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    • By the way, in case anyone needs to know what the form looks like:   
    • Ok, thanks. Simple enough.     By the way, the claim is in "preparation for decision" (the C&P was 5 days ago), so should I submit it through Ebenefits (where it allows me to upload documents for the claim) OR should I mail it certified-mail to the RO?  
    • Hey Andyman, the PCP opinion could work, but at the same time, I see two many ways for a va rater to get around it. A Independent Medical Expert Opinion along with the PCP opinion, does not give a va rater any wiggle room. Sure they could still deny it, but as soon as it reaches BVA it would be approve, because of the IMO. IMO probably could save you about 3-4 years (that's my opinion)
    • My name is Keli and I'm an investigative reporter in Houston, looking to talk with veterans about their experience with the disability claims process. Whether you've had difficulty navigating the system to get the proper percentage or you felt it was easy, let me know. Also, if you're eligible to apply for benefits but have chosen not to, I'm interested in talking with you too. I'm especially looking for Houston-area vets, but anyone in Texas that can help would be great. Hope you can help me learn more about the system and the ways it needs to be improved. Please email me at krabon@khou.com or respond to this thread. Thanks! Keli
    • @john999 yes! I am on SSDI for bladder trauma

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Va Can Move Your Claim To Another State Varo

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My letter from the VA says the entire claim is now in Jackson , Mississippi, for the radiation exposure part of the claim. They have also said it will take them "many months" to reach a decision on the chronic diarrahea. What else is new? Jackson VARO is suppose to have the cfile.The letters from the doctors incliding Dr. Bash saying that one of the problems IBD ,chronic diarrhea is from many chemicals including radiation exposure(one of many chemical contaminations involved).The SM-1A is a well documented contaminated area. Though not listed in the Blast exposure part of the VA regs. Yes, they also said in the stocking stuffer message received on Christmas eve, is that they can also rule on other claims and accept other evidence on many of my other claims. They also said it would head back to the Houston RO after they were finished with it. We may have people landing on Mars by the time that happens. I have already changed service organizations as of about 6 weeks ago from the DAV to the VVOA. Houston acknowledged that in phone calls from my POA new VSO. The VARO however is still sending things like a copy of the transfer Claims letter copied to my old Veteran Service Organization,DVA, so the left hand doesn't really know what the right hand is doing. SOooooooo..........

Heres what is happening ......I have so many of the so called shotgunned(pyramiding) claims which most are a result of the main claim. That is not what I wanted to do but unfortunately my body starting falling apart with this stuff for the last 7-8 years. All of these other claims are related to the bigger picture. As many of you here have experienced with the secondary or shotgun(The VA calls it pyramiding)many diseases start popping up from the primary or original claim. Even when you don't want them to and you do not want to complicate your claim. Some of us do not have any choice. I have my VSO coming in tomorrow for 2 days to go over this stuff and see how we are going to find out what we do next. Anybody have any advice on:

1. Does each claim get dealt with separately , even when they see the reports, Va progress notes from their Doctors?

2. Does this mean that by attacking each one claim separately , this will cause my primary PN claim to be in Jeopardy?

3. What do you do as far as trying to help the VA with letters and evidence in accordance with the VCAA when they literally are trying to separate your claims individually in order to deny them piece mill?

I keep submitting the evidence and always quote their own laws and rules so as to keep maybe someone who doesn't know those rulings (BVA,COVA decisions) and VA laws from doing something that will delay the process. Its like the VCAA letter and the way you respond doesn't matter. I mean this is gonna be a real long drive for me if I want to go look at my C-file or talk to someone in Mississippi, especially since I live here in Texas. The VA says their radiation exposure teams are in Jackson and they say that this is done to provide me better service even if it is going to take "many months". Maybe I should not have quoted so many court rulings and VA laws to them and now they are going to use this to kind of slow me down. Has anyone else seen this kind of tactic to their claim(s)?? I don't want to go to Mississippi....I mean I don't mind people from any state, I have friends from all over...but what happens if they decide to try a new team in Kalamazoo Michigan for Crohns disease. Your C file goes on these wild trips and everyone here at Hadit says you better keep your C-file in order. How can you protect yourself and your claim, maybe even your C-File? Sorry I haven't made many post , but when I do it usually is a chapter in itself...kinda of a build up of months of no posting. Like a pot of beans on the stove stewing. God Bless, C.C.

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The VA often moves claims to other less "back-logged" VARO's. They have been doing it for as long as I've been handleing claims. You CAN request that your claim be transferred BACK to your VARO... but you need to give a reason - like you are able to drive and discuss claim at VARO locally etc.

I have also seen the VA move claims from lesser "bac-logged" VARO's to more backlogged ones... or ones that in MY experience seem to take longer with a claim. I don't understand why they do that, but I have seen it happen.

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I know of claims that were moved to the St. Pete VARO. I think the St. Pete office is the busiest in the nation. Perhaps they move them around must to show some kind of progress and to help their stats. The whole process is so mysterious that it sparks paranoia in many vets, including myself. If you have seen some of the decisions that come out of St. Pete VARO you would just shake your head and wonder if sixth graders did them. No logic, broken rules, ignored evidence, contradictory conclusions. They look like 6th grade book reports. I won't go back for a mental status exam because anything can come out of one of these things including a spontaneous healing.

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Hello John and Sixcents,,,, the letter said that this VARO has a radiatio exposure team to examine the file for chronic diarrhea claim. Now this is secondary to PN and they already diagnosed me with IBD. So chronic diarrhea just goes hand in hand with that. But if they can sit for a year or so on the cfile and they said it would take "many months", just to get a ruling then I am in trouble. Fort Greely is not listed on there approved vendors list for ionization radiation in the CFR and neither is chronic diarrhea , even though , Dr. Bash says so in the IMO. Even if you point out the Reactor entombed when I was there, all of the radiation problems and still being monitored it won't meet the regulations. HUH ....they won't admit that there was a problem so dose meters weren't issued .....ok so your nuked and sick and having some serious problems and the VA says your not cause the approved vendors list says so. My Cfile and all of the test, doctors reports is so big it may take an 18 wheeler to move it to Mississippi and more claims to come with more test scheduled and just got some more bad news on last weeks test. When this is all over , I will have plenty of diseases how to's but the problem is I may not live to see the end of this road to Service Connection and eventual schedular increases. I think I am going to have PTSD before this is over. This is really something . Thanks for the encouragement and help . God Bless, C.C.

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