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    • I requested my C-File on 09/25/2015.  I received it on 07/22/2016.  Here is what I think the security nightmare is>>> the disc came thru the regular mail into my mail box.  No signature requested.  The CD is full of my social security number, home address and so much more personnel information.  What could happen if this info went to the wrong address.  I know I get other peoples mail from time to time.   
    • you answered your own question, any weakness you provide the VA they will use to their advantage to deny you for as long as possible, the way they figure, they "might" have to Retro Pay you someday......or, because we ARE disabled, we may actually, you know, phukin DIE. Get your Cfile, get all your Health/MentalHealth/Behavioral Health records and learn your shit. Hadit.com can literally change your outlook and your chances at a honest rating from the VA
    • without looking at your C&P notes, or knowing what you may or may not get at Service Connected, i still want to say something. If your C&P Doc put all this information down and it's all verified, then i say you have a case for 100% TDIU and P&T. no matter your scheduler %. if you get lowballed(i did and it's kinda standard for the dicks), or flat out denied, take all your information to a VA Accredited Lawyer, if they are willing to take your case let them. 
    • Richard, Hope some of the members replied to you via email..  Tom
    • Chris:  I broke my crystal ball because it NEVER came up with the right answer when dealing with the VA.. I can appreciate your situation.  Now that you had your C&P; I think that's a step in the right direction to get "service connected" for Tinnitus.  Not knowing anything about your Doctor or what he viewed in your C-File or what you said during the C&P; My opinion is the C&P results are hopefully "favorable" to get service connected for your other conditions. Don't be scared about doing anything wrong.  We all make mistakes. Don't listen to those voices.....Remember,,, ,you have a hearing problem!!!    (Sometimes I hear birds say " I don't give a shit"...well at least that's what it sounds like to me!!  Other can't make out what they are saying!!! Hang in there and keep fighting...    Hope others chime in...   Semper Fi...Tom

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I was wondering if anyone is rated for Fibromyalgia?  And what was involved in getting it service connected.

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Some claims for fibrolyalgia had succeeded at the BVA:


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For any condition to be awarded service connection you would need:

1. A diagnosed condition while in service or symptoms of a condition while in service.

2. A current diagnosed condition.

3. A nexus (a medical opinion) that the diagnosed condition/symptoms while in service are related or were the onset of the current condition.

Conditions Automatically Recognized for Service Connection

Many Gulf War Veterans encountered problems when trying to prove that their difficult-to-diagnose or undiagnosed illnesses were connected to military service. This affected these Veterans' access to disability compensation.

In response, VA asked Congress for the authority to provide compensation benefits to Gulf War Veterans who are chronically disabled by undiagnosed illnesses. The 1994 statute authorizes VA to pay compensation for disabilities that cannot be diagnosed as a specific disease or injury, or for certain illnesses with unknown cause, including chronic fatigue, persistent rashes, hair loss, headaches, muscle pain, joint pain, neurological symptoms, neuropsychological symptoms such as memory loss, respiratory system symptoms, sleep disturbances, gastrointestinal symptoms, cardiovascular symptoms, abnormal weight loss, and menstrual disorders.

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Current rating for fibromyalgia:


Fibromyalgia (fibrositis, primary fibromyalgia syndrome) With widespread musculoskeletal pain and tender points, with or without associated fatigue, sleep disturbance, stiffness, paresthesias, headache, irritable bowel symptoms, depression, anxiety, or Raynaud's-like symptoms:

That are constant, or nearly so, and refractory to therapy ........................................... 40

That are episodic, with exacerbations often precipitated by environmental or emotional stress or by overexertion, but that are present more than one-third of the time .......................................................... 20

That require continuous medication for control.............................................................. 10

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I have a claim in for it I have been experiencing joint pain and muscle fatigue since about 1996 I did not know what it was until I filed my presumptive claim for skin cancer. I finally recieved a gulf war exam and my PCP prescribed me naproxen 500mg twice a day. I told the doctor at a physical in 2004 and I waviered from push ups in PT and told to walk insted of running. I hope this is enough to show it exsisted in service. The Va must of done a thousand xrays with nothing abnormal. Some days my shoulders and hips hurt so bad I cant sleep my knees have swollen up for no reason and I could bearly walk but nothing showed up on xrays. I will keep you informed gulf war cases are tough to win, despite obvious skin problems I was denied presumptive SC before winning by providing two nexus letters.

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I was diagnosed with FMS and recieve 40% for it. Was diagnosed by my VA doctor and also when I had my c&p exam. good luck with your claim.

I was wondering if anyone is rated for Fibromyalgia?  And what was involved in getting it service connected.

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