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(take a few minutes to join the on line chat if you wish and we will try to get your chat questions to our guest.) 6:30 EST and 5: 30 CT -any medi player will pick up the show audio.

from Jerrel Cook Producer:

http://' target="_blank"> "Kurt will be giving SVR a update on Thailand Veterans and AO along with the new tricks that the VA is using on AO awarded Veterans be sure not to miss this show with Berta Simmons as Co-Host,

Jerrel SVR"

The Call in # 319 648 5143

PS: Kurt may be discussing the DIC SBP offset as well as AO Thailand-

his AO case was very instrumental in preparation of the latest C & P Service Bulletin, August 2009, page 3 , as to Fast Letter 09-20 which acknowledges the CHECO Report of 1973 which Kurt Priessman used to succeed in proving he was exposed to AO in Thailand-a VICTORY for many Thailand vets

whose MOS put them on the perimeters of airbases in Thailand after the AO had been sprayed there.

As a hadit member and advocate extraordinaire- Kurt -who was new to the entire VA claims process not that long ago-compared to some of us oldies- won his AO claim at the Regional Level- another Victory in itself as his persistence in generating evidence to them paid off-not only for him but for any vet who was exposed in Thailand to AO by virtue of their MOS as proof of exposure.

His use of the FOIA and persistence in getting his evidence (from CHECO-DOD) read by a VARO shows that leg work often leads to awards.

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    • under which tab would that be located? Ebenefits does not even show this claim in the archives or anything yet. The only way I knew was because i checked my bank account and saw the pending backpay deposit and then ebenefits shows that I am at a combined 100%.
    • you can probably go on ebenefits now and see if the commissary letter is there or if the box that says you are permanently and totally disabled is available. ;)
    • Well I don't know until I get the packet but I have been at 70 for my PTSD since 2008 I think and there has been no improvement. I do know that I am currently at 100% for the PTSD and 100 overall scheduler. If I am not P&T I  will worry about that at a later date. I need to get the brown envelope to know for sure exactly what they are stating. I am just happy that I finally got my 100% overall rating bumped up from 90% previously. Been trying to get my 100 for years. 
    • Gastone, first thanks for the reply.  I didn't request a video hearing or a travel board hearing.  I have been using a VSO (DAV) for my claim, NOD and my form 9. Well, I wrote my own form 9 appeal and took in for them to go over it.  The VSO rep was so impressed that he asked if he could make a copy of my form 9 to keep with his notes for later use.  Here is my time line for my claim: filed claim:      Aug 2013 Award/denial: May 2014 NOD:              July 2014 Award/SOC:   Oct 2015 Filed Form 9:  Nov 2015 Received Docket #  Oct 2016   Thanks again! 
    • Are you sure they gave you PT for 100% ptsd, that is fairly uncommon, they tend to like to say you will improve.