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    • And, attached are the redacted docs. Claim Details 8-27-16.pdf Dr Ltr SC for OSA.pdf
    • Hi- My claim was only reevaluated at the 6 year mark when I added a Secondary claim.  I am 59, and only had my rating since 2012 ( I retired in 1997) did not file till 2010.  So I am still a newbie, others may have different experiences.   
    • Good afternoon, just an update which I hope help others. received unfit rating of 70%  for PTSD and placed on TRDL took 13 months start to finish sine referred to USCG med board I submitted a claim for knee,back pes Cavus bilaterally,Ed secondary to PTSD meds and just received cpap and DBQ from Md for sleep apnea thanks again to all at HADIT very respectfully  
    • If they back it up with sound rationale then it will be fine. A doctor is a doctor, all other things being equal, though if your civilian doc is a spine doc, for example, it would have more weight than, say, a general practitioner or family medicine doc if put in equipose to a VA spine doctor. 
    • Thanks everyone! i received the BBE today, In my case, the BWE......all it states is my current 30% rating and that they need the DBQ for bladder and they are ready to make the award decision.  it just says deferred on PTSD/MST and bladder until C&P exam for bladder is complete.  i received the retro pay in the bank today.  All i can do is wait now.  I want to also ask the question about grinding of teeth that has been caused by PTSD and stress. I want to also claim that. What do i do for that? i have a private dentist that confirmed that.  i guess they will want a claim for that, but i am not doing a damn thing until all this PTSD stuff is done.  Also, they said in the BWE that they considered all evidence pertaining to the MST (buddy letters, service records, medical records and all. the list was 2 pages long of stuff they are considering}...i wanted to ask if i should go to my private urologist that wrote the letter for my SSDI if she would write a letter confirming that my PTSD has made the bladder condition 100 times worse. if she writes that letter, will that be something i should bring to the C&P exam? i already have two letters from her, but they don't mention PTSD.... what does everyone think? @Gastone @Buck52 @Berta i truly value all your opinions and sorry if i have been jumpy! i need help with this whole process.  Love to you all, Floridanurse

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200 Million Still Unpaid

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I have followed the CRDP and CRSC matters for years and they are still snafued-

and I bet there are still many retirees -who are eligible for one of these programs- due to receipt of VA SC comp and they dont know it yet-

The Nov 14th deadline DFAS had hoped to have this all squared away -has passed and there are thousands still waiting for some news.

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Surprise surprise the VA is late again paying Veterans money that they are owed.

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Here we go again !! Promises,promises and more promises. Uncle has been tap dancing all around. :blink:

I'm due CRSC retro pay begining from my retirement date Oct.1,2004. The longer I wait the more reto i'll receive I'll say. :rolleyes:

Good luck to all us expecting retro payment. It'll be around Jan,Feb or March time frame. I'm hoping it'll be alot sooner.

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I'm trying to determine if I'm eligible for CRSC. I am 100% DAV from Desert Storm. I am also a gray area reserve retiree

(20 yr letter) with 24 yrs and 3000 pts. 55 years old. I retired from reserve system in 2001.

I also took disability retirement from the USPS in 2005 and receive SS Disability. Do these other incomes have any effect on CRSC?

Any help appreciated.

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This is the latest info I have- please correct anyone- of this has changed-

From Military.com web site:

"CRSC is an application-claim based program versus the Concurrent Retirement and Disability Payments (CRDP) program, which is an automatic entitlement from DFAS for any Retiree with a combined 50% or higher VA disability rating. Some Retirees believe they are already receiving CRSC when they are actually receiving CRDP and thus do not submit their claim for CRSC. If you are not certain what you are receiving, please check your DFAS pay stub and consider submitting your claim for CRSC. The following is a summary of the contrast between CRSC and CRDP:

Comparing CRSC and CRDP

CRSC Eligibility

Submitting a Claim

Comparing CRSC and CRDP

It is important to note that Retirees cannot receive both CRSC and CRDP and must elect one each year through an annual “program election.” Many retirees are confused about which is better for them. When making this decision, please note the following characteristics of CRSC and CRDP:


Full Concurrent Receipt Yes No - 10 Year Phase In

(Except for 100% rated Disabled Retirees)

Sample Payment for 50% Disability Rating $690 (2007) $403 (2007)

Required VA Disability Rating: 10% 50%

Taxable No Yes

VA Individual Unemployment (IU) Eligible Yes 3 Yr. Phase in (2009)

Survivor Benefit No No

Application Requirement Yes - DD 2860 No - Automatic

Type of Disability Combat Related Service Connected

Back to Top

CRSC Eligibility

Eligible claimants are/ have:

Retired with 20 yrs Active or Reserve Duty;

Receiving retired pay;

Retired pay must be offset by VA payments;

A 10%+ disability rating; and

At least one combat-related disability.

Combat-Related Criteria

Combat-related criteria include those VA rated disabilities that occurred under the following situations:

In the performance of duty under conditions simulating war (e.g., named exercises, routine field training exercises/F0000000000000000000TX)

While engaged in hazardous service (e.g. flight, diving, parachute duty)

Through an instrumentality of war (e.g. combat vehicles, weapons)

As a direct result of armed conflict (e.g. Purple Heart)


Presumptive cases (e.g. Agent Orange, radiation exposure, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)

Back to Top

CRSC Eligible retirees should submit their claim today!

Retirees can download the CRSC claim form DD 2860.

For more information on how to apply contact your parent military service branch:


Department of the Army

U.S. Army Physical Disability Agency

Combat-Related Special Compensation (CRSC)

200 Stovall Street

Alexandria, Virginia 22332-0470

Toll-free: (866) 281-3254

Hours: 8am - 8pm EST

E-mail your questions to:


Or visit: http://www.crsc.army.mil


Department of Navy Naval Council of Personnel Boards

Combat-Related Special Compensation Branch

720 Kennon Street S.E., Suite 309

Washington Navy Yard, DC 20374-5023

(Toll free 1-877-366-2772)


United States Air Force Personnel Center

Disability Division (CRSC)

550 C Street West, Suite 6

Randolph AFB, TX 78150-4708

(Toll Free 1-866-229-7074)


Commanding Officer (RAS)

U. S. Coast Guard Personnel Service Center

444 SE Quincy St.

Topeka, KS 66683-3591

(toll-free at 1-800-772-8724)

Click here for Frequently Asked Questions about the new Concurrent Receipt and Combat Related Special Compensation (CRSC) laws. "


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Some like myself, might be waiting for their claims to be resolved. I am eligible for CRSC retroactive to February 2007, but I am waiting for the decision on my appeal which could result in eligibility for CRDP which would be a larger amount in my case. Of my current 40% rating, only 20% is combat zone related. If my appeal is successful, my total rating will be 50% resulting in CRDP eligibility.

Edited by Manitou Sprgs

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