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Bva Ombudsman

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BVA has put more people on their ombudsman staff-

their new number is 1-202-461-8069

and their email is still the same

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OK, but what is and what does a BVA umbodsman do? What is his job discriptions and/or responsibilites, so a Veteran knows he is not being given some cock and bull story that they can't do this or can't do that, etc. ect. etc. like the VARO and it's phone inquirey people do.

Rockhound Rider B)

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that person oversees customer service and fields complaints to insure good customer support and insure satisfaction.

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When my claim was illegally transferred to the BVA in 2006-the ombudsman verified it had been remanded.(via email)

I found out that my POA rep audaciaously then took credit for getting this fast remand-among his staff- although he had refused to help me get it!

The email from the BVA ombudsman was highly provocative to my OGC complaint as I could prove that the POA filed a 4138 in support of my remand AFTER the claim

had been remanded -just to cover his ass.and this didnt work.

I really dont know what else the ombudsman does-but as I always say-get Hard Copy from VA on Everything-

you never know when you might need to prove something.

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    • I think I would if I were you,and have been diagnosed with a TBI  but I would also, if I were you, read all the info here on TBI and PTSD. The problem with TBI is, did it come from an Explosion from a IED or from slipping in a shower at the military point is that ,will VA determine a 'stressor' had caused the TBI. Have they diagnosed you with TBI already or is that one of the issues they denied? If so, can you scan and attach here their Reasons and Bases for the denial (Cover C File #, Name, etc prior to scanning it.)    
    • Considering your (X?) months into a "DRO Review," time is of the essence as far as getting your Compelling N & M Evidence into the VA Rating Dept. US Mail Cert Return Receipt (next Day Delivery if warranted) is still probably one of the most reliable means of Verifying the Delivery of your Evidence. You are now required to mail it to the New Claims/evidence intake center. Then there's always the "Hand Delivery" method to your VARO Reception/Intake Desk. I've used that method in yrs past, the VA Clerk Date Stamps your Documents and makes a copy of the post Date Stamp Document for your records, on the spot. Your 100% Certain your N & M Evidence is in the possession of the VA. Can't say I've seen any discussion regarding the Faxing or Emailing of Appeal Evidence. Semper Fi
    • I wrote this in 2014, aqnd as I re read it  there are some corrections.   Yes ,we survivors have been granted the right to use ebenefits now. Also DOMA insures some same sex spouses these same rights for DIC:
    • Folks I am bumping this up, because it will give you all a chance to learn these regulations now, before you expire, and the spouses needs to know them too. You can copy this whole article and put the copy in your VA files with your DD 214 etc etc. If your spouse does not use the internet, he or she will have to depend on a VSO or vet rep, who might not have a clue on DIC and accrued. My former reps didnt. Make sure the spouse has your hadit password or will register here  in their name when you die. I usually always answer DIC questions here, but from now on I will give all of you a chance to help any survivor who comes to us. You will find all the info they need in this article and expanded on in our DIC forum.    
    • Thanks-I forgot she was definitely awarded the CHAMPVA and DEA benefits. I feel their decision was correct based on all the posts here from Page.  "The effective date of retro upon the favorable DIC grant would be dependent upon whether she applied for accrued benefits or actually signed on as a claimant substitute. " As far as I know there were no accrued benefits payable, not any claim for substitution, nor a better DIC retro date because of the accrued regulations and the DIC regulations. Those regulations are here under  a search. I received accrued benefits in 1997 and in 2012 and also 3 separate DIC awards,using the date of death for the EED. These are a few of probably hundreds of posts on these issues: This is why I have been suggesting here from time to time to get your spouses up on using the internet, and also they will need to be up on the DIC regulations to include accrued regulations, and substitution, when you die. And if you have any life insurance, tell the spouse to save some of it ,after you pass, because many DIC claims need an IMO unless they are pretty cut and dried as to the DIC criteria.