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    • If you qualify, you may be granted  A&A or housebound in fact, but not both at the same time. The determination would be up to the VA but they would be obliged tp pay the most beneficial benefit to the veteran. post 911 vets may qualify for caregiver compensation.
    • The code is different. The one I was awarded is 7806 and the new diagnosis would be 7816.  However, in the decision letter they noted a history of psoriasis(7816).  The increase claim suggested a Dbq for 7806, but my doc will only do 7816 because that's the proper diagnosis.  They both fall on the skin diseases dbq.  These 2 conditions are commonly confused.
    • I was denied for failure to show up for my medical exam. But, I was never notified of any medical exam. I filed a NOD within the proper time frame, and now, it has just been sitting for over 2 years.
    • Oh I have been receiving SSDI solely based of my PTSD since 2008. I guess I just don't understand why I am not P&T by now.
    • Thanks for your response Gastone. My PTSD is actually rated at 100% alone. My other ratings are....well i will post it so i don't have to write it out. I see a lot of people on here that have gotten 100% P&T for mental health. I just hate that it progressively has gotten worse yet they wont make it P&T.   Disabilities % Total Combined Disability You have a 100% final degree of disability. This percentage determines the amount of benefit pay you will receive. How is this calculated Rated Disabilities Disability Rating Decision Related To Effective Date                     tinnitus 10% Service Connected   05/13/2007           migraines 0% Service Connected   05/13/2007           post traumatic stress disorder (previously rated as anxiety disorder with depressive features under DC 9400) 100% Service Connected Personal Trauma PTSD 08/13/2014           Thoracic spondylosis with chronic strain 40% Service Connected   10/16/2009 right lower extremity radiculopathy  10% Service Connected   08/13/2014 left lower extremity radiculopathy  10% Service Connected   08/13/2014 chronic urinary tract infections 40% Service Connected   05/13/2007 irritable bowel syndrome, claimed as gastroenteritis 10% Service Connected   05/13/2007      

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Angelo Hurtado

Ptsd Score?

22 posts in this topic

i got my medical records in and it says that above 50 is positive for a military member to have ptsd...i scored a 73, is this real bad?

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Its good for a claim but that is a screen for it and it's not likely they will use it.

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So go ahead with submiting the claim pete?

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Have you finished your other claims and do you intend to ask for TDIU 100%. If it were me and I could prove the stressor I would file the PTSD. If not ask for depression or another comorbid condition.

Before doing anything you should lay out your ratings, when you got them and how long since granted.

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I do intend to go for tdiu, intially i was rated 50% for

right shoulder strain with tendinosis of the supraspinatus and biceps tendons and superior labral tear 20%

cervical spine strain 20%

lumbosacral spine strain with anterior wedging of t11 and t12 vertebral bodies 10%

left ankle sprain and tendinitis with status post surgical reconstruction and avulsion of the left great toe extensor hallucis longus ( this is what got me discharged since i now walk with a cane) 10%

tinnitus 10%

scar 10%

scar 10%

these were all rated as i got out and i recieved my letter in january (i was discharged in nov) at that time i had submitted my sleep apnea which got approved a month or 2 later for 50%

i was diagnosed with ptsd in june, everything is easily connected since the stressor is what caused EVERYTHING else also and my middle east tours are documented.. I need to get everything submitted before nov (my 1 year mark out) to have it all retroed back to the day i got out but without being able to drive long distances i have to rely on my wife and her days off are usually when my vso isnt in so it kinda sucks.. Thanks again pete uve been such a huge help since the day i joined this forum

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You have combat awards for middle east tours?

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