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    • Hi everyone,  Question... I currently have SA secondary to PTSD and depression. I have been knocked out several times on active duty( parachute falls, combat) but have never been dx'ed with TBI. I do suffer from the memory loss and other symptoms that I've read about with TBI but again have never been dx'ed for that. I had several headache treatments during AD... What route would you recommend to get the TBI claim going? I have a PCP appointment next month at the VA and want to present possible TBI issues. In many ways, I sucked it up after I passed out and didn't run to the Military doc.
    • Shepherd  might also be working for the American Legion. This is from a widow’s claim, She claimed the veteran’s death was due to radiation exposure at   the Hercules Missile Warhead site. Although this was a 2012 Remand I assume the contact info below is still the same. Remand in part:   “2.  Send a written request for a record of the Veteran's occupational exposure to radiation to the Commander, U.S. Army Medical Command, Attn: MCPO-SA, 2748 Worth Road, Suite 25, Ft. Sam Houston, TX 78234-6025.   5.  After completion of Action # 2, if a negative response is received, review the Veteran's Official Military Personnel File to see if it contains a DD-1141 and/or some other proof (such as the Veteran's wearing of film badges) of radiation exposure; make an official finding; and document the claims file accordingly.  Then, notify the appellant and her representative regarding this finding.   6.  After completion of steps 1, 2, and 5, if evidence of radiation exposure is found, get a dose estimate.”   http://www.index.va.gov/search/va/view.jsp?FV=http://www.va.gov/vetapp12/Files4/1230195.txt   This is why your Personnel file from the Military,as well as the SMRs might be critical to this claim. "Said they could find no record of my service in any of the armed forces. " I dont think the VARO tried to get those specific Army records from the above entities. I strongly suggest you contact them yourself. Also you can request your service personnel and military records at the NARA web site -www.archives.gov They are probably there still in the Archives  because VA asked for proof of service in the wrong branches of service. If you can attach the decision (cover C file etc) we can tell if this raises to CUE (at first glance it does)and that may be an easier way to fix it......            
    • I logged in to eBenefits and the Estimated Completion is: 08/20/2018 - 03/14/2020. It looks like it is time to go directly to the Secretary.
    • Vync; My frustration is the fact my DRO hearing is OVER!!!  I had it and yet here I sit waiting for the decision.  You would think the DRO would make a decision sooner than later so that he/she doesn't forget what happened at the hearing and take the time to finish the damn NOD..Ugh...so frustrated and just want this over....
    • I have had some pretty bad DAV reps, but that takes the cake. Unfortunately, your DAV rep might actually be right about the wait. My DRO appointment took a bit over 18 months at the Montgomery, AL, VARO. The time does vary between DRO's, but because we do not have the ability to peer inside the VA's ivory tower, we have no way to determine exactly when the appointments would be scheduled. The estimate we are given is actually a guesstimate - designed to keep us guessing...

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This is the VA PIES list of Navy occupations that are deemed by exposure to asbestos as minimal exposure up to highly probable.

The show tonight at SVR on asbestos will be important info as many many vets (whether Navy or not) were exposed to asbestos in service.I would think similiar MOS for any service branch would involve the same levels of exposure as in the VA PIES list for Navy occupations.

This list as far as I know has not changed since VA prepared it and the Office of General COunsel Pres Op of April 2004 is still relied on by the VA as definitive statement for these claims.

They require proof of asbestos exposure and medical evidence that establishes the nexus between the exposure and the veteran's current disability.There are no presumptives for asbestos claims.

Also here at hadit I have posted the VA training letter for asbestos.

It helped me significanty when I had a local asbestos vet's claim.He died unfortunately whle the claim was in process.

As John said this type of exposure can cause considerable medical ailments.

As the VA's own training letter states- cancers from asbestos exposure can take decades to show up.

Mesotheliamo and asbestosis are only a few of the serious medical consequences of asbestos exposure.


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I cant find the training letter but know it is here somewhere-

In this link under the Ionizinng Radiation part is basically what the VA asbestos trainng letter requires as far as adjudication of these claims goes:


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Berta, thanks for revisiting this one.

As far as the list is concerned, the Navy had combined the Ship fitter, Pipe Fitter, Damage Control man into one specialized rate as a Hull Maintenance Technician in the late 70's.

The Author of this list should raise the Probability of the Pipe Fitter toa highly probable as these folks were the first ones to the steam pipes that were laiden with asbestos.

If they suspected it was asbestos or even insulated, they called the Lagger's to investigate. The Lagger's would take a sample and send it to a testing facility if in shore or one Tech was usually trained to do a microscopic test at sea. When in doubt they treated it as asbestos and ripped it out. The area was quarantined off until the air sample tests were considred OK.

That was the modern post asbestos scare results int he 80's. Before that it was rip off the insulation, add pipe and re insulate the pipe.

Exposure was very high in these specialties.

From a claims note the VA has already conceeded asbestos exposure since I sent them my performance evaluations, however since I am already 100 percent Pulmonary it is a moot point unless I develop Mesothelioma.

Again, thanks for re visiting this issue as we should visit it often.


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J - have you filed claims against the private companies, besides the Navy?? There's a lot of money out there. Probably won't increase your lifespan but could make the fishing better.


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I have looked at all those little ads. There is a disclaimer usually in print and for some reason the fine print says representation is not available in my state.

Aint that a Hoot. I would have to move to another state to do so. Oh Well. so be it.

Thanks for the post PR. It gives a little hope.


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Well J, I use to work at the GE Appliance park prior to and after my military service. I cleaned the large drip tanks, and all the large filter units plus the industrial ovens. I'm sure if they did a test for asbestos it would be off the chart. But, I would be SOL if I filed any type of suit.


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