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    • Exams during flare up?
      So they would most likely assign the minimum rating for pain? And not assign a rating for range of motion effected by the flare up? 
    • Exams during flare up?
      It must be considered as part of the claim, as it could effect the rating percentage, but rarely is this done in the first examination. At least from 6 exams I have had. You usually have to fight for the secondary issues caused by a service connected injury.   JMO.
    • Exams during flare up?
      A friend of mine who is a fellow Vet were talking about the C&P process. Like me he has a lot of inflammation issues in his shoulders. I told him how the examiner asked me if I was having a flare up when she examined my knee. We both became curious if that has any effect on a rating.   So if a veteran is experiencing a flare up during a C&P exam. Does the assigned rater take that into consideration and rate it at less of a percentage based on the restriction of movement due to a flare up? Or do they rate it as scheduled no matter what?    
    • My husband died in motorcycle accident
      Page1006 I never intended to up set you in any way and I know all this has to be upsetting to you to say the least. I hope you have sent in statements like this one? for evidence of record   your lay statements will be considered. I agree with you I believe your hubby did have some type of episode just right before his Accident..Proving it will be hard.
    • VSO
      JoebobCVSO Thanks for your service to vets and your honesty about working claims when you can get to them. Frankly, no matter how good you are you needs the Vet's evidence and lots of it to convince the VA. Although many characterize them as the enemy in some cases, I see them as hero's that are working theirs tales off to help Vet's. Have I had some negative experiences with exams, claims and interactions with the VA-yes. But, although my rater did not give me all that I expected, it's on me to provide more solid and compelling evidence. I learned early on, that no one is going to care more about a Vet's claims than themselves. So, it's very important for vets to learn as much as they can about the disability process and help you to help them. Recently, I've agreed to help some relatives with their claims due to what I have learned so far and my claims success. But, many of them just want to hand a pile of medical records and be told when to wait by the mail box for a big check? Before I submitted my claim, I do a great deal of work to put the package together. The head of a VA CP Section looked at my submission packages and remarked that they were the most organized that he had seen in 25 years. I told him that I did not want to leave much to chance and that I had some one once tell me that you have to make it easy for the rater to rate in your favor. For me, my VSO was not very good but I know that their are great one out there doing their best and helping Vets. I for one want to thank you for your incite and help via this post. Can you talk about the 3  to 7 big trends or  no/no-s that are hurting vets as they submit their claims packages right now? Goodspeed Rootbeer22
    • Mental Health C&P
      When possible, posting redacted copies of your Award/Denial letter and discussion of evidence reviewed, would still be of great assistance. Semper Fi
    • New guy here!
      I guess at least on the bright side, I'm pending an MRI via the Choice Program, should find out what's going to happen Tuesday. Beyond that, the first person I'll be calling will be my VSO :-) thanks. Patience is a virtue, Complacency kills. Never settle, never surrender.
    • Mental Health C&P
      I am so glad that you are seeing progress.  YAY!  It's great when a Veteran finally gets a little bit of what they deserve.  This whole process is so convoluted and frustrating.
    • Mental Health C&P
      Gastone, I just ordered a copy of my C file.  My exams were all done at QTC facilities so I can't get them online. It was a MH exam that was requested by the original C&P examiner on 4/26.  He even read me the referral request when I first walked into the room on Wednesday.  He also stated that it wasn't therapy but a fact-finding mission for the VA.  I asked if I could get a copy and he said it wasn't his to give.  It belonged to the VA to use for my claim.  I saw my file during my first C&P and it had a big red EXPEDITE stamp on it so maybe that is why the turn around was so quick?
    • New guy here!
      E Benefits dates are a joke.  You cannot assume that they have much meaning, honestly.  They whip around every so often without explanation, so dont take it seriously. Your best contact for updated info is the VSO, if you can get his cooperation.  He has access to more than any of the RO info that we dont.  If he doesn't, call peggy (800-827-1000).  Sometimes it is just best to forget it for a while and let it go.  Patience can be a killer. If you take a hit on your income, are facing foreclosure, you can also put in for hardship.  I know that losing your job is a lot of stress.

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