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    • I'm interested in filling a gulf war illness claim , my question is do you think it worthwhile, I have the symptoms that are required for the claim , but some of the fall into my ptsd symptoms which I all ready receive compensation for .   if I file gwi , will they try to reduce my ptsd rating.  all I read is so many gulf war claims are denied . I don't want to fill and have it denied and have them turn around and start messing with my ptsd claim . Any thoughts?  
    • My opinion Any new evidence will help you with a NOD. Mine was just a Voc Expert who testifies in VA, SSDI and Railroad Benefits Courts. And even though it sounds silly and anti-progress, i think at this point in time with the games the VA is playing with fast rejections and lowballs have FILLED the frikin Appeals Dockets, we should maybe hold back just ONE bit of evidence, maybe because we kind of already know lowballing is SoP for the bastiches, just have that one bit of evidence ready for your NOD. Once again, just a opinion, and a path i'm taking on my next claim.
    • I thought the same. To be honest I get strong anxiety disgust when I go to the va. Lost trust with the providers there. So part a is free correct? Even if I only have 8 years of solid work and on and off.  As far as part b they are saying that I can lower my rate by signing a earlier effective date my alleged onset date. Which would be a difference of 104.90 starting date June 2011 in which I have to pay an additional 6,517.30. I currently have no medical bills pending throughout that period.  The other one is August 2016 with a premium of 121.80 a month. However, What I don't understand is on the bottom they want to charge me 243.60 due through December 2016. Is that two year enrollment plan?
    • @broncovet @john999 thanks for the feedback, the Peter Principle is exactly what I'm worried about. Since I am SC for PTSD already and filing for an increase, I was concerned that they wouldn't acknowledge any of my treatment records as evidence for increase since the CRNP made diagnosis of MDD on almost every treatment note over the past year. I think he just looks at the thing that's most obvious with me, writes a prescription, and sends me on my way. Maybe he's uncomfortable with the MST part but he has never asked me anything about it, my stressors, etc. When I mentioned my nightmares he didn't ask anything about the nature of them, just prescribed me prazosin. When I mentioned my anxiety and social avoidance, he again didn't ask me anything about it, but he prescribed me hydroxyzine. Aside from the depression, I have all these meds treating me for various PTSD symptoms but that MDD stays right there as my primary dx, and that's what I'm worried about. I'm very afraid they will reject my claim or maybe even reduce my PTSD as not having a current diagnosis and say the depression isn't SC. I guess I just wait and prepare myself.
    • From my experience yes. My initial claim took two years and my current claim,  one increase and one new, is currently at prep for notification and was filed in May. I'm sure this varies greatly by a number of factors. 


Desert Storm "baby" Syndrome?

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I just found this site, after several years of frustration. I'm hoping someone out there has some common ground here. My husband served with 2ACR in 1991. Our son was born 10 months after his arrival home. He's now 17. As a baby, he seemed to have strange "seizures" that were never diagnosed, and lung problems. About age 3, he "outgrew" it all, but I recall seeing then in the Stars and Stripes an article about possible problems with DS kids, esp. their lungs and 'strange neurological problems'. Of course, I cannot find it now.

About age 13, he started to have problems with pain in his legs. Doctors first passed it off as "growing pains"; soon after it developed into sudden weakness--he would just be walking down the hall at school, home, anywhere, and suddenly fall down, his legs too weak to hold him up. He endured years of poking, prodding, million dollar workups--no diagnosis. EEGs "normal"; muscle studies "normal". Blood tests normal. Once again, the problem seemed to let up, gave him some peace. He kept his canes around just in case though.

Twice this fall he has been hauled off the field at his school (he's in the marching band) because his legs stopped working again. In my gut, I think it's DWS but no one will even take me seriously when I mention it.

My husband died when he was almost 4 in a car accident, leaving me with him and his 5 siblings to raise. I have no idea what condition he'd be in now if he were alive, but a close friend in the same unit who was with him there developed schizophrenia at age 48 (normally onset for such a thing is in late teens/early 20s). He's 100% disabled. Does anyone have anything similar to report? Are there any studies of family members born after the war being done?

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hi,let me start by saying im so sorry to hear about your husband and also your son.

i am also a desert storm veteran. who suffers from gws(gulf war syndrome)

my 11 yr old son has had pain in his legs since hes been little. hes been on naproxen for yrs.

they said the same thing it was growing pains.

hes been to every specialist also with no diagnosis??

he hasnt thank god lost his legs like your son.

he also suffers from extreme and frequent unexplained headaches ???

i wish the us govt would finally own up to what they did to us . so we can get treated for our ilness.

ill keep you and your family in our prayers.


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I'm also a GW1 veteran with GWI symptoms.

There are allot of poeple that feel GW veterans children are having allot of health problems. However, it has just been a bit over a year since Gulf War Illness has been declared an official illness among veterans and it is still not recognised by the VA. At this stage, the powers to be are still denying that GW veterans family members are having any more health problems than the rest of the population.

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I wonder what sorts of problems the OIF/IEF vets will have due to some environmental issue? It takes the VA years to actually make these diseases presumptive. Look at Agent Orange. They are still adding diseases 40 years later to the list. The only thing the VA admits regarding children of AO vets is spinabiffida(spelling?) The disease has to hit all the lights on the IOM pinball machine.

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Dottiek, I am sure you will be able to find help here for some of your difficulities experienced by you and your son. I am glad you joined this site. People here look out for one another, and if they don't know an answer, they will try and seek it all over.

Hope is offerred here too. Your husband serving during Desert Storm is something you and your family can be proud of, and we salute his service and you loss.

May you find assistance on your journey, answers to some questions, and people who appreciate vets and their families. :( halos2

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Heck, Viet Nam ended when ? ?

Just recently three more presumptive conditions

were just added on.


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