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    • sensitive as this topic is, if I may Buck,  just request to have your T levels checked out.  Speaking for myself, I was embarrassed to talk to my private doc as well, similar situation, young attractive doctor, made the situation worse for me, however, it is a matter of health.  Whether male or female issues such as these, the topic should be brought up with your primary doc, it can be discreet, Drs are human beings, if they are professional and respectful it makes it easier.  I get the T shots by my pain management doc when I have a pain med consult.  Just my thoughts on the subject, take care.
    • "Question to all: do I do an appeal (NOD)? i am passed the one year mark.  Do I initiate a new claim?"  You need to re-open this claim with New and Material evidence.  "Today, my doctor decided to write a letter indicating that my vertigo and dizziness condition, in her opinion that is more than likely not that this was from the Mefloquine (Lariam ) medication." That letter would be new and material evidence. The letter should state that the doctor had ruled out any other etiology but for the Lariam for the vertigo and support their conclusion with any strong medical abstracts that long term use of Larium can cause this disability.Someone else recently posted a Larium topic here, as well. One of it's side affects can be dizziness and vertigo: http://www.rxlist.com/lariam-drug/medication-guide.htm I mentioned no 'other etiology' because I assume your hearing has been thoroughly checked to rule out ear problems as a cause.I think that link  even mentions larium can cause tinnitus. Can you tell us exactly why they denied the claim? Did you raise the Larium issue when you filed it?    
    • I changed it on ebenefits and va hospital I just don't think I called the 1000 number to confirm my address change I thought updating ebenefits would do the job but it didn't thanks for the info I'm just glad this madness is over I was stressed beyond any stressed point I have ever been 
    • I emailed my PCP ask her if she can help me with it  Just mention to her that I lost interest in sexual actitivy since taking the PTSD Meds and maybe possible other VA prescribe Meds. I just mention  a few things  and ask if she could help me with it? I never mention anything about filing a claim  to her....yet anywayz. I will file a claim for it  but I want my sex life to came back  which I have my doubts.  with a VA  Diagnose of Chronic PTSD I don't much think the V blue Pills will help?
    • Sorry this was for the Dallas Tx VA But they maybe some information in it to help you? https://content.govdelivery.com/attachments/USVHA/2016/09/26/file_attachments/627672/VA%2BGRANT.pdf .........Buck

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Multiple Herniated Discs, Degenerative Disc Disease

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Hi, I am new on here and I had a question for all of you. I have 7 herniated discs, that were discovered in 2008 and I have gone through a lengthy process to get the VA to recognize as service connected. I ETSed in 2003, due to medical issues, some of those problems such as nerve pain and loss of sensation in my left arm (which were SC when I got out) have now been found to be caused by these herniated discs. The VA put 3 of the discs under my Left Arm Radiopathy SC and did not increase my rating from 20%, and put the other 4 under 'mild levoscoliosis' a new SC disability at 0%. I am not really sure how that was worked out, as I have never been told by a doctor that I have scoliosis, but that I have 7 mild to severely herniated discs and Degenerative Disc Disease, but I am glad they are Service Connected now. I have since resubmitted, with MRIs, Dr's letters a nerve conduction test and what not for Degenerative Disc Disease and I am waiting for decision. For the first time though the VA has not set up any appointment to examine me, they said that they have all of the information that they need, and I am not sure what to make of that. What should I expect for 7 discs under DDD? 1 mild, 3 moderate and 3 severely herniated. I have also seen on here for the first time 'Chronic Pain Disorder' is that type of claim where I would be able to get them to acknowledge the pain and heavy narcotics that I have to take in order to function? I currently take 100 mg of Morphine, 3 Vicoden and 3 Flexeril, plus naproxin every day, all directly for my SC issues. Thank you for all of your help

KKM - 60% SC

30% Hearing loss, 20% Left Arm Radiopathy, 10% Osteo Arthritis, 10% tinnitus, 10% Knee damage, 0% Mild levoscoliosis, 0% HBP, 0% Sinusitis

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