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    • Welcome Marine! What is the Purple Heart for?  That may well be a good starting point for your PTSD claim.  Same goes for the MVA in country.  As for the Tinnitus, that should be a fairly easy one, since a majority of the tinnitus claims are solely awarded/granted based on your MOS.  Being a 03hump-a-lot and 3 tours in the sand would certainly have exposed you to enough gun fire and various loud combat noises to damage your hearing.  There is no test for it, since it is internal nerve damage, basically only you can hear it in your head.  They may do a hearing test to see if you have hearing loss, which can easily be checked by comparing to your hearing tests from boot camp or the MEPS exams, which should be in your SMR. Semper Fi Andy
    • VA is very reluctant to Award MH Conditions as  T & P. Probably 99.9% of MH Private & VA Clinicians believe with a great deal of certainty, ALL MH conditions can improve with a combination of Therapy & RX's. Age doesn't come into play with IU, but it does as far a Scheduling future Exams if over 55. You maintain your SC % past 60/65, T & P is pretty much a lock. If your under 55, getting the T & P on appeal is uphill, file the NOD, you got the time. You got the SMC S (1) because a sharp eyed Rater realized your PTSD was now considered as 100% from the IU Award and your non-IU considered SC's totaled 60% Combined, making you Scheduler Eligible for SMC S, no Dr's Housebound Application necessary. Semper Fi
    • thank you,I will post results whenever they come through,e benefits still shows gathering of evidence
    • I'll do that this evening after work.  Thanks for the address.  
    • Well look and see if they say why the turned you down? if good reason then that's up to you to report it!  but if its not enough retro or some B.S. Like That I'd sure let the organization know about it and give out the name of  that''NOVA''  Attorney'  that turned you down or failed to help you in anyway with your claim. I'm not sure if this is the correct address for complaints or not? but it should get someones attention! NOVA 1775 EYE STREET NW, STE 1150

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KamiKappa B


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I separated from the Marines December of 2003, OIF Vet, was there at the kickoff of that event. September of 2008 I noticed swollen lymph nodes in my neck/jaw area. After a biopsy that lead to a collapsed lung I was notified by the VA (I had to contact them to find out) that I have sarcoidosis. The doctor told me that she was seeing an increase in cases of sarcoidosis in servicemembers coming back from Iraq. My question is: Even though 5 years had passed since I separated from the military, can my sarcoidosis be considered service connected? I did a little research on this site and noticed something about it being considered "presumptive." Can someone please break this down to me in something other than just a lot of medical jargon. I have a difficult time sometimes trying to understand what things mean. Any help is appreciated.


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I read it as presumptive conditions is 1 year.And the disease must be compensable.

There are also time limits on service.


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Did you have any symptoms in service? Is there anything in your SMR's to suggest you had health problems?

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The closest thing I have to anything respitory is that I am SC rated 10% for sinusitis/rhinitis.

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The longer you wait to file a claim after service the harder it gets in most cases except if there is a presumption like AO claims. If you don't have evidence in your SMR's it gets even harder. The VA is great at saying " vets SMR's are silent on this issue". The VA is an adversarial system. You have to prove by medical evidence that your disability is connected to your service.

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This claim might help you deternmine what the VA will need as evidence-- were you exposed to any type of burn pits in Iraq? ANy other types of chemicals? What was your MOS?


This was a PGW vet but still -if you can prove exposure to anything in service that could have caused your sarcoidosis-

along with the respiratory condition you also have documented now- your claim could be granted.It probably wont be easy-but NOTHING is impossible -

would the doc you mentioned be willing to write an IMO for you?

"In May 2006, the veteran underwent a VA Respiratory

Examination. The examiner noted that his findings were

suggestive of sarcoidosis, but a definite diagnosis would

require observation over time and possible invasive testing.

He added that the etiology of sarcoidosis is unknown, but the

contents of smoke from burning oil wells could contain

factors responsible for this condition. In September 2006,

the examiner provided further clarification noting that the

veteran's respiratory signs and symptoms are more likely than

not due to exposure to burning oil, suffered in Iraq, which

contained numerous, noxious chemicals capable of causing

permanent respiratory damage. He added that this was true

whether or not the definitive diagnosis is sarcoidosis and

that such exposure may well initiate the inflammatory cascade

that creates sarcoidosis and may also do direct damage to

lung parenchyma and airway mucosa so as to result in the same

symptoms. Based on the examiner's opinion, service

connection for a respiratory disability, to include

sarcoidosis, is warranted. 38 U.S.C.A. § 5107; Gilbert, 1

Vet. App. at 54.

Duties to Notify and Assist

The Veterans Claims Assistance Act of 2000 (VCAA) describes

VA's duty to notify and assist claimants in substantiating a

claim for VA benefits. 38 U.S.C.A. §§ 5100, 5102, 5103,

5103A, 5107, 5126; 38 C.F.R. §§ 3.102, 3.156(a), 3.159,

3.326(a). Because of the favorable outcome in this case, any

failure of VA to fully comply with the VCAA is harmless



Entitlement to service connection for a respiratory

disability, to include sarcoidosis, is granted."

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