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    • Thanks for all of the replies and advice. I contacted Attig by filling out a consultation requests. I know they're busy, but I gave them a deadline to contact me. Did not even receive an acknowledgement from them. I did however, receive several emails telling me about how great their firm is and to buy their ebooks. I know firms are busy, it's frustrating enough for Veteran's having to wait years for the VA to respond, it's equally frustrating to feel like you're treated by some firms, the same way the VA treats us. I will contact some other firms, who want my business and care about helping me above whether or not I'll be a cash cow for them... Nothings free, but everyone deserves to be treated with value...
    • I have a claim in with numerous things old and new. After having a 2 QTC's with same Dr for MH and TBI. My MH disabilities that I am claiming are now gone and now there is a new request for records and all that is left in my pending claims is TBI and my secondary injuries. Could the VA split my claim? or what do you think is happening?
    • When I go for C&P exam I gird my loins (David in the Bible) and prepare for war.    "There will be blood" usually mine.    These guys are not your friends and can smile in your face and be killing you.  The VBA is just an uncaring organization whose only reason for being is to see how little they can hand out to disabled vets IMO.  What Buck is saying is true.  You act nice and they act nice, but it means nothing.  Evidence is all.  You should not have to submit IMO's but it is the easiest way to get a claim moving.
    • ok I got all my ducks in a row with it.. I take it to a legion rep, he says he will lose his job if he submitted it. and then my state rep says that is the last step if the nod doesn't go through. I was also told if I submit a cue and it doesnt go through there is no appeals no nothing, I lose my benefits for it!? is this true!?
    • Yes, yes, yes, and again...yes.  Not because you "need" to, they will tell you to your face that they have all the pertinent information on hand.  I know because I was told this, said I will send anyway, reaffirmed that I don't need to...sent copies of SMR and such, claim was denied anyway.  Examiner claimed on the C&P report that he DID NOT view my SMR.  And so then, neither did  the RO, who had the copied SMR entries filed as my evidence. IF you don't send them, they will definitely not look at the electronic copy on hand to see what's what.  And if you do send them, they may or may not look at them anyway.  But then at least you will have covered all your bases.

Guest Ryan

Form 21-4192

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I just got a standard packet in the mail for my IU claim, and a request for evidence for two other things I had put in a claim for that are secondaries.

This packet had copies of 6 of these forms (21-4192). "Request for employment information in connection with disability benefits."

Is it up to the veteran to send these out to their former employers or is this some kind of error, and I wasn't suppoto get these. It looks to me like it is a form for the employer/VA to fill out.

Been on SSD since jan 08, and they have all that info.

I'm confuzzled.

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It would be in your best interest to take them to your former employers and get them filled out.

VA will not approve IU without these forms.


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Some of my former employers are no where to be found. (Bankrupt/moved) That's how the oilfield is, but my proof of employment is documented via SSD....I will have to do it throught the mail for most (multi-states/areas), and is all 6 of these required or back to a certain time frame?

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I would like to have copies of those that I am able to get, so maybe this is a good thing that they require the vet to do the leg work. Don't mind that at all if it means I have proof to shove down their throat later when they screw it up somehow. B)

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Oh man, I hope my last employer isn't going to be my trial and jury. It's a big trucking company that was just as screwed up as the VA, and just by sending this into HR to get completed wouldn't do me justice. They wouldn't know some of the details of the struggles I had doing that kind of work. Most of the time I just suffered through it just like when in the service, but had to refuse loads. Worked there 6 months.

Do I need to get buddy letters similar to the ones for stressors? LOL, Just kiddin'.

I got a letter from them saying that the reason for my not wanting to work there anymore was from my not liking that kind of work when I quit in july of 07.

Maybe I'm just stressing over details with this, but I don't want to give the VA any breathing room here.

Ya Larry each page is for one employer, and they sent me six pages.

Edited by Ryan

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I'm going to tell you this, then I am going to have to back out of this conversation:

The VA cross-checks with the Social Security Administration. What data the SSA has, the VA has.

Beware what you tell the VA concerning your past employment.

'nuff said?

Yes I know this and am hoping that whoever is handling my claim will see it too. I've not lied to them about ANYTHING, but am learning that if whoever is handling this doesn't understand something they make presumtions that there is deception when there is NOT. I called them on this when dealing with the regional in wyoming. I flat out said If u have something from me that ties me directly into commiting fraud then why am I not in jail yet. Needless to say, I'm not in jail.

My anxiety has given me the curse of not taking anything lightly, and have to have every concieveable angle covered. If I see a slight angle that can be blown out of context or proportion...I address it with a large degree of obsession to make sure it's taken care of.

I appreciate ur efforts to help others here, and u have help me personally in this whole process (via reading ur other posts), but please do not mistake my anxiety for deception.

I worked jobs that did not require me to be around people much, and as a result, I can see there being less than accurate data to go off in these forms that are designed to make snap judgements. I got physically ill from the anxiety and was in the ER shortly before quitting my last job at this trucking company (july 07), and most of the time in my other line of work I used all PTO time, and would just come in to do the bare essentials and take off the rest of the day because of anxiety. I either separated myself or I would get nasty over the most trivial things if I wasn't able to get away from what was stimulating it. People that I were around were scared to ask me any questions about anything because I was constantly pissed off at life in general. I would shut off my cell phone and hide. Scheduled time off I would drink myself into oblivion, and even sometimes when I was supposto be at work. I was good at hiding it. This was not documented in the form of missing days as a result of my disablity. That's what I'm wondering about, even though there were incidents that would be favorable to my claim, but who the hell is gonna remember them besides me. Some pencil pushing geek in HR that was working somewhere else at the time isn't gonna. See my point? Perhaps I should submit a statement explaining it like I did here.

Found out 5 years worth of employers is what they want. 3 are in CA, 1 in Wyoming, and 2 is here in Co. (6 forms sent/6 employers in five years. One filed bankrupcy, and is no longer in business.)

Edited by Ryan

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