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022. Is It True That Veterans Who Fought In Afghanistan And The Recent Gulf War Can Only Receive Va Health Care For Two Years?


22. Is it true that veterans who fought in Afghanistan and the recent Gulf War can only receive VA health care for two years?

No, that is not true. Since Nov. 11, 1998, VA has offered a special benefit to newly discharged combat veterans. Under the new program, these veterans can receive free VA health care for conditions that may be related to their military service for two years after discharge from the military. They may be charged co-payments for non-service-related care. This benefit waives VA’s customary requirement that veterans prove a connection between a current medical problem and their military service, or show that they fall below an income threshold. At the end of that two-year period, these veterans will be treated like combat veterans from earlier conflicts. They can apply for enrollment in VA’s health care system. There is no co-payment for veterans with medical care related to service-connected problems or for veterans with limited resources.

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