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    • New guy here!
      Alright, so now, it is Memorial Day, I've got to break this habit of daily e-bennies check, strangely enough, today was the day that the status had changed to "Requested Documents are Past Due." I am just assuming that this is the C&P from QTC a little over two weeks ago...I should follow up with and give them a call (QTC) right? 482 Days since I submitted an ITF, and 326 days since my claims have been received. I know that I'm probably/possibly not done with C&P exams at this point either, especially since the evidence on hand for the issues I'm claiming for SC aren't descriptive like the Encyclopedia Britannica Of which, are only buddy statements. *tap* *tap* *tap* least it's being taken care of now instead of 20+ years down the road (for this initial process anyways) Oh, and to anyone who didn't know, this is not my first filing. I went through the IPEB/IDES/MEB while on AD. Naive as I had been, it was still wrong for those people who were assigned to help and guide a young buck through a portal to hell like they did, and probably still do to this day. I'm curious now though, to any information regarding persons who have also been through CL's MEB and found themselves backtracking claims to collect errors or input overlooked claims/injuries.
    • Miss Figured EED?
      Note: some of these dates maybe off..I need my C-file to compare the EED. And how they gave the EED. From what date did they start it is my main question. if they said they started it from 1998  that is CUE  because I know they didn't.....the first time this disability arose is when I had emergency surgery from the VAMC for Appendix surgery.I was sent to..the Audiology & Doc did a hearing test on me  and that was back in the 80's He stated my hearing was bad enough to receive Compensation and hearing aids...but I was working and never consider filing a claim until it got worse  in 1997..1998 is when I first filed for  the noise indused hearing loss...and tinnitus.....the tinnitus shows to be awarded a year before the hearing loss...which is all untrue  they awarded the tinnitus when I won the DRO Hearing.2002/and awarded the IU IN 2003..if they have all these records  the records will show I am right..if they don't have these records in my C-file  something is up with that...its not that much retro for them to be shredding these records if that's the case? I remember Flip mention they cheated me out of years of retro  on the 50% as well as the IU BEING PAID AT THE 100% Rate. But these dates I put up here is just my recollection from my memory and they could be off   so I need my C-file to do anything  if the VA is correct on the dates and I have no evidence to raise a fuss..Then yeah I will not file a Claim or reopen to fix this  EED I am Contesting sinse I seen that 1998 start date for the 50%. I do have an ITF open started  back in Jan of this year. If i get my C-file and these records can prove my evidence is right and VA Cue...I will submit the hope I GET MY c-file in time.?? So hopefully by the time I get my C-file  I hope Asknod is crediting with his Aurthrozition/Certified to help Veterans.   ..............Buck
    • Miss Figured EED?
      forgot to can ask them for an Audit. Then again they make a lot of audit errors. I got an audit after Regional Counsel Cued them on a claim I had that they refused to apply the proper regs to. In the audit however, it revealed that although they had to pay me 28 thousand, they forgot somehow an  additional 11 thousand too.  I sent them my handwritten calculations and they fixed that error very fast. They didn't want the Regional Counsel calling another CUE on them. Audits are deceiving because they look like the were done right. I have personally experienced however that VA does not know how to add,subtract, multiply ,or divide, in addition to being unable to read.
    • Miss Figured EED?
      Ms Berta the Veteran is me  and this was for my Military as Noise Ind used Hearing loss  and it has got so profound  it keeps me from doing my job I was trained to do after 25 years or so. I believe you and Flip help me with this claim back then here on Hadit...Flip and I corresponded by email back then and he talk with my spouse on the phone. Flip was the one that mention they messed up big time on the EED...ABOUT 18.000.00 Worth...but I was so happy I won the claim I forgot to submit the Flip was upset pretty good that I choose a DAV SO to go with me to my DRO Hearing...if I had known now what I didn't know back then  things would be a lot different. Flip is enjoying his life now and got off Hadit...I hate to ask him for his help...I have my C-file on order...This has nothing to do with my recent PTSD Claim. altho they did give me SMC S1  H,B. and  rating at 100% I can't do anything until I get my C-FILE  and even then some of my records of this  may  may not not be  be there...since they took off that 1998 50% rating on myhealthvet.   .............Buck
    • Miss Figured EED?
      Buck if the whole search page comes up, the hadit links here  should answer your questions: I think I used my husband's example there...If not...he had a claim in process for higher rating of his 30% PTSD.1994.And a Section 1151 claim. He applied for SSDI. Early 1993. They awarded first for the 1151 stroke but I prepared reconsideration because they (SSDI) didn't consider his PTSD. I found a regulation in their SSA manual that said they were supposed to consider all disabilities.He died with 2 claims pending. When VA finally got his PTSD SSDI award ,because it was dated during the same year he had filed for higher SC rating, they (VA) gave him, a very favorable EED of 1991, the same date of the SSDI PTSD award.The award came in 1997. 100% P & T for SC PTSD. He had been dead by then for 3 years. He never even knew the 1151 claim he filed had not only been won but that I filed FTCA as well. The "Date Entitlement Arose " is what Broncovet means. The posts I made in the search link are more detailed.      
    • Miss Figured EED?
      The EED was giving back to 1999 the year I stopped working because the DRO Quoted  We gave you an EED The date you fist filed for increase &the year you show to stop working However SS Records  shows I stopped working in 1997 & I stopped working in 1997 because I could no longer work for reasons of my SC Disability  and then I  Filed a claim ...and the EED was only for the 50%  ok they Adjusted that  and it was around 10.000 at the time  but should that went back to the date Service Connection was established? on my healthvet they showed I was 50%in 1998...I never got paid for that  and they only went back to 1999  as for as I can til. Now they took that off my healthvet...I was going to print it off but waited to late and now that is not showing up in my healthvet. I did take a screen shot and sent to Asknod to look at.  but we all know the VA makes errors and could have been a typo on there part.
    • Miss Figured EED?
      "Shouldn't they have went back to 1998  the date the vet was Service Connected?" No The established medical evidence at that time, per the VA, warranted the "0" However they might have committed a CUE in 1998 and had enough medical evidence to warrant at least 10% or more.  Still not enough info here to even guess. We don't know if the "0" was for the same thing they finally awarded the SC for. " I recommend this Veteran be reduced  at 0%compensation and with draw his Service connection Completely......Sign Dr  xxxxxxx  30 years experienced Medical Dr. " If that is verbatim ,that is an incredible statement even for a VA doctor to make. Can the veteran join us here and let us see his last decision?  
    • New VA Malpractice stats from reporter
      Broncovet Its good to hear your VAMC has a good Audology Dept I will never use mine Local VMC Until a Certain ENT Dr leaves. if I happen to see him no telling what I might do to him. For some lying and bad problems he caused me during my claim process...I can't stand to look at him. I go about 300 miles to my old West Tx Big Spring VAMC for my hearing problems and to get new Aids.
    • PTSD Denied NSC - Schizophrenia NSC
      You are most welcome. :o) Does he refuse psych treatment? Schizophrenia is a serious illness, but patients can often enjoy substantial improvement with treatment. With the NSC 50% rating for schizophrenia, he can receive free treatment at a VAMC or VA outpatient clinic.  When was he discharged? @THOMAS89031's point about continuity of symptoms is an important one. I've done several C&P exams with vets who were not diagnosed with schizophrenia in service but who began to manifest symptoms shortly after service. Schizophrenia usually starts with prodromal symptoms before progressing to the full-blown disorder, so if those symptoms can be identified as beginning during military service, and then continuity of symptoms can be demonstrated, then the veteran should be service-connected. (Of course, the ultimate decision is up to VBA or the BVA, as you know.) He might very well also suffer from PTSD, but it will help to see what the C&P examiner said about that. Yes, being wounded by an explosive booby trap is certainly a traumatic stressor. It sounds like they are not disputing that fact, but are instead saying that he is not displaying PTSD symptoms (or not many) currently.  You really need a psychiatrist or psychologist with experience conducting C&P exams, otherwise they won't know what kind of information VBA needs to determine service connection. Also, keep in mind that when a doctor completes a DBQ, he or she is declaring him or herself to be an expert witness, offering an expert witness opinion in a federal legal proceeding. Consequently, psychologists and psychiatrists who know what they are doing will devote sufficient time to conduct a thorough, evidence-based evaluation, and write a cogent report to support their diagnosis and opinion(s). So, you're talking at least 5, and as many as 10 hours for a good evaluation and report. At anywhere from $150 to $300 per hour (psychiatrists usually charge more), you're looking at $750 to $3000 for a well-written, persuasive report.  A potentially effective, but less expensive option is a "report critique", in which the psychologist or psychiatrist reviews all the relevant records, and then critiques the C&P exam report, pointing out deficiencies particularly with regard to following established VA guidance for C&P exams, and professional standards for such evaluations. Such a critique can support a request for reconsideration and a new C&P exam. If granted, the critique puts the new C&P examiner on notice that they better conduct a thorough, evidence-based evaluation consistent with VA guidance and relevant professional standards ... because you (and your experts) are watching.  Keep us posted!  All the Best, Mark  
    • Curious
      Hi Everyone! Would Like To Say Happy Memorial Day To My Fellow Comrades And All The Fallen Veterans For Paying The Ultimate Price Of Life! I Went On Ebennie Friday, May 27, 2016 And Seen Where My Claim Went To PDA. I Originally Filed For Three (3) Contentions: hysterectomy, bilateral foot condition and cervical radiculopathy. I received both C&P examinations on May 13, 2016 for hysterectomy and bilateral foot condition, but have not received one for the cervical radiculopathy. Have there ever been a situation where the rater may possibly rate the cervical radiculopathy along with the other two, if I have sufficient evidence in my records?

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I was checking my accounts and a payment was posted from "DFAS-CLEVELAND RETSPCL".

Does anyone know what this might be. I am awaiting retro pay but this is no where close to the retro amount.

I would like like to know prior to calling them Monday, I have searched online and cannot find anything.

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