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    • Code Sheet
      Question >Meddac. If I apply a a claim for S.A...or OSA. Secondary to my  PTSD 70% SC Claim Would VA concider that an Increase? As to which my present rating is 100%  TDIU P&T on First Disability & have the PTSD 70% statuatory rating of a SMC-S- 1 H.B   ...........Thanks in Advance ........................Buck
    • service connection granted
      Lawyer just called granted service connection for tbi and All residuals. Now i have remanded a small issue which was my skull fracture which I have plenty off xrays from my accident. Thank you all for all your advice my appeal off I officially in less then 5 months. I annoyed allot of people in my way to this grant and I apologize I still dont know what this means yet but maybe someone can chime in please?
    • Code Sheet
      Are they (D.A.V.) Not supposed to give them out if you have a claim going? or what about a claim that's been adjudicated  and the veteran needs the codes to see what they rated...from? I went to D.A.V. Today at 10:00am sign in and sit there until 10:45 and Had to go to my Eye clinic at 11:00  ...was finished with the Eye clinic at 11:40  rushed back to the D.A.V. Office and they closed up early    they close at 12:00 on Thrusdays.    damn it. eh!
    • Denied Sleep Apnea Claim
      I got my letter from IMO, in the letter he stated I had prehypertension while in the military, that my records showed I had gone in for fatigue, and that my ex-wife had complained about my heavy snoring while in the military. He also stated that even though I was only recently diagnosed with SA in 2015 which was 20 years after I retired. He finished the letter that with the conditions he mentioned in the letter that more likely than not I had SA while in the military with the conditions mentioned in his letter. I will submit this his letter along with the wife from my ex-wife as well as a letter from my daughter basically stated how the ex-wife complained about me snoring all night long. I am also submitting a letter from my housekeeper when I worked in Moscow just a few years ago. She also complained about my snoring being so loud and she was down the hall in her own room. I am not sure how the VA will rate whether or not the SA is SC, I guess I will find out soon enough. I just wanted to give an update and as soon as I hear from the VA I will post the results here.
    • Dr. Bash really cares
      I paid Dr. Bash to do 7 IMEs for me. He did them all with great attention to detail. The VA ordered me 4 c&p examinations based on Dr Bashs ime's. Unfortunately the VA never notified me of these pending c&p examinations, so I never attended them. The VA then closed my claim and had a VA dr give his reasoning on all contentions as to why I was denied.   Every ime dr bash wrote, this dr gave reasoning as to why it was denied. Often he admitted that there was reasoning for service connection but still denied. I feel that if I had been properly notified of my c&p exams and attended I would have likely been service connected. In great disapointment, I contacted Dr Bash to let him know how the VA had screwed me on the c&p exams and how they had their VA dr try to disprove everything dr Bash had said in his IMEs.   I expected nothing other than to let Dr Bash know how everything went down.   As far as I was concerned the ime's he did for me were top notch and it was simply the VA screwing me. Dr bash only asked me how much I had paid him 8 months prior and what our goal was.   I told him the dollar amount that I had paid him and told him how our initial goal was to go from 70% to 100%   Dr Bash to me to be strong and that more help was coming. He never asked for any money and only asked that I sent him everything the va Dr had said in my BBE denial letters.   To my surprise I sent Dr Bash everything and just a few weeks later Dr Bash sent me a 13 page letter that went toe to toe with everything the VA dr has discredited and showed how the VA Dr had cued himself in instances and also how Dr Bash's opinion had more weight via his extensive experience. I dont know whats gonna happen, but I do know that Dr Bash is a very busy man and had already been paid for his agreed upon services that he delivered. For Dr Bash to write another 13 page letter to combat the VA not only gives me more bullets for this battle, but shows that he truly cares about Veterans being treated fairly and takes great pride in his job.   I highly recommend Dr. Bash for anyone contemplating his services.    
    • NOD
      New to the board, question about action after NOD received. My NOD was received two months ago but no appeal has been opened. Is this normal for a regional office to delay opening an appeal? Thanks in advance for responses.
    • Extraschedular IU?
      Years ago back in 2002  I was 50% Ask for increase& C&P was blown out of the water  NOD a proposal to reduce b/c an idiot VA Examiner...Had DRO  Hearing at RO, DRO gave me an increase of 50%  making me 100% and since I could not work he expedited  my claim to TDIU P&T  Disability as in Nature with no Future exams, Effective upon receipt.   just last year I filed a claim in for PTSD and was awarded  70% Rating and this time they awared me SMC S-1 H.B. AT 170% Rating but still consider at 100% rating....even if a veteran is awared SMC's  he/she is still considered 100% but get paid a higer comp according to the SMC Disability's   .......................Buck Right now with spouse  I get 3.415.92
    • New Va Pain Medication Policy
      I'm going to kinda change the subject here but it has to do with pain meds. Pain medications only work for so long before they actually quit working. No matter how much they increase, and the more they increase, the less they will work on you. Remember they only work in the brain at the nerve endings. Most people's best bet is to do what I did, I was first on Oxycodone and then PM switched me over to Morphine SR and MOrphine IR. A week ago I asked my PM doctor to please take me off the MorphineS because they just were not working anymore because the VA has kept me on the lowest dose now for 3 years. See once a year they should increase the dosages but they haven't been doing this. So I asked to go back to Tramadol 100mgs 3 times a day so what he did is keeping me on the Morphine SR and prescribed Tramadol 50mgs 4 times a day. I am doing this to DETOX my body as I feel its toxicity levels are high because of the pain and other meds I take. You have to do this, its a must. I am a bit time Christian but I do believe in cannabis as a natural pain reliever and whenever they get it squared away here in Florida I am switching over to that. First I will try the Charlotte's strain which has very, very low THC but normal levels of cannabis which is what we need to relieve our pain. If I have to fly to Denver to test it out for a weekend I will just to see if the Charlotte's strain does what they say its doing for people in pain. No smoking it just eat a little bit of it as you get more in digestion than smoking it. I watched a ex-police officer taking this as he has some type of disease that causes pain in his legs. He said it works. I believe the FEDS are in fact hiding the truth from people about cannabis because they have Patent on it for Neurological reasons!!! Think about it, why would they have a Patent on it? Secondly how can a government put a patent on something they didn't create?

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