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    • No don't have DDII as for as I know never been tested for that? AO registry shows no AO problems. I had a Neuclear Heart Stress Test couple weeks ago and it came back with Abnormality's and have to go to the cardiologist the 13th for The Groin Catheter  (which I dread sensitive down there) My PCP recently put me on something Called ATORVASTATIN 20 MG 1/2 Tablet daily  to Reduce cholesterol plus 81 mg Asprin until I see the cardiologist. I will ask my Dr's about the ED my PCP Might help but she would not help me with my PTSD Claim either No DBQ  nothing...said I'll have a C&P for that. I think my best bet is just see a private Dr and see if he will connect it to my PTSD  Meds and go from that ...>IMO. They (VA) Can read my process Notes from my Healthyvet  and I can make copy's and send them.  if anything is said about the ED? I do need to mention it to them and see if my PCP will throw some Vi-agra pills my way. Is ED hard to prove for a claim? if I get a Specialist Dr to state likely as not caused by PTSD Meds and name those Meds?   b/c I doubt my PCP or MH Dr will help me. What about the PTSD  Meds They took me off of  & added new (damage has been done) correct? I'd Spend a little $$ on a private Dr. $ 103 Month Extra would sure help us out.          
    • What the heck just as I thought I was getting somewhere on Thursday it said prep for notice and that it would be completed 9/25. I just checked to see if maybe they happen to updat my rating or my letter and saw that it now went back to prep for descion!!! Ugh what the heck is going on does this happen all the time?? 
    • I am not sure if there is a fact section for this.... because, it is so serious that it must be done correctly and cannot be done by just any doctor... IMHO
    • Look at it this way:  Appeal: You and VA are sitting at opposite sides of a table. Both of you have all of the same stuff in front of you, and there is a genuine disagreement as to what all of the stuff in front of you adds up to. The appeal process remedies the disagreement...whether or not you like the remedy is another topic.  Reconsideration: From your decision letter date plus one year, you can submit new evidence and have the claim worked as a reconsideration of the original denial.  Don't appeal unless the top scenario fits your issue. If there is any form of new evidence available, exhaust the year of reconsideration time that exists first.  -CHD505
    • Buck                PTSD meds and prostate meds are probably the culprits.  You do need a doctor to say that your ED is caused by the drugs you are using to treat your PTSD and prostate meds.  I would try and get an outside doctor who is not afraid of losing their jobs if they were to possibly support your claim for $100.    About half the meds I take would put a horse to sleep.  Get that $103 a month.  You deserve it.  All of us with these drug induced problems deserve it.  Opiates and any of the Benzo's tend to aggravate OSA.  This is what my VA doctors tell me.  Do you have DMII from AO exposure?                John

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Done wit this

Where Is The Best Place To Live For A Disabled Veteran In The Us

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Wondering what everyones thought on this topic is, I am looking at options for next year, We would like to know who or should I say what states give the best brakes for Disabled Veterans? It would have to be country living.


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Any of the states that offer 100% property tax exemptions for 100% disabled vets would be good. PA has VERY high property taxes and offer such a benefit (can save you upwards of 10K/year) and many areas in PA are fairly low on the cost of living scale. The area around Lancaster PA is fairly cheap and fairly close to major cities like philly, balt, NY, etc. The area itself is fairly rural, but there is a lot of new development and you can get a really nice home for around 250K (2K+ sqft, new with .5 acres or better).

You can probably find cheaper homes in the midwest/south, but you have to deal with lesser education opportunities and lower income scales for your family, so it evens out.....

Currently, I'm in WA state and the benefits are kinda crappy, but I'm finishing school at the moment and have three young kids who will be in college in the next 7-10 years and WA just passed a bill that waves 100% of tuition costs (up to a bach) for 100% vets (PT), plus I can still collect the ch 35 beneifits with the free tuition, which makes this state a decent one for me (plus I LOVE the area).

We almost moved to PA before coming ehre though due to the lower cost of living and tax exemption.....

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I would vote for Colorado; the Denver VA has provided excellent service to the veterans I know. I live approximately 60 miles from Denver in a small mountain town.

The state of Colorado provides several veteran benefits.

  • Housing Benefits
  • Financial Assistance Benefits
  • Employment Benefits
  • Education Benefits
  • Other State Veteran Benefits

State Veterans' Home

Admission preference is given to Veterans, spouses, widows and mothers at State Veterans Center, Homelake, CO. With 40 operating beds in the domiciliary unit and 60 beds in nursing care service.


State Veterans Nursing Home

The Colorado State Veterans Nursing Home at Florence, CO with a bed capacity of 120 beds. Colorado State Veterans Nursing Home at Rifle, CO with a capacity of 100 beds. Colorado State Veterans Nursing Home at Walsenburg with a capacity of 120 beds. We have a new State Veterans Home. It is the Fitzimons State Veterans Home, located in Denver, CO. It has a capacity of 180 beds.

Colorado State Tax Advantage

SCR06-001 has passed and will be on the November ballot. It provides a Property Tax Exemption for 100% SC disabled veterans. Retired Military Pay: Members of the Armed Forces can exclude up to $20,000 in any one taxable year from their retirement pay.

Eligibility: U.S. Armed Forces Retiree.

Military Disability Retired Pay: Disability Portion - Length of Service Pay; Member on September 24, 1975 - No tax; Not Member on September 24, 1975 - Taxed, unless combat incurred. Retired Pay - Based solely on disability: Member on September 24, 1975 - No tax; Not Member on September 24, 1975 - Taxed, unless all pay based on disability and disability resulted from armed conflict, extra-hazardous service, simulated war, or an instrumentality of war.

VA Disability Dependency and Indemnity Compensation: Not subject to federal or state taxes.

Motor Vehicle Tax: No fee shall be charged to certain disabled Veterans or Ex-POWs who have established their right to benefits under public laws. Applies to subsequent vehicles, but only one at a time.


Burial Allowance

County allowance of up to $50 for burial and up to $50 for setting markers for pauper Veterans.


Employment Assistance

State Active Duty employee receives 15 days of paid military leave per year.

Eligibility: Colorado National Guard


Employment Preference

Disabled Veterans shall have 10 points added to their grades and non-disabled Veterans shall be credited with an additional 5 points for "state employment". For city and county governments that have a "Merit System" in place.


Tuition Assistance

Any member of the Colorado National Guard is eligible for state tuition assistance, up to 100% tuition paid at any CO state-funded school depending on funding available. State funding can be used in conjunction with Federal Tuition Assistance. Deadline for Spring Semester is Dec. 1. Deadline for Fall Semester is July 1. Summer deadline is May 1 (if funding is available).

Eligibility: Colorado National Guard member must serve 2 years for each year granted.

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the best place to live is where you would be the happiest, given that it depends on circumstances here in SC 100% vets get free property tax, college tutition for kids state paid then they can still draw Chapter 35 benies on top, disabled plates for 2 vehicles disability and SSD is not taxable unless your spouse is working and brings it into play free hunting and fishing no pay parking meters and a lot of other benies, Geoegia has some geat deals to cost of living is cheap here in the country

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If I moved I would look at Central Mexico, Panama or Margarita Island Venezuela Probably would go to Mexico cause I already have kin there.

This could only happen if Mrs Pete pre deceases me cause there is no way in hell that she would agree to it.

Right now Mexico will accept me as a Pensioner and I could bring my car and other valuables into the country tax free. The fee is 134 dollars a year. After 5 years they will allow you to become a citizen. Seems funny how easy it is for an American to be legal in Mexico.

Most Mexicans in Mexico hate our government but are very hospital to Americans.

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I have a disabled vet friend who moved to Costa Rica. He lives cheap, in shorts and spends his days in the casinos. He loves it.

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