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    • The VA also said my back was not so bad.  I ended up getting an IMO for $250 from a specialist in Orlando for my service connection.  He said I needed surgery.  They also sent me to a young neurologist who said I needed surgery.  Thanks to the VA dragging its feet, I ended up with permanent nerve damage, to slow to act.   The Choice program has to be approved by the VA Dr.  If they cannot see you in 30 days, you can ask them to give you choice authorization.  The neurology department never gets you in that fast. Its like 7 to 11 weeks to get an appointment, so you should be within your rights to make them give you the choice option. From that point, you can get on the healthnet website and find a good spine surgeon, and get an opinion from them if you need surgery.  They in turn must request authorization from healthnet, and you can get free surgery at the best hospitals in town that way.  If the Choice people dont ask you who you want to go to, tell them, there is a list on the web site based on your zip code.  The orthopedic surgeon in downtown Orlando is the only one in town that accepts healthnet, and comes with good recommendations. Link to healthnet: https://hnfs.com/content/hnfs/home/va/home/veterans-choice.html   go to find a provider link in top left side of front page to find  (surgeon-orthopedic of the spine)
    • I agree.  Any time there is a significant amount of retro on the line,  it is definitely better to hire an attorney who only gets paid if you win.  There are good VSO's out there but there are also vso's that seem to work for VA rather than the veteran,  and they get paid regardless if you win or lose.  Best of luck to you. 
    • Get an attorney. You are in a legal issue.
    • Congratulations, and very good luck in the future!    


70% Ptsd / Tdiu / P&t

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Dear HadIt.Com;

I just received a letter from the VARO-St. Paul, MN stating that they are scheduling another/new C&P Examination for me. I was rated P&T on May 30, 2002; and the rating report stated that there would be no future examinations scheduled.

Why am I now receiving this letter? Does anyone know why there are service-connected examinations being scheduled for P&T awardees?

I am also in the Philippines, so will the VARO require that I take this exam at the VAMC-Hawaii or here in VA-Manila Outpatient Clinic?

Any comments, information, or suggestions are welcome. Please advise!

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Unfortunately with the VA; nothing is "P&T". From what I've heard if they schedule exams, even when your initial letter said "no further exams" it is usually after the first 10 years.

Have you reported any income to the VA? or to Social Security? if yes, either one of those would tip them off.

Has your condition improved? That could tip them off.

It could be a number of things....I try not to think like the VA does; it gives me migraines....

take care & good luck,

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Don't sweat it. If your disabilities are static it will be a simple review.

More that likely they will schedule the exam in Manilla.

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You need to find out what reason they are requiring an exam when you are P&T. Some Doc must have given a rosy report on you and they are checking on it.

If you have not improved than you have nothing to worry about

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The VA is required by law to periodically examine all of our files. It's been several years since you've had a C&P, so that's why they are bringing you in. The only truly permanent rating is the one that has been in place for 20+ years. All others are subject to change. The good news here is that your rating has been in place for over 5 years, so that means it cannot be reduced based on a single C&P exam. Sustained improvement of the condition(s) must be shown through two or more exams. I would suggest clicking the link to the Mental Health Claim Repository in my signature line and reading up on what the exam entails and what the rating criteria are. Then go to the exam as requested.

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You didn't say if you had any other claims pending, or had anything on appeal perhaps for an earlier effective date. If you do, then it's common to be called in for a C & P to examine you based on your claim or appeal.

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