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    • Miss Figured EED?
      Questions regarding EED? Vet gets denied claim for  SC 1997...Refiles claim, 1998 vet gets Service Connected  but 0% . Now in 2001 vet refiles claim and is increase to 50%...  (from 0% to 50%)  2003 vet files for increase and has C&P  after the c&p...c&p examiner sends VA letter saying this vet should not been S.C. because he never had any of this disability while in service  or any medical records showing documentation he was seen for it while in service.and furthermore vet was given an exit exam  from military service and was consider healthy and not what he is claiming .  I recommend this Veteran be reduced  at 0%compensation and with draw his Service connection Completely......Sign Dr  xxxxxxx  30 years experienced Medical Dr.  2003 Vet gets letter of Proposal to Reduce him, vet files NOD Request DRO Hearing at his RO, vet goes to his DRO Hearing  with new &material evidence, and letter  from Private qualified Dr receives a favorable  IMO  & letter from Voc rehab declaring this vet unfeasible to retrain because of his S.C. Disability, vet gets notarized lay statements from family and friends...and Veterans own statement! DRO Agrees with this Veteran and sees his disability in person, and initiates an expedition and ask VSO to file TDIU Claim for veteran and is awarded an 10% & 60%  increase to his disability  and with a 90%combined increase  using the  CFR Extra scheduler (b)  Vet is Awarded IU with P&T  and no future exams schedule this disability is of chronic and of nature  an increase is warranted and not  decrease  the examiner that proposed a decrease will not be warranted,  veteran has proved his SERVICE CONNECTED Disability  and  it goes on and state what te DRO used as evidence and with a rating specialist at his hearing  it is Obvious this Veterans disability is REAL. Question  they gave the Vet EED Back to when he filed for increase in 2001 the year he was Service connected? instead from the increase dating back to 1998 ??? After a S.C. is established  don't the EED begin at that date  even if a 0%?? ...Shouldn't they have went back to 1998  the date the vet was Service Connected?  
    • PTSD Denied NSC - Schizophrenia NSC
      Berta - Here is the rating decision.   We will accept the disabilities granted for his battle wounds, but disagreement is with the PTSD and Schizophrenia being declined as service connected.   They were completely mute on the Agent Orange symptoms we claimed.   The C&P exam performed in April was not included with the VA papers.   I don't know what the Examiner said about his physical and mental condition.   Need help on this: Do I indicate acceptance of the 40% SC ratings decided on his battle wounds and also indicate we're filing a NOD with the NSC decisions for PTSD and Schizophrenia on the same "Statement in Support of Claim"? I need to get an expert involved for our NOD and a new claim for Agent Orange since they completely overlooked that -- A rep at American Legion wants to take it on.   Do I go this route or go to an attorney? Will QTC give me a copy of his exam?  Or do I need to go through the Request for VA treatment records again through Saint Louis Records? I need to get him another dr exam to show evidence of his current Agent Orange symptoms.  Should i get an IMO ? I want to make sure I am chosen as his Fiduciary -  there is a form for this that I presume I send in on line. Rating Decision 5-16-16.pdf
    • C&P Examiner Pushed Me...FORCED
      understand totally i was treated the same way.  does anyone know anything about the c & p ortho doctors in san antonio tx
    • C&P Examiner Pushed Me...FORCED
      understand totally i was treated the same way.  does anyone know anything about the c & p ortho doctors in san antonio tx
    • Sleep Apnea Claim
      Original poster  the VA Should give you a C-PAP to use and all the equipment need to use distilled water. Anyone that has Sleep Apnea /OSA  needs to be using a C-Pap/Bi-Pap machine. For some  reasons the VA is turtle slow on getting VietNam Veterans their C-File....but some do get their C-File within 3 /4 months. I guess the C-file for us Vietnam Vets got lost in the mail room.  Next Month (June) will be a year for me and I requested it twice during this last year...and not a word from them..I do have the greencard receipts I need my C-file bad  I wonder if it has been didtized and on CD?  Could I make an Unexpected Visit to RO? And  ask for it that way? jmo ....Buck
    • Increase of MRSA from 0%-? unknown, having c&p exam on tuesday
      Do they go back to the date of the original claim? im just curious, ive had this infection, since i was in the army, and it was and is horrible, losing jobs, and such. thanks in advance
    • Osteoarthritis in right knee
      Never say never, but here is your dilemma. In order to get service connected you need either a presumptive condition, which osteoarthritis is not a presumptive condition.Or, you need the following: A service related event or condition, a bridge from that service related event or condition to a current diagnosis that is severe enough to be determined to be disabling. So, if you can get a private doctor to fill out a disability benefits questionnaire  VA FORM 21-0960M-9 then you might have a shot. It would be very helpful if the doctor inserted remarks that stated he believes the condition is directly related to your military service. Even then I wouldn't be surprised if it was denied. As you stated the osteoarthritis is mild. Mild is usually not considered disabling, but all they can say is no.  One other unrelated point, but one worth mentioning. You cannot receive compensation pay and retirement pay at the same time. For example, let's say you get $1100 a month in retirement pay, and $200 a month in compensation. Then you get $900 a month in retirement pay and $200 a month in comp for a total of $1100. The benefit being the $200 is tax free. Now, if you can get the $200 comp as CRDP or CRSC then you could get both the retirement pay and the comp at the same time for a total of $1300 a month.
    • My C&P Results and why i'm disturbed
      In 2012 I EAS from the USMC and began a career in Law Enforcement. Like many of us I started the process of VA disability claims where I had issues which nagged me. Shoulder, knee, and back. I had 2 shoulder surgeries while active on my left shoulder and have been babying my right shoulder due to inflammation issues and restricted ROM.    I met with the VA in Dec 2013 for my initial C&P examination where I explained the symptoms of my issues and conducted a ROM examination. I was provided with a 10% rating for Patello Femoral Syndrome in my Left and Right knee. 10% for my right shoulder and 10% for c-spine bulging disc. This is the minimum rating for pain.    I just recently started a new claim for an increase and was examined a couple of days ago. My initial exam was as follows Knee  Date 2013 a. Right knee flexion Select where flexion ends (normal endpoint is 140 degrees):  [X] 100 Select where objective evidence of painful motion begins: [ ] No objective evidence of painful motion  [X] 80 b. Right knee extension Select where extension ends: [X] 0 or any degree of hyperextension (check this box if there is no limitation of extension) Select where objective evidence of painful motion begins: [X] No objective evidence of painful motion No limitation of extension c. Left knee flexion Select where flexion ends  [X] 90 Select where objective evidence of painful motion begins: [ ] No objective evidence of painful motion [X] 90 No limitation of extension Shoulder a. Right shoulder flexion Select where flexion ends (normal endpoint is 180 degrees):[X] 60  b. Right shoulder abduction Select where abduction ends (normal endpoint is 180 degrees): [ ] 0 [X] 5 Based on the above, I should be at a higher rating for both shoulder and knee. But, I was provided the minimum of 10% for pain. My most recent exam is as follows.    Knee Date 2016 Left Knee --------- [ ] All normal [X] Abnormal or outside of normal range [ ] Unable to test (please explain) [ ] Not indicated (please explain) Flexion (0 to 140): 40 to 55 degrees Extension (140 to 0): 55 to 40 degrees   Shoulder  a. Initial range of motion Right Shoulder -------------- [ ] All Normal [X] Abnormal or outside of normal range [ ] Unable to test (please explain) [ ] Not indicated (please explain) Flexion (0 to 180): 0 to 70 degrees Abduction (0 to 180): 0 to 40 degrees External rotation   I don't know why I was provided the bare minimum. But it is extremely disturbing. I hope they make things right by increasing my percentage this time around. I may have to stop working because I am constantly out due to issues with my knees and shoulder.   
    • C&P Examiner Pushed Me...FORCED
      I can relate. I just recently went in for an increase for my S/C knee & shoulder issues. The examiner forces me to continue movement in my shoulder and knees after I told her I was in pain. She told me she would document the degree of movement where I felt pain and notate that the remaining movement was while in extreme pain. FALSE!. I reviewed my C&P exam and noticed she didn't document it and instead documented my ROM throughout the pain where I specifically told her I was in extreme pain. Now my shoulder is extremely inflamed and I cannot move at all. On top of that, they gave me the minimum rating for pain 4 years ago on my initial rating where my results showed the bare minimum for range of motion. I should've been compensated fairly, but I was instead provided the minimum.   best of luck to you

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    I am proud that I've been able to offer all that has for free for 19 years and continue to do so. does accept contributions to help with costs we also offer paid ad free subscriptions. None of the paid options are required. The forum, the website, news site and podcast are free and will remain so. If you choose to support the site with a contribution or a subscription it is appreciated but never required. If you choose to make a contribution or purchase an ad free subscription, you can do so here. 


Kurt Priessman, Hadit Member

1 post in this topic

(take a few minutes to join the on line chat if you wish and we will try to get your chat questions to our guest.) 6:30 EST and 5: 30 CT -any medi player will pick up the show audio.

from Jerrel Cook Producer:

http://' target="_blank"> "Kurt will be giving SVR a update on Thailand Veterans and AO along with the new tricks that the VA is using on AO awarded Veterans be sure not to miss this show with Berta Simmons as Co-Host,

Jerrel SVR"

The Call in # 319 648 5143

PS: Kurt may be discussing the DIC SBP offset as well as AO Thailand-

his AO case was very instrumental in preparation of the latest C & P Service Bulletin, August 2009, page 3 , as to Fast Letter 09-20 which acknowledges the CHECO Report of 1973 which Kurt Priessman used to succeed in proving he was exposed to AO in Thailand-a VICTORY for many Thailand vets

whose MOS put them on the perimeters of airbases in Thailand after the AO had been sprayed there.

As a hadit member and advocate extraordinaire- Kurt -who was new to the entire VA claims process not that long ago-compared to some of us oldies- won his AO claim at the Regional Level- another Victory in itself as his persistence in generating evidence to them paid off-not only for him but for any vet who was exposed in Thailand to AO by virtue of their MOS as proof of exposure.

His use of the FOIA and persistence in getting his evidence (from CHECO-DOD) read by a VARO shows that leg work often leads to awards.

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