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    • Just to clarify there weren't any errors in my informal hearing.  The errors that i received were in the decision/SOC because the DRO made the egregious error by refuting my medical opinion (Nexus Letter) I submitted from my VA Podiatrist.  A DRO can not refute a medical opinion because he is not a medical expert.  The DRO unfairly adjudicated the issues per the VA requirements of CFR 3.102, reasonable doubt, has not adequately applied CVA precedent opinion Moore V. Derwinski, relative equipoise was not adequately addressed and the doctor's highly probative IMO was not reconciled by the CP exam refuting opinions.  Possibly the most egregious error by the DRO, is that the DRO denied based on the DRO's own "non-medical" opinion.  The DRO is not qualified to refute an IMO opinion of the doctor's stature. That was the basis for the new DRO over turning my decision.  She told me that she was not sure why the other DRO denied me because the Nexus Letter was one of the best she had seen.  
    • I hear that Alex Now I wish they would hurry their asses up  cause I'm Hungry for some fresh Home grown Veggies.....
    • I am not sure on that Navy4life...When they ask for a DRO Hearing they can request DRO by name. I can't find any CFR Regs on it that they can't? ..it only says  after a NOD Request for a DRO Hearing  the veteran will be notified if the requst was granted and given a date/time So what would it hurt  all they can say is no or DRO's are given a case as they come in at random. '' Luck of the draw some say'' Now of course you could be very well correct   this is just my Ideal. crazy one but hell it might workout... I know if I appeal and ask for DRO Hearing  If I got the one you mention that all those errors in your hearing  I would just stand up walk out before the hearing.
    • Great news,  Navy4life, good job and Best of Luck on your new rating! 
    • No, hopefully I will be awarded it on Tuesday. I already did my 90 days hard time for disagreeing. That was on top of the one-year plus delay in implementing the BVA award. Or I just call Bob again and ask what part of the IILP they don't get. It would be one thing if they arrive with their own IILP but they are too lazy to even write one up. They seem to think I'm going to fold holding four aces. I have almost six years into this May 2011 filing. Why surrender when you've won the war?


You Can Now Change Direct Deposit Online For Va

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you can now change or set up direct deposit online for va compensation and pension

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Ok, where? Maybe I missed the memo too!? I think I saw forms, but no place where I could view my VA disability account. Been hoping though.

Thanks Will

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go to the VA website and then click benefits on left side and from drop down menu pick compensation and pension and then guides you to that page and on left side click rate tables and it guide you to that page, then you will see where it show go direct (blue hyperlink)

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sorry actually it is on compensation and benefits home page, do not have to click on rate table

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Dont change it on line. On line is OK to initially sign up. John

How do I change my existing direct deposit?

You can use Go Direct only if you currently receive your Federal benefit payments by check and you want to begin receiving your benefits by Direct Deposit instead.

If you are already receiving your Federal benefit payment by Direct Deposit, and would like to have your payments sent to a new or different account, you should call the Federal agency that pays your benefits.

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I think that the best way is to go to the bank and they will do everything for you.

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