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    • Great info from all of you...........Buck,I did not know you could ask for a specific DRO............If so. Gary Hughs sounds pretty good to me.  Wayne TX
    • Hi Berta - it took less than 370 days, they back dated because I had a bad C & P - long story but I was on them like a Chihuahua with a bone! ( Texas girl must have analogies)                                  Yes, " Concurrent " pay soon- I spoke to someone to verify on the phone and it is automatic. Thank you so much for the praise - No treats, I have been comfortably financially for years. I worked 43 years until I started having some pretty bad issues, blessed to have a good VA therapist!  Yes Criminology with a minor in Social Science. 68 or so days to graduation.   I did book a cruise for next year to St Thomas - 7 days before I got the news so Life Balance!   Blessed  Grateful  Thankful for the encouragement you guys gave me too. I made a few mistakes but the pride in working my own claim and helping myself is satisfying. Will pay it forward. 
    • After almost a year, I called the VA Records Management Center and they told me that my records were mailed to me on CD. They said that they mailed the CD last Friday and it has been a week today. I was wondering how long do they take to mail from St. Louis to California? Also, it updated my FOIA request in eBenefits and removed it. Thank you. 
    • VA.gov has a wealth of info and charts. 
    • I really hope it comes before Christmas. Would like to give my son a super special one.

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Service-connected Gastritis

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While in vietnam (69-70), I was diagnosed with gastroenteritis and tension headaches. Subsquently, I caught hepititus A in Vietnam. Over another five year period while still on active duty, I was diagnosed on 3 other occasions with gastroenteritis and eventually remote depression. Since active duty in 1977, I've had many bouts of nausea and stomach problems. As recent as 2007 by a private gastro dr., I was diagnosed with evidence of corrosive gastroenteritis, GERD and acid reflux Grade II. Further, I was diagnosed last year by a VA psychologist with major depression. My question is do u think these issues can be construed as service connected because of my military records indicating these diagnosis on different occasions?

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You should formally claim all of these disabilities.

Have you ever filed for any VA claim before?

If not you will need to file out the entire 21-526 form available a the VA web site and try to secure a good veterans rep to help you-we here can take you step by step whether you have a rep or not-

The VA will want a nexus (link) between each disability and your service. Also they will need to see if the disabilities are continuous since service and still require treatment-

It looks to me that you have the inservice nexus in your SMRs as well as current treatment records.

Do you have residual disability from the Hep A?

If so, in my opinion, each of these disabilities should be formally claimed and you can refer the VA in the initial claim to your SMRs where the medical nexus is found.

The date of any retroactive compensation you receive will depend on the date you formally file the claim.

Any statements that your private doctors could make would be highly probative to the claims- such as if the gastro doctor would state that your GERD and related conditions are more then likely related to your inservice manifestations of these problems.

There is a topic here on Getting an Independent Medical Opinion under search and I posted it again here the other day in claims research.

A private doctor's IMO should contain certain speficis-otherwise the VA will reject the opinion.

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