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    • Jato, the VA DBQ has been around for many years, Vet's didn't have easy access to them until about 12 or so. The VA Rating Dept decides what C & P Exams, if any, are necessary. The request is then ordered for a C & P Examiner usually a Dr (MD/DO, Specialist or PA) to complete the Condition Specific DBQ. A 4 page IMO, as long as addresses all the VA DBQ Specific Questions and is supportive of your claim, can only help. As to the Dr writing the IMO, his Credentials are very important. Is a Board Certified Specialist in the condition your trying to get SC'd? You mention an FDC, if it's already filed and you subsequently provide additional Evidence, that can and probably will move your FDC to the Reg A$$ Claim Line, maybe not, you tell us. Semper Fi
    • Buck, have you googled the unit you were in, when in Germany? It amazes me how many units are on line these days and many contain unit histories, times and dates, as well as forums and even Reunion areas whereby one might find a buddy. I also assume you searched for any Arrival and Destination logs in your personnel file but then again those entries might not help in every case.  
    • I remember I had to bring my c-pap back in after the 1st 30 days of use, I took the machine to the sleep clinic and told he clerk I was suppose to bring the machine back within 30 days  its been 30 days as of yesterday  so here is the machine, she took it and  got the sims card out and that was it  she said thats all just take the machine back home and use it every night...so I am guessing there's another card in the machine some where? then after a few days I looked on my progress notes and seen where the sleep tech wrote my dates of usage/ (hours used nightly) and the apneas I had and how long they lasted and listed them as moderate...since then I ain't heard a word from the sleep clinic  thats been about 10 moths ago. I too sleep better with the machine. keep it clean change out filters about ever 4 or 5 weeks  because when I do the filter still looks clean  i guess we can't see the dust in the filter? because some times I can see dust on my dresser. As for as intimidated veterans with c-pap I don't mean it that way  I just want to make sure vets get a fair deal and be wise to the VA ..If you use your machine every night  then you should not worry. and especially if it helps you sleep better  that's the main reason.
    • Mike I guess I don't understand your post?  what is it that your asking? Is it you don't want to have a PTSD Diagnoses?  With PTSD Claims you will need to verify your  in service stressor's  this is the reason you have PTSD. Do you want a MH claim? or to have your MH Claim not to have you listed with PTSD?  They are other means of MH not to be consider PTSD like MMD or Depression, Unspecific Disorder's  ect,,ect,,, ''On statement  in support of claim''   this is where you can write down your stressor's use extra sheets of paper if needed attach it to the form  tell your story of the event time and place. you don't need to answer  each and every question on the form  just leave it blank or just put''does not apply''  Use buddy statements they will help verify these events  or  records of morning reports, Duty reports MOS Any type of Gov document that puts you in the time a place of the claimed event. PTSD is nothing to be Ashamed of  it happens to millions of soldiers, and you should be compensated for your service & sacrifice to your country.



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I'm retired from the USMC and also recieving 20% va hypertension/some skin problem. Will, two months ago I had a 2 TIA's which lead up to an acute stroke and since had 5 more TIA's. All in all I've been in and out of the hospital the past 8 weeks. Now thier saying I'm getting complex migraines so bad that my right side becomes weak like a stroke at it last up to 2 -3 hours at a time. Any idea's on the va ratings on this? And advice? I just started to get my medical records in order and will be visiting the San Diegq DAV office this week. I have recovered from the stroke but not 100%. I'm a Letter Carrier for USPS and so for un able to carry mail.

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Sorry to hear about your strokes.

Being Service conected for HTN is the important point here. The strokes were most likely secondary to that.

As far as rating strokes, they will rate the resuduals after the fact. now since you were hosrptalized for 8 weeks then you should ask for temp 100 percent for the time hospitalized.

I believe your claim will progress quickly. You neeed to go ahead and file it if not already done so.

Hang in there and take it easty and keep the BP under control.


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I think you should apply for SSA disability as well as TDIU.

As Jbasser said- it is highly likely that the SC HBP caused the TIAs and stroke.

Stroke residuals can be totally disabling.

If you cannot work due to this CVA then with medical statement that the SC HBP contributed to or caused the CVA, they should award you TDIU.

You can apply for TDIU on form 21-8940 regardless of what your SC rating is now.

After suffering TIAs and a major CVA my husband (who VA said would be in wheelchair for rest of his life- demanded physical therapy and began to walk fairly normally again-

also he was able to talk again after having paralyzed throat from the CVA.

However his other residuals were so profound that he got inital SSA award (which was changed to SSA for PTSD)

and also the VA rated his stroke residuals incorrectly at 90 % instead of 100.

Your migraines and any memory deficients, visual problems, and any affect to use of your hands and feet for normal propulsion in walking are some of the many residuals a stroke can cause.

It would be good idea to get the Schedule of Raings (here at hadit in separate topic) to assess what residuals they should consider.But it does sound like they should definitely award TDIU to you (the 100% comp rate)

and by all means apply for the temp comp as Jbasser said-

I think my husband's HBP was rated at 10% -long story but I proved that his HBP was undiagnosed and undermedicated and this was what caused his major CVA.

Has VA monitored your HBP medication and changed it at all since the 20% rating?

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Welcome to Hadit

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Thanks for the reply. I've haven't been seen by the VA since my rating, just by the Naval Hospital through tricare prime. The Base is much closer for me, just 4 miles. I have some on and off numbness on my arm through out the day and slur here and there too. I'm on sick leave now, soon to run out. With these on going TIA's it's hard to go to work. The TIA's seem to occur around a week a part. They don't want you at work like that! They think the stroke has cause me to have the complex migraine which to me is worst cause, with that, there's no way I could do my job!

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Just had my C&P Exam last week for the stroke, they confirmed that the the stroke is secondary the the HPN! Just have to wait on the rating. I have some memory lost, slur speech,weakness on my right side, pain in my arm. He ask if I recovered at 100% after the stroke and I told him I only recovered 70% and my doctor said thats what Im left with! I still Have one issue left, with the complex migraine. Have to have that tied in with the Stroke. My Neurologist wrote a letter stating that it is secondary to the stroke.These migraine happens 6-9 times a month and leaves me paralized up to 3 hours at a time. I suppose I'll have another C&P exam for that. I have the DAV in San Diego helping me out with all the paper work! I just hope I get a good rating, Im at 20% now, I got a bad feeling I'll only get another 10%! Any idea's or guess?

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