulting in diahria 3-4 days a week and stomach cramps. I also started consuming mass quantities of alcohol, mostly Jim Beam, till I passed out. I even enjoyed a NJP courtesy of said Jim drinking. I'm sure my MH problems began shortly after I fell down a flight of stairs during Boot Camp, in November of 1992. I do have a printed list of all my VA prescriptions for various NSAIDs over the years, which are medically proven to cause or increase depression. I was looking on eBenefits, trying to figure out how to file for these contentions. question is, should I speak to my local VAMC bennies counselor, and have him file the claims? He's been pretty good to me so far(got me bumped from 60-80%. Any guidance suggestions clues or hints would be most welcome and greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance. Semper Fi. Andyman
  8. So I went to my local Va and filed a 21-456EZ form for: Tinnitus Insomia memory problems Fibro(gulf war) Cfs(gulf war) Gastrointestinal disorders,hiatal hernia(gulf war) sleep disorders anxiety shingles/rashes and a few other things in my record I was honorably discharged from the USMC in 96 was dealing with this stuff then but, right or wrong I just dealt with it. I mean if I could get up and put my boots on in the morning and go to work thats's what I did. Only now it's taking longer to get going in the morning and so with the urging of my wife and fellow vets I went and filed. They took down my info and sent the form off. Also told my to go get a gulf war registry exam, which I am still waiting on. He didn't ask for med. records, x-rays, DBQ or anything. I told him about my PSTD symtoms and he put down anxiety. I'm just wondering what I'm in for and what to do next. So any advice , info, or help you guys can send my way is much appreciated. Semper Fi, Gadevildog
  9. Could anyone tell me what could be considered a secondary claim for a diagnosis of Fibromyalgia? OR, Should these be stand alone claims? I am 40% for Fibromyalgia and was considering filing a secondary claim. PTSD 50% Tinnitus 10% Currently 70% NOD still pending. My S&W DR. say's my insomnia,IBS and headaches could be from fibromyalgia. The VA has scheduled me for a sleep study for the sleep disturbances. As far as the headaches I have two ways to pursue them. Although I did not complain while on active service I did have them annotated on my out-processing physical. I have also been treated for the from the VA. They prescribe both Samaritan for the onset of migraines and Topiramate twice daily for headaches. The S&W doctor also says the fibromyalgia could cause the headaches. But this is also a presumptive illness/ undiagnosed illness. IBS, Irritable Bowl Syndrome. Is it a stand alone or considered under the fibromyalgia initial diagnosis? Could I claim it under the SWA presumptive illness since they have diagnosed me with it and treat me with medications for it. Dadgumit.. I don't know. I have all these and was told to get on here and check with the forum. My VSO said I would be pyramiding and could not do it but after reading I have mixed reviews and have looked for a new VSO. Lets start here.
  10. I need help. I have been diagnosed with IBS and the VA has accepted this, with a rating of 0%. There reasoning was because I was not in any pain. The fact is that I do have pain. My question is do I need to go back to my doc and complain about the pain or can I just put this info in a letter with my appeal???
  11. Hello everyone, I need advice on submitting for SC and thank you in advance. First my background, I was in Southern Iraq (Camp Bucca) from Nov. 2006 to Oct. 2007. The first half of the tour we were tasked with route clearance. The second half we were tasked manning guard towers. During the time guarding the towers we were constantly breathing in odor from the sewage ponds and breathing in smoke from the open burn pits. The ponds and burn pits were no more than 200 yards from the towers we would man. The smoke was constant and made my eyes and nostrils sting while leaving a bad taste in my mouth. A lot of the times it would be black and thick. While at Bucca I was hospitalized with “acute gastroenteritis” and “acute renal failure” for three days. I was unable to keep anything down, coming out both ends. I am currently rated at 30% ptsd and 10% tinnitus. I had been complaining to my VA pcp about bloating, alternating constipation and diarrhea and she would say to talk to MH since it was probably due to my ptsd medication. When I talked to MH they would say it was not the ptsd medication because it would not cause alternating constipation and diarrhea (I should have pressed more). I finally gave up and went to a private doctor. They did a colonoscopy and found cancer in my rectum about a year ago (VA dropped the ball). All is well now except the sigmoidoscopy every three months. I have read that some vets have been getting cancer due to burn pits. Is it possible to claim rectal cancer for SC and would It be hard to prove or is it one of the presumptive GWS? I also wanted to put in for IBS since I still have alternating bloating, constipation and diarrhea. I have my medical record saying I was hospitalized for three days. My next question is if I applied for IBS, would VA say it is due to my cancer (if I put in for rectal cancer and was denied) and deny me SC? Has anyone had a similar situation? How should I move forward with this? To me it seems kinda messy. Any input is helpful.
  12. I need some HELP. First off I am already 70%. PTSD 50% Fibromyalgia 40% Tinnitus 10% I do not know how to file my claim and need guidance. I do not want my conditions to be lumped together as one. Ok here is what I have medical diagnosis for and being treated for since getting out of the service 15 years ago. I show the diarrhea in my military records but not the migraines or chronic fatigue. But I did file a claim for migraines immediately when I left the military and also started receiving treatment from the VA for the headaches/migraines. The claim was denied. lol. go figure. 1. IBS. Being treated with medications Simeticone and one more I can't remember. 2. Migraines. Being treated with Topamax and Sumatriptan. 3. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome - I was just diagnosed with this overlapping my fibromyalgia last week by a doctor who is not associated with the VA. The doctor is a specialist in Rheumatology. I know these are all under the CMI (chronic multi illness)conditions of the Gulf War and would be a considered a diagnosed condition instead of a presumptive condition. But would the VA try lumping them together or overlapping them? How do I file them? Should I file them individually and wait for them to come back or all at once? So who want's to help here.
  13. This is from my Gulf War C&P Exam. Any thoughts on possible rating are appreciated. I didn't feel as if the doctor was as thorough as he should have been, as he asked very few follow up questions and seemed in a hurry to get me out of there. He checked off "occasional" even though I told him this is an every day thing. Intestinal Conditions (other than surgical or infectious), including irritable bowel syndrome, Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis and diverticulitis Disability Benefits Questionnaire Name of patient/Veteran: XXXX Indicate method used to obtain medical information to complete this document: [X] In-person examination Evidence review --------------- Was the Veteran's VA claims file reviewed? [X] Yes [ ] No If yes, list any records that were reviewed but were not included in the Veteran's VA claims file: CPRS 1. Diagnosis ------------ Does the Veteran now have or has he/she ever been diagnosed with an intestinal condition (other than surgical or infectious)? [X] Yes [ ] No [X] Irritable bowel syndrome ICD code: 564.1 Date of diagnosis: 9/6/13 2. Medical history ------------------ a. Describe the history (including onset and course) of the Veteran's intestinal condition (brief summary): The veteran stated that he always has diarrhea since gulf war;at times he becomes constipated if occasional bubble comes he may have 4-5 loose stools a day. No history of colonoscopy. No history of gallbladder disease or surgery no loss of weight he had hemorrhoids he takes Pepto-Bismol and Imodium. b. Is continuous medication required for control of the Veteran's intestinal condition? [X] Yes [ ] No If yes, list only those medications required for the intestinal condition: imodium,peptobismol c. Has the Veteran had surgical treatment for an intestinal condition? [ ] Yes [X] No 3. Signs and symptoms --------------------- Does the Veteran have any signs or symptoms attributable to any non-surgical non-infectious intestinal conditions? [X] Yes [ ] No If yes, check all that apply: [X] Diarrhea If checked, describe: as above [X] Abdominal distension If checked, describe: occasionally 4. Symptom episodes, attacks and exacerbations ---------------------------------------------- Does the Veteran have episodes of bowel disturbance with abdominal distress, or exacerbations or attacks of the intestinal condition? [X] Yes [ ] No If yes, indicate severity and frequency: (check all that apply) [X] Episodes of bowel disturbance with abdominal distress If checked, indicate frequency: [X] Occasional episodes [ ] Frequent episodes [ ] More or less constant abdominal distress 5. Weight loss -------------- Does the Veteran have weight loss attributable to an intestinal condition (other than surgical or infectious condition)? [ ] Yes [X] No 6. Malnutrition, complications and other general health effects --------------------------------------------------------------- Does the Veteran have malnutrition, serious complications or other general health effects attributable to the intestinal condition? [ ] Yes [X] No 7. Tumors and neoplasms ----------------------- a. Does the Veteran have a benign or malignant neoplasm or metastases related to any of the diagnoses in the Diagnosis section? [ ] Yes [X] No 8. Other pertinent physical findings, complications, conditions, signs and/or symptoms ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- a. Does the Veteran have any scars (surgical or otherwise) related to any conditions or to the treatment of any conditions listed in the Diagnosis section above? [ ] Yes [X] No 9. Diagnostic testing --------------------- a. Has laboratory testing been performed? [X] Yes [ ] No [X] CBC (if anemia due to any intestinal condition is suspected or present) Date of test: 1/1/13 Hemoglobin: 15.9 Hematocrit: 46 White blood cell count: 5.6 Platelets: 126 b. Have imaging studies or diagnostic procedures been performed and are the results available? [ ] Yes [X] No c. Are there any other significant diagnostic test findings and/or results? [ ] Yes [X] No 10. Functional impact --------------------- Does the Veteran's intestinal condition impact his or her ability to work? [ ] Yes [X] No 11. Remarks, if any: -------------------- The veterans irritable bowel syndrome is a diagnosable but medically un-explained chronic gastrointestinal and multisystem disease of unknown etiology.
  14. NO C-FILE 1. Diagnosis Does the Veteran now have or has he/she ever been diagnosed with an intestinal condition? YES <X> Other non-surgical or non-infectious intestinal conditions: Other Diagnosis #1: Diarrhea/Constipation Date of Diagnosis: UNKNOWN 2. Medical History: Intermittent constipation and loose stools 3. Signs and Symptoms: <X> Diarrhea If checked, describe: Loose Stools QD -- Averages 2-3 per day <X> Alternating diarrhea and constipation If checked, describe: Constipation once Q 2 Wks - Constipation lasts 1 day only <X> Abnominal distention If checked, describe: Q 2WKS and has a lot of Flatus 11. Remarks, if any: Loose stools with OCC Constipation -- ET Unknown
  15. I have a C&P exam in the next few weeks for CFS and IBS. What do I need to prove for CFS and IBS? I am a veteran of SW Asia. I have it documented of chronic mononucleosis while in the service and out of the service. I am not sure if IBS was documented in the service. I have heard that some of these are presumptive for GWI. Can someone give me some guidance with these.