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    • It would help too if we can read here the actual C & P exam results.
    • It does not pay to compare your claims and percentages to any other veteran's situation. It sounds to me like you are missing the inservice nexus factor for the foot condition and also the anxiety and depression. Can you scan and attach their Reasons and Bases here and the evidence list (cover your C file #, name, address prior to scanning it) The decision should state what is lacking and the VCAA letter (5103 waiver) told you what evidence they needed.
    • It could be?   it will say what it is IF its QTC or not,  The VA uses for contracting out  the C&P Exams  OR it could be some other contractor?  QTC is Located  there in Calif. (Home Office) The VA uses QTC Contractors here in Tx too from Calif.....it also could be  the VA  doing the C&P? ...The packet/letters should have instructions? 
    • I get 73 also.  Either they made a mistake or you are missing a disability.
    • I was just curious if Request for Increase claims move faster than new claims. I understand that different ROs and certain claims take longer but I was talking to another vet and we didn't quite know the answer. I assumed they would move faster because the VA typically already has the evidence from the past and are now looking at more or newer evidence.


What To Expect. Upcoming C&p Exam For Ptsd

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Hi all,

I spent today trying to search as to what to expect for my upcoming C&P exam for PTSD. Actually a bit nervous about it. I knot in my stomach even. Previously I thought I had read some notes on what to expect, but alas I cannot find them now.

Anyone have any insight as to what to expect?

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most ptsd c&p's take about a couple of hours. it really depends on the doc. be sure to try to focus on how your ptsd symptoms are negatively affecting your day-to-day life. like others will say, don't dress up. dress like you normally do. your not there to impress anyone. be sure to answer all questions and try not to say "i don't know" as that leaves an opening for interpretation by the examiner and then by the VA.

if you can, take someone with you to be in the exam.....if the doc says no, try to insist on it (like a spouse or other family member) as they might be able to fill in some blanks.

relax....you'll be fine.

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Purple is absolutely right about taking someone with you. I took my wife for the first part where he went thru what is going on with my wife and family and she came up with many things that I would not have remembered or said. I asked her to leave when he wanted details about what happened in service. The end result was I got 50% effective 7/07 which was related all the way back to Vietnam. I doubt if I would not have got anything if it wasn't for her telling him all the symptoms I have now and what I've had over the years...

Just be honest and make sure you respond based on your worst days... not when things are going OK... and let him know that.

Good Luck


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Don't let the C&P doctor lead you back to your childhood or teen years. Your position should be that I was fine before the events that caused my PTSD. You had a normal and happy life before the military, and now as a result of events in the military you have PTSD. Everything about your childhood, school, job, marriage was ok before the military. After the events it turned to shit.

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Thanks all for the help. Lots of good ideas. Only wish I had someone to take with me. Alas I do not.

Is there any tests given? I am worried about taking tests.

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