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    • Is a cancer diagnosis enough by itself to get 100% for TDIU?   I already have 70% SC for other issue since effective date of 2010.  
    • SSDI records are good if they show your disability and inability to work is due solely to service connected disability.  If you get SSDI for things besides VA disability it is bad because the VA will blame all your ills on those documented non-service connected things.
    • Yes, I have been trying to get my father's army records from VA since he was disabled vet.  His records at St. Louis were destroyed in 1973 fire.  The VA is not cooperating with me.  I sent letter to Janesville.   The VA turned my simple request for my father's records into a claim for benefits.  The only benefit I want is to gather evidence for him to get Presidential Unit Citation.    I am dealing with BCMR so I expect no help there unless I can resurrect FDR.  It has been six months.
    • Ok hard copy it is. I requested and received a copy of my full c-file after they denied my first claim (which is in appeal status now) and its over 630 pages long.  Which parts parts do I need to print and resend?   Also, and I feel stupid for asking this, but what exactly constitutes MSR's?  I just want to make sure I have a clear understanding of the term.  Ive got tons of paperwork over the last 15 years and wasn't sure what all is relevant and needs to be sent to VA.
    • Gastone, I understand, but I have had so much disappointment in my life that it helps me to be positive.  I cannot be around too much negative energy, it drains me.  I hope things go well too, I think if they were gonna deny the PTSD, then they would have already, and why send someone for a C&P exam for a secondary condition if they weren't gonna approve or SC the ptsd.  just my opinion, but we shall see.  I am optimistic as of now, if there is a denial, I will be prepared for that. Hell, I wasn't expecting a damn dime, so anything helps. God bless! I will keep y'all posted on here after the C&P


Kurt Priessman, Hadit Member

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(take a few minutes to join the on line chat if you wish and we will try to get your chat questions to our guest.) 6:30 EST and 5: 30 CT -any medi player will pick up the show audio.

from Jerrel Cook Producer:

http://' target="_blank"> "Kurt will be giving SVR a update on Thailand Veterans and AO along with the new tricks that the VA is using on AO awarded Veterans be sure not to miss this show with Berta Simmons as Co-Host,

Jerrel SVR"

The Call in # 319 648 5143

PS: Kurt may be discussing the DIC SBP offset as well as AO Thailand-

his AO case was very instrumental in preparation of the latest C & P Service Bulletin, August 2009, page 3 , as to Fast Letter 09-20 which acknowledges the CHECO Report of 1973 which Kurt Priessman used to succeed in proving he was exposed to AO in Thailand-a VICTORY for many Thailand vets

whose MOS put them on the perimeters of airbases in Thailand after the AO had been sprayed there.

As a hadit member and advocate extraordinaire- Kurt -who was new to the entire VA claims process not that long ago-compared to some of us oldies- won his AO claim at the Regional Level- another Victory in itself as his persistence in generating evidence to them paid off-not only for him but for any vet who was exposed in Thailand to AO by virtue of their MOS as proof of exposure.

His use of the FOIA and persistence in getting his evidence (from CHECO-DOD) read by a VARO shows that leg work often leads to awards.

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