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    • I am confused the VA has just told me I can work my Union job because I have reasonable accomadations keeping me employed there. They want to get me P&T relating mostly for my TBI.
    • We will touch on the latest issue with the VA Suicide Hotline placing Veterans on Hold. This and other issues will be discussed by our panel.   Join is at 7:00pm eastern for this show. http://www.blogtalkradio.com/haditcom/2016/09/30/haditcom-blog-talk-veterans-radio-show-va-issues-with-suicide-hotline Basser
    • One important thing to remember:  If you are 100%, you don't need an extra rating of 60% or more to be entitled to SMC S. At 100%, you qualify on the grounds that "you don't leave the house for work" Yes, you can leave the house for any reason except work!!      Asknod can chime in on this?    
    • Thanks for the feedback guys.......yes OEF21B......I am enrolled at Dallas VAMC and had two sleep studies done there.  I was written as moderate OSA but I  have not been rated for OSA as yet by VA...........I claimed for it based on a 2006 diagnosis but I was never issued a CPAP nor did i push so it ended up as a NOD now.......my fault......learning curve.
    • Saw DAV at Northport VA to help with my claim. Gave them my DD214 and showed them my 911 reactivion papers that I never showed anyone or filed to put on my DD214. Hard to type this, I pause after a bit. Filing for PTSD (never filed) and increase in physical stuff low back, nerve pain, etc.. I've had it (anxiety attacks, sleeplessness) from my Persian Gulf in 96-97 but never followed thru except for what I thought were asthma attacks that put me in medical and in the ER. Then PTSD went full blown after I did Rescue and Recovery for 911 at Groudn Zero/World Trade Center. A VA therapist told me those earlier asthma attacks were Anxiety attacks not asthma. Almost daily Uncontrollable Nightmares, sleeplessness, avoidance, lost all my friends, avoided public stuff, avoided family stuff, public speaking, dropped out of college, couldn't work, went on SSD, Anxiety attacks were happening weekly almost daily until I came in to get help. God am I really really depressed but trying to talk myslef out of it???  Now going thru a divorce, fighting for custody too as I have been the stay at home parent for 6 years now to our 10 year old daughter, she's the love of my life.  Not easy to talk about.  I've suffered for years, only a handful know about this. I've been getting help at the VA PTSD clinic since summer of last year after I knew I hit rock bottom and the thoughts going thru my head were scarying me.  I would not have made it this far if it wasn't for them. I've been in 3 different group therapies (self esteem, depression, Combat related trauma PTSD) and also one on one with my counselor. It's so hard to type this, I keep pausing after every sentence. I have medicine I get from them, Xanax; to help with the PTSD and anxiety attacks that I get.  Still hard, difficult super diffcult sometimes but the meds, mindfulness, yoga, meditation, eating better, resting, more confidence in myself. Sorry if I'm all over the place. Haven't posted here in a while and only recently started opening up about my PTSD. Thank you.

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:rolleyes: I am wondering out here if any vets have encountered the same below

I recieved an increased disability rating from 10% to 60% for chronic skin conditions requiring multiple surgeries over the

years via military and at the VAMC Houston. The decision contained the clear and unmistakable error clause previously

10% for benign skin growths also 10% for deep venous thrombosis (i.e. Blood clots) was invited to apply for tdui have done

so and am awaiting a decision.

Since my reevaluation contains the correct diagnosis am wondering what to do about the scar and tissue damage all

over my body should I submit a claim for the scar and tissue damage seperate since my ratings clearly indicate that

have been on near constant anti biotics since 1996?

also what are my chances of gaining tdui? I am depressed I changed careers in 2000 as a computer programmer now

due to surgeries especially the last one my tailbone is extremely sensitive.

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Welcome to Hadit.

Probably need to wait for the ruling.I don't know if you can't work because of your service connection than you should get it. If you own your home in Texas be sure and get your new exemption from paying property taxes.

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Thanks Pete

I should have clarified more info, this is what I responded to

The issue of wether or not the veteran is entitled to individual Unemployability is deferred for the following.

Please invite the vet to file a claim for individual unemployability as the records show that he now meets the requirements and treatment

reports show that he is no longer employed

I have a slew of side effects on-going of the process of the treatments several by themselves make it difficult to maintain

steady employment not withstanding I have been laided off two seperate jobs each after treatments that took me down for

over 6 mos to a year for recovery. Each time I used my temporary disability insurance ( which is probably one reason for

being let go in the first place)

I have severe to moderate pain when attempt to sit for long periods of time (a requirement of a programmer) not withstanding

Have worked through pain and fevers since 1996. Now my heart says go work typically I make 80k plus but my body and my mind

are saying other wise have trouble sleeping and frequent bowel movement(diarrhea) every morning and throughout the day as noted

via the award for disability I got 60% for chronic Actinomycosis, 10% for the blood clots and retro pay back to 2001 so am wondering is it plausible to wait for tdui or in fact the decision or pursue to the full the missing 10% - 20% thanks in advance Pete

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You should pursue a TDIU claim. Fillout the forms and add a letter that explains it like you did here.

You will probably have to have a C&P or two but I think you should get it.

Good Luck

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Are you completely unemployed now?

On the TDIU form or on separate page did you tell them how this disability prevents you from working?

Did you require lengthy convalescence due to the surgeries?

Did they send you the retro for the time the rating had been incorrect?

What is the medical etiology for the blood clots?

Was their clear and unmistakable error dependent on them as making an administrative error or did the VA doctors misdiagnose you?

They will not award TDIU if you make over the National Poverty level in wages.

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Gee -I answered not knowing there was more info here-

You might have been eligible for temp convalescence-I am not at all sure on that yet-

You gave some excellent reasons for TDIU- On Question # 25 you can refer them to an additional page and tell them what you told us-tell them any side affects of the meds as well as anything at all that would help prove you cannot work to this condition.

On Question # 18 check off Yes and then apply for SSA (unless you get SSA already for these conditions-and if so this is evidence too that you SC has rendered you unemployable.If you do get SSA ,make sure VA knows thia and mention this again in Remarks.

Is the retro date correct in your opinion?

Was that the date of the erroneous past award?

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