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    • Sorry for not picking up on this topic but Dr Bash has had a death in the family and is getting the Estate's affairs in order. Keep trying to contact him and you folks facing deadlines, contact me via PM or Send a message to benefitsagent@comcast.net.
    • We are doing a show about the latest numbers from the VA concerning the Claims backlog, Appeals backlog, Veteran deaths while waiting for appointments, Deaths waiting for claims to be decided. Join us.   To listen, here is the link,: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/haditcom/2016/09/01/haditcom-blog-talk-veterns-radio-presents-the-basser-hour-special-show
    • I'm planning on starting a mental-health claim, so I've been going through my medical records. However, I noticed that it is missing an entire meeting I had with the Mental Health Nurse last month. I talked to her for over an hour in her office & she typed a lot of things up about me...I bonded with her (as it turned out that she is from the same tiny culture that I'm from), but nothing "self-incriminating" was said. Also everything I told her was the same thing that I've been telling my doctor's since day 1, so there is no reason for me to believe they flagged me as a malingerer.   However, where are these "notes" that she typed up? Is there some kind of "hidden" system that the VA uses? Thanks.  
    • John, No, and no. Iraq vet, FWIW, I went to Irag when I was 42 in 03.  Age 55 now. Waiting for this round of claims to finalize, let it ferment for a while, then look at my med record and c-file, and see where I'm at. Hamslice  
    • I was notified by my DAV rep back on July 5, 2016 that a decision had been made on my claim on June 16, 2016 and was pending final review and authorization, I haven't hear a word from the VA or seen any changes in ebenifits so I email IRIS/VA for a update since no one at the call center knew any thing and the stories changed each time I called. Below is their response.

      If you wish to reopen this issue, you may do so within the next 14 days.

      Thank you for allowing us to be of service to you. Response By Email (Department of Veterans Affairs) (08/29/2016 11:38 AM) Thank you for your inquiry to the Department of Veteran Affairs. The Rating Decision has been completed as of 8/19/2016. A Notification letter will be mailed in the near future to inform you of the rating decision and when to expect your first payment.     Now I'm confused, I thought a decision had been made back on June 16th? maybe there were errors and a new decision had to be made? So my question is its been over 80 days since I was informed of a decision and now another decisions has been made will I have to sit through the approval process all over again ? or does this sound like I'm finally going to get that big beautiful yellow envelope? thank you all for being here to help.   


Nod & De Novo Review Vs Reconsideration

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I have tried looking this up, but I am getting confused.

What is a De Novo Review?

What is a Request for Reconsideration?

Is a Notice of Disagreement (NOD) automatically one or the other?

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A claimant can file a Request for Reconsideration within the one year NOD time limit.

BUT this does not stop the NOD clock.

VA may or may not act on the Reconsideration request.I filed one and then filed the NOD with only days left (I marked my calender) as the recon request still produced no acknowledgement of my evidence.

Then the VA sent me a letter asking if I had filed an I-9 already (which at some point I did-you would think they knew that)and sent me another letter which I forget what it said-

then the BVA awarded my direct SC death claim and this changed the entire aspect of the Recon claim.

It is rendered moot as soon as the VA makes a SMC consideration.I had to write to the RO and explain that to them and tell them that although the I-9 has been filed, they cannot send this claim to the BVA without consideration of the recent BVA award letter and a proper award letter from them-in compliance this time with the BVA award.

You need evidence for a Reconsideration Request that they have not seen before or listed as evidence-

or you need to prove that the evidence they had was not properly addressed.

For Reconsideration Requests of CUE claims, you need more legal evidence.

It can make things go faster but that is few and far between.

De Novo means a 'new look'- a DRO reviews the claim after a denial has been made and a DRO de Novo has been requested.

The DRO job description helped me to get them to CUE a decision as it was not followed correctly by the DRO.

It pays to read their job description here at hadit-if you request a DRO review.

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I think that the DRO review process catches a lot of errors that are CUE in nature, without the veteran actually calling the claim by that term literally.

I avoided that term with a couple of veterans I've worked with recently, whose denials were overturned by the DRO. I argued legal points, not medical ones. The evidence was there, and in the end, it was in fact a CUE claim without calling it that.

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Since the DRO I had was the VARO rater that denied the claim. It simply got rubber stamped with the same SOC.

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Since the DRO I had was the VARO rater that denied the claim. It simply got rubber stamped with the same SOC.

Allen, Me thinks I have been rubber-stamped as well. Almost verbatim on the de Novo Review decision as was in the original. Stinks, huh?

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If I had doubts I would file a NOD and ask for a DRO Hearing. This has worked for me. If you lose at the hearing you can appeal to the BVA.

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