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    • Your Appeal is at the BVA, just no Docket # yet, right. You do have a copy of your husbands C-File? We need to see a redacted copy of the initial Denial and the "Statement of Case." What exactly is your "Evidence of Record?" Many vet's that get caught up in the VA Appeals process, get a negative attitude, right away. They believe that there is a VA conspiracy to Deny and/or limit their Comp Benefits. VA Raters base their Award/Denial Decisions on "Evidence of Record," if the provided Evidence doesn't substantiate the claim, you get a Denial. That's not to say Rater's don't make errors, but a conspiracy (takes more than 1 person) to Deny is hard to believe, these are mid-level VA Employees. What does your VSO say about your Evidence regarding the linkage to CAD or Kidney Disease? Which condition is most likely the causative SC for the Secondary issue? Could you post redacted Dr's Clinician Notes, or other Medical Evidence supporting your claim?  Semper Fi
    • Andyman is correct, i ALWAYS ask that all my issues are taken care of through the VA. I refuse to even accept the Choice program even though it is available to me. My C&P was done by a VA psychologist, i was literally approved the day after. For those of us who are not yet P&T 100%, it is wise to always use the VA's system, Rating Officers really don't listen to the opinions outside of the VA anyways. Make your case stronger by always using their system to get what is Owed
    • To add to Ham's intel, you also would get an additional 10% added to any bilateral rating, that is, if you have a SCD involving opposing body parts, L and R side, doesn't have to be both knees, could be L knee and R ankle...how that works is like this 10% + 10%...10+9=19, bilateral factor would be 10% of that, or 1.9, added to the 19 + 20.9, or rounded to 21. And more importantly, if you have dependents, 30% is the magic number because you get an allotment for each one, at that point.
    • Chris Not sure, off the top of my head I actually can't recall either way! But I do believe any in house C&P exam should be on there, however, if it was done by a contracted provider it will not be on there.  Anyone with better intel on this can speak to it. Semper Fi
    • Yes, Vync. I read the pertinent DBQ before my exam. My examiner refused my request to properly do the testing for scars mandated on the DBQ. Walked out and didn't measure anything! The left side of my face is fugly due to scar deformity. When I was active in the Army, I even asked the doctor about  dermabrasion because the cystic acne scars had deformed my face, and neck.. So yessiree..I told one of his staff that he needed to come back again and finish his exam for my scars since he didn't measure any. He strolls back in, measures only one scar on the back of my neck. That's when I said why didn't you measure these facial scars. Replied, "Nope. The rating officer will see them on photos and said RO mostly decides on photos to do ratings anyway." I will have another C&P coming up for rhinitis in the future. If it is a bad as this last C&P, I will ask them why they aren't doing it properly? I will use their reasoning as evidence in my appeal. Too bad I can't tape record them. It's bad when these examiners have no accountability. I mean what do you do? File a complaint? with who? File an appeal..sure and wait many years to get to see someone that will actually follow the rules and apply the law. I'm under the impression that C&P examiners receive instructions by the ratings officers on what to test. Are they also given instructions to keep the rating as low as possible? Why would he want to know what my rating was before the exam began?  


C & P Exam For Ptsd

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I have a C & P exam scheduled for 10/14/08 and I think it could be to determine if I have PTSD. I filed a claim in Feb 2007 and later amended it to include PTSD. I did this after my last C & P examiner advised me to apply for this.

I saw a young woman in her 20's about nine months ago who screened me for PTSD treatment and she later told me that I have PTSD symptoms but my main problem was Depression.... and therefore didn't qualify for their PTSD treatment program. I think there was more going on than that because even though I was wounded by shell fragments from a grenade, I did not get a purple heart credited to my records. I am 20% service connected for these wounds though.

I was hit in my chest, buttox, and both legs by shell fragments from a grenade that I think exploded on the roof of the bunker I was in. My CO had already identified me as a "pot head" and was in the process of giving me an "Undesireable Discharge" when I got blasted by grenade. I was not offered drug rehab which sucks... [My discharge was upgraded to Honorable about a year after I got out in 1971] However, to further complicate matters, my Squad Leader was a homosexual who had twice made advances towards me. Both times I woke and he was sitting up next to me on my bed. The 2nd time I rept him to my CO who I believe did nothing. I think there is a good chance this Sgt might have been behind the grenade that got me???

Anyway, when they screened me for PTSD treatment I had to take a 500+ questionaire which was a big problem for me. I was unable to concentrate and focus on the questions after about 30-40 minutes [about halfway thru] and it also gave me a headache. So the last 200+ questions were probably not answered right?? I'm concerned they might ask me to do this again... is this part of the C & P exam for PTSD?

I called Indianapolis VARO and asked them if this exam is for PTSD and they wouldn't tell me. The lady just said it was to further evaluate my condition. Then she said she needed to document my file that I had called...

I know there is a lot at stake and I'm very nervous. Can anyone tell me what I can expect if this exam is for PTSD?

Also... I'm told I can't get Depression service connected because I didn't seek treatment in the service or within 1 year of discharge. Can someone confirm if this is true?

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Just tell it like it is about your Vietnam experience and your wounds. If the wounds are SC'ed then I think that should be a verifiable stressor for PTSD. Google PTSD and read all the symptoms so you are familiar with it. They may ask you if you are afraid of crowds or if you have dreams or flashbacks to the events in Nam. They may ask if you are hyper vigilent and uptight and expecting combat situations to return. I would go easy on discussing my drug history. Focus on the grenade attack and how that has left nervous and unable to relate to others. You don't know if the VC or your SGT tried to kill you so you don't trust anyone. You need to have symptoms of PTSD. Don't let them steer you towards problems before the service in your childhood or high shcool or with the law.

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something i always tell ppl, it might sound silly but.......if there are any "yes" or "no" questions always answer them! never say "i don't know" because that leaves the door wide open for them to fill in whatever they please.

i know others on here have stressed that it's important how you dress. yup. you read that right. don't dress up. just wear what you wear everyday...the last thing you are there to do is impress them.

that long test you mentioned? the MMPI probably--i don't recall having to re-take that at my C&P exam, but that was several years ago and yes, that test sucks.

take care,

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Index to Disability Examination Worksheets http://www.vba.va.gov/bln/21/Benefits/exams/index.htm

These 57 Disability Examination Worksheets are in use both by the doctors of VHA (Veterans Health Administration) who do the disability examinations and by the rating specialists, hearing officers, and Decision Review Officers of VBA (Veterans Benefits Administration) who do the disability evaluations.


Initial Evaluation for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Mental Disorders

Edited by Wings

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This is a good VA Manual. ~Wings

Best Practice Manual for

Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Compensation and Pension Examinations

URL http://www.avapl.org/pub/PTSD%20Manual%20final%206.pdf

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be honest, don't try and suck it up at the c and p exam, like the man said just tell it like it is

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