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    • I'm 100% disabled due to agoraphobia/panic disorder. I was totally housebound years ago, but made it back out with a lot of work, though I couldn't drive far. I've had to travel to a different state to go to a VAMC, accomplishing it by downing a bunch of prescription Xanax, headphones on Brainwave Entrainment relaxation software, and hubby doing the driving.   Hubby had a stroke recently and is unable to drive the distance any more, so I had to move to the Choice program. Ever since, the VAMC is noncooperative with me. I even had to contact my Congressman to get them to make appointments, recommended by the Medical center which performed my operation.   I wound up going by ambulance to the local ER last November, due to an inability to breathe (I had a foot-long tumor in my abdomen which was putting pressure on my asthmatic lungs). Hubby called 911, and they sent an ambulance. VAMC refuses to pay the bills involved, declaring it was not an emergency. The local hospital refused to even treat the tumor (I think because VA told them they would not pay), discharging me from the ER, after telling me to be careful the tumor doesn't explode.   I eventually wound up at an obgyn office where they freaked out and started calling all over the state to try to get me help (even trying the governor's office). They eventually suggested an immediate ride to a major Med center, where I was refused treatment, but hubby refused to take me home, so they eventually did operate and removed the tumor.   Choice takes months to make me an appointment anywhere, sometimes pretending to be working on approval, for months, for a follow-up visit with a local pulmonologist, only to inform me right before the appointment that they were unable to get 'approval' from my primary. Like huh? My primary never refused me treatment before, and they could have told me 4 months before (or even during any phone call I made to them every two weeks in attempting to get authorization #, while they put me off by telling me they were sending it over to scheduling).   I absolutely HATE dealing with them any more!!!   I've put in NODs on their refusal to pay the bills. They claim non-emergency. I received 3 notices from VA refusing to pay the bills of that ER visit. I put in NOD's on all 3. I only heard back on one. It stated it was overturned. But they only listed the one bill collector on the overturned notice (yet I was told by billing that if the 'non-emergent' was overturned on the one refusal, it applied to all bills for that visit???). Yet today I received another denial from VA of a bill from that day, this time involving the ambulance bill.   I've tried billing, and gotten nowhere. I ask to speak to a supervisor. They laugh, tell me I can call their supervisor, but the supervisor isn't going to answer the phone. I've tried every person who is supposed to be in charge at the VAMC. They tell me whatever they think I want to hear, just stringing me along, and nothing changes. I finally got hold of the supervisor, but it got me nowhere - just shining me on.   I'm going to put in another NOD on this denial of the ambulance bill. But it appears to be hopeless. There is no one willing to fix the problems here. I'm frustrated and disgusted. Afraid of needing any emergency treatment, afraid of the bills.   I've now fallen backwards with my agoraphobia, due to the stress of it all. I've lost a lot of ground, afraid to leave the house again. I need to force myself out, trying to drive a few blocks on my own, despite the fears, trying to gain back some ground. It's hard. 😥   Does anyone else have these problems dealing with these people?? It's just impossible...  
    • My psychiatrist at the VA has refused to sign paperwork for me to obtain a service dog from an organization that provides them for for disabled veterans with panic disorders, etc.  She states the VA precludes her from doing so.  I then asked her if she would submit the necessary paperwork for me to be a part of the new pilot program which the VA just announced that is for mental health that impacts mobility.  I am diagnosed (by her) with agoraphobia with panic disorder.  She mumbled that she knew nothing about it and would "look into it".  She sent me a message through secure messaging today after I reminded her and sent a message to the patient advocate because I am tired of them just increasing my klonopin every few months along with every other medication.  At this point, if I take all the klonopin she recommends I won't have a panic attack because I will be on my couch drooling all day long or asleep.  So, my question is if I can't get my worthless psychiatrist to do anything, the patient advocate seems to think that the VA doesn't pay for service dogs...........which I wasn't even asking them to do.  Sign paperwork was what I was asking for initially but with the pilot program honestly I am a perfect candidate. Who is above them?  I am not post 9/11 and have no other health insurance so just going to see someone else isn't really an option but getting drugged into addiction is not something that is something that a think is "treatment" either.  So drug me, of course, sign paperwork for a service dog....hell no?  Someone suggested I contact my congressperson, Bob whoever that is, the head of the women's clinic (not sure why that matters) and news stations (I have agoraphobia so that probably wouldn't be good for me honestly).  I just want to be able to get a service dog so I can take less drugs hopefully and go to my doctor's appoinments without my hubby or adults kids having to take me because I turn into a panic attack mess, I don't think that is so much to ask.  If anyone knows about this mysterious regulation the VA has that prevents them from signing paperwork from all of these organizations that provide service dogs for any reason, not just psychiatric I would love to know what it is! 
    • Hello my friends, As you all know I was rated 30% for MDD; 0% for migranes; and 0% for skin rash.  I asked for increases in MDD, migranes, and skin rash.  I also asked to re-open sinusitis/rhinitis and then asked for PTSD and MDD to be reopened because I was originally denied for this in 2014.  Well the decision is final today on Ebenefits, and my AB8 states that I am now 70% and it looks like they will retro me back from Dec 2014. Here is the information below.  I really appreciate the help from the members and I will continue to stick with Hadit because the fight is never over.  I am one happy lady.:))))     sinusitis (also claimed as chronic allergies) 0% Service Connected   07/14/2014 rhinitis 0% Service Connected   07/14/2014 condition of the duodenum   Not Service Connected     insomnia   Not Service Connected     shin splints, left lower extremity (akso claimed as aching pain and cramps)   Not Service Connected     post traumatic stress disorder with major depression 70% Service Connected PTSD - Personal Trauma 07/14/2014 left hand condition (also claimed as tingling sensation and numbness in fingers)   Not Service Connected     bilateral foot condition to include corns bunions, callouses, hammertoes, blisters, and pain)   Not Service Connected     left shoulder pain and popping out of place   Not Service Connected     rash on neck (now claimed as rash all over body) 0% Service Connected   10/05/2012 depression to include anxiety (also claimed as suicidal thoughts, nightmares, hallucinations, panic attacks, and short term memory loss) 30% Service Connected   08/15/2011
    • How do I file the request to amend my records per 3.1579?  What am I amending?
    • Bronco; The C&P exams are so erroneous that I have to due the CUE, I agree.  My lay opinion to my congressman and Mr. McDonald is in hopes of NOT having to go to the BVA to unscrew this mess.  What I need is a new C&P exam since this doctor jumbled both exams by mixing up body parts, wrong dates, etc. So I need to cite 38 CFR 20.1403 Rule 1403?


100%disable Vet To Apply For Ssdi

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Hello my Hadit.com Friends, Is it a lot easily to get benefits from SSA if you are a Disable Veteran rated 100%? I need help. Good Luck with your claims

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Our experience was that it was (100% schedular rated, not TDIU), however, just to tip the odds a bit more in our favor, we hired Binder and Binder to represent my husband. Applied in September 2007, got the award letter in March 2008 that benefits would begin in April 2008. Much of the information Binder requested was of its own making, their own forms, questionnaires, etc., for both my husband and his doctors, so we essentially answered a lot of questions before the SSA asked them. Also, we sent in copies of C & P exams from the VA, as well as documentation that my husband was rated 100% disabled.

So, although there are no guarantees, I would make sure the SSA was aware of your VA status, and vice versa (should the VA ever call you in for re-examinations).

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For some getting SSD is pretty easy, and for others it is very difficult. I believe that at present their is a large backlog of SSD claims just like the VA. It is common for people to have to get lawyers for SSD. You can apply and then if you are denied then get the lawyer for the appeals. Just remember the SSA will only approve you if they believe you cannot do any kind of work for at least one year. You have to wait 6 months from the time the SSA decides you became disabled to get paid if you are approved. Then two years after that you can get medicare part A and part B.

I got SSD in about 4 months without an exam. I was lucky I think.

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I would say yes. Apply, be sure to send them your VA approval showing your 100% approval....if you were granted IU; all the better. Just in my opinion, don't worry about an attorney the first go around, my SSDI was approved very quickly without any questions or even an exam but it is different for each case.

Good luck.

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Purple and John are both correct, you don't need an attorney and many applicants try it alone on the first go-around. In our case, we wanted to make the first attempt as strong a shot as possible. The attorney only wins when the applicant wins, and there's a cap on the fee. In our case, we didn't have any retro due, so we paid the fee out of our pockets after all was said and done, $1,000. I looked at it as an investment that paid off.

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Thanks you for all of your answers. Good luck with your claims.

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