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    • Buck, I respect your concern for our Vet Sis's, but I kinda disagree with regards to preventing their reading our ED & Prostate Exam Posts. I think they really need to know what issues and concerns Men have. With that said, unless VMC PCP DXing of ED has changed since 08, there aren't any clinical Tests or physical exams for ED. The DX is based strictly on ED symptoms reported by the Vet, an RX for the Pill, Pump or Injection can then be requested. If the Vet wants to see a VA Urologist, a PCP referral is necessary. As I stated previously, I would advise the Vet get a DBQ from the VA Board Certified or Private Urologist, when claiming ED as a Secondary issue nexus'd to an SC condition or medication. Old Guys (40+), don't live in fear of the "Finger!" Prostate Cancers Kill!  Get your PSA Levels checked yearly. A Little Finger, humor Never Hurts. Semper Fi  
    • I continued to appreciate all the excellent advice and suggestions.  it brings back hope.  today, I am going to call the VA regional office and make an appointment to see my C-File.  I assuming that I may see the military service treatment records that the VA is referring to that shows my health condition may had its start in the military ("manifested in the service"). 
    • You would have to give VA New and Material evidence in order to re open this claim...unless you are still within the appeal period. Only attorneys who are established VA claims attorneys (there is a list of them here somewhere) are qualified to handle VA issues. If no NOD was filed in time and you are not in the appeal period, vet lawyers cannot help until a denial occurs and a NOD was or will be prepared in time. "Private" attorneys who specifically handle real estate closings, wills, leases etc, don't have a clue on 38 USC. "Without any doubt the VA will ask for treatment records that no longer exist, and deny in 30 days when I don't provide." I think the biggest problem you have is the lack of the "event." as you put it. "I *think* any attorney could couch the records in precedent that would make it more difficult to ask for something they know doesn't exist.  Logical?" VA would consider the event never happened ,without proof of it. So would a lawyer. There are ways to prove 'events'.And VA would want to see subsequent treatment records for the diagnosis you found from the clinic.      
    • I agree with you, we have to be our own best advocates and stay on top of things but I can honestly say that ChampVA is not timely at all.  If I send in a claim, it takes them months to send it back usually saying there is an error (which is usually bs) and I resend and get my check but I have gotten to the point that if it isn't a significant amount of money I don't even bother anymore, more of my time than it is worth.  Funny that you also had to get you congressman involved.  SAD!

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