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    • You are rapidly learning the value of Hadit.com.  So much knowledge on here, nothing the VA says or does that some Vet here didn't already go through, or, in the case of the Honorable Ms. Berta, Vet's widow 2X, got screwed over, and then over come and beat back into submission. Never think for one second that you are getting or taking from another Veteran.  Know this, you are as worthy, or more than worthy of every penny coming to you. I feel slighted and aggrieved everyday, by the VA, but not one second goes by that I ever think another Veteran is getting mine.  All of you 100%ers here are getting the least owed to you, and none of that belongs to any other.  Eventually my time will come, but till that day, I will rejoice with each of you as your ships come in. No matter what darkness I face, no matter how far out in left field I end up, I will never count one penny against any, and more so, wish you double what you get, and more so beyond that. If any were to question you, then they don't understand, and is not for them to know.  We each, here, and those not here yet, have given of ourselves, and had taken from us, parts that can never be reclaimed or made whole. I struggle every day, to find my own worthiness(which was lost over 20 years ago), but one thing stands true, I, and many others on here, will tell you that you are not taking anything from us.  And even if you struggle to come to terms with the idea of being worthy and worth it, you are.  Never lose sight of that. I forget this all the time, along with everything else that I can't remember, or forgot that I even knew it. That day you signed up and swore the oath to defend, you became more than worthy.  This goes for all the rest of you, too.
    • oh hamslice you are something  - below is what I found on the RACC   1Only sensitive files belonging to current and former VBA employees, relatives of VBA employees, Veterans Service Organizations (VSOs), and high government officials should be transferred to the RACC. Sensitive files belonging to Veterans Health Administration (VHA) employees, National Cemetery Administration (NCA) employees, attorney fee cases, and cases deemed sensitive due to media issues should be maintained at the local ROJ. 2The St. Paul Regional Office is the primary RACC; Milwaukee and Philadelphia Regional Offices serve as RACCs as well.  http://vetaffairs.sd.gov/veteransserviceofficers/Resources/Fast Letters/FL13-021.pdf
    • Ok, I got a partial decision last week.  Along with the decision letter, I got the usual stuff, the 4107 (your rights to appeal our decision), 21-0958 (instructions) and the "Where to send your written correspondence" piece of paper. Also, I got a piece of paper that says, NOTICE St. Paul Restricted Access Claim Center, cover letter. Apparently, if I send a appeal or nod, I'm supposed to use this cover letter?  I think?  Not sure? First, that (St Paul) doesn't jive with the where to send paper. And second, am I special, or something?  Probably something, Hamslice    
    • The only bad thing about all the different kinds of insurance is, esp. the VA, they are going to ask for that information every time. I bet they can slow the whole insurance industry down too, including your timely payments which may make you delinquent in your payments. Being over insured is stupid, but the paperwork aspect is a huge cost that I never see considered, esp. with the VA. If there was something backed by USAA (auto insurance), that would make it easy for me and I'd pick them. The VA may not actually be bad for primary care, except you need physician training, lol, and emergency care would not yield even to those who had physician training. A huge problem with the VA healthcare is they hear, see, or speak no evil; and that ultimately may cut their usefulness completely out of the picture (100%) once SSDI is obtained. That is definitely one BIG problem with VA healthcare and why you see so many Sad Sacks in the VA Hospital.   
    • My wife pays 32.33 a month. Monthly Check-O-Matic Quarterly Semi-Annual Annual Under 40 $32.33 $97.00 $194.00 $388.00 40 - 44 $36.00 $108.00 $216.00 $432.00 45 - 49 $42.00 $126.00 $252.00 $504.00 50 - 54 $54.00 $162.00 $324.00 $648.00 55 - 59 $63.67 $191.00 $382.00 $764.00 60 - 64 $76.673 $230.00 $460.00 $920.00 65+ $96.00 $288.00 $576.00 $1,152.00 Each Child $25.33 $76.00 $152.00 $304.00 It's So Easy To Enroll in the CHAMPVA SUPPLEMENT Enrollment Form

KamiKappa B


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I separated from the Marines December of 2003, OIF Vet, was there at the kickoff of that event. September of 2008 I noticed swollen lymph nodes in my neck/jaw area. After a biopsy that lead to a collapsed lung I was notified by the VA (I had to contact them to find out) that I have sarcoidosis. The doctor told me that she was seeing an increase in cases of sarcoidosis in servicemembers coming back from Iraq. My question is: Even though 5 years had passed since I separated from the military, can my sarcoidosis be considered service connected? I did a little research on this site and noticed something about it being considered "presumptive." Can someone please break this down to me in something other than just a lot of medical jargon. I have a difficult time sometimes trying to understand what things mean. Any help is appreciated.


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I read it as presumptive conditions is 1 year.And the disease must be compensable.

There are also time limits on service.


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Did you have any symptoms in service? Is there anything in your SMR's to suggest you had health problems?

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The closest thing I have to anything respitory is that I am SC rated 10% for sinusitis/rhinitis.

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The longer you wait to file a claim after service the harder it gets in most cases except if there is a presumption like AO claims. If you don't have evidence in your SMR's it gets even harder. The VA is great at saying " vets SMR's are silent on this issue". The VA is an adversarial system. You have to prove by medical evidence that your disability is connected to your service.

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This claim might help you deternmine what the VA will need as evidence-- were you exposed to any type of burn pits in Iraq? ANy other types of chemicals? What was your MOS?


This was a PGW vet but still -if you can prove exposure to anything in service that could have caused your sarcoidosis-

along with the respiratory condition you also have documented now- your claim could be granted.It probably wont be easy-but NOTHING is impossible -

would the doc you mentioned be willing to write an IMO for you?

"In May 2006, the veteran underwent a VA Respiratory

Examination. The examiner noted that his findings were

suggestive of sarcoidosis, but a definite diagnosis would

require observation over time and possible invasive testing.

He added that the etiology of sarcoidosis is unknown, but the

contents of smoke from burning oil wells could contain

factors responsible for this condition. In September 2006,

the examiner provided further clarification noting that the

veteran's respiratory signs and symptoms are more likely than

not due to exposure to burning oil, suffered in Iraq, which

contained numerous, noxious chemicals capable of causing

permanent respiratory damage. He added that this was true

whether or not the definitive diagnosis is sarcoidosis and

that such exposure may well initiate the inflammatory cascade

that creates sarcoidosis and may also do direct damage to

lung parenchyma and airway mucosa so as to result in the same

symptoms. Based on the examiner's opinion, service

connection for a respiratory disability, to include

sarcoidosis, is warranted. 38 U.S.C.A. § 5107; Gilbert, 1

Vet. App. at 54.

Duties to Notify and Assist

The Veterans Claims Assistance Act of 2000 (VCAA) describes

VA's duty to notify and assist claimants in substantiating a

claim for VA benefits. 38 U.S.C.A. §§ 5100, 5102, 5103,

5103A, 5107, 5126; 38 C.F.R. §§ 3.102, 3.156(a), 3.159,

3.326(a). Because of the favorable outcome in this case, any

failure of VA to fully comply with the VCAA is harmless



Entitlement to service connection for a respiratory

disability, to include sarcoidosis, is granted."

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