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    • PTSD Denied NSC - Schizophrenia NSC
      You are most welcome. :o) Does he refuse psych treatment? Schizophrenia is a serious illness, but patients can often enjoy substantial improvement with treatment. With the NSC 50% rating for schizophrenia, he can receive free treatment at a VAMC or VA outpatient clinic.  When was he discharged? @THOMAS89031's point about continuity of symptoms is an important one. I've done several C&P exams with vets who were not diagnosed with schizophrenia in service but who began to manifest symptoms shortly after service. Schizophrenia usually starts with prodromal symptoms before progressing to the full-blown disorder, so if those symptoms can be identified as beginning during military service, and then continuity of symptoms can be demonstrated, then the veteran should be service-connected. (Of course, the ultimate decision is up to VBA or the BVA, as you know.) He might very well also suffer from PTSD, but it will help to see what the C&P examiner said about that. Yes, being wounded by an explosive booby trap is certainly a traumatic stressor. It sounds like they are not disputing that fact, but are instead saying that he is not displaying PTSD symptoms (or not many) currently.  You really need a psychiatrist or psychologist with experience conducting C&P exams, otherwise they won't know what kind of information VBA needs to determine service connection. Also, keep in mind that when a doctor completes a DBQ, he or she is declaring him or herself to be an expert witness, offering an expert witness opinion in a federal legal proceeding. Consequently, psychologists and psychiatrists who know what they are doing will devote sufficient time to conduct a thorough, evidence-based evaluation, and write a cogent report to support their diagnosis and opinion(s). So, you're talking at least 5, and as many as 10 hours for a good evaluation and report. At anywhere from $150 to $300 per hour (psychiatrists usually charge more), you're looking at $750 to $3000 for a well-written, persuasive report.  A potentially effective, but less expensive option is a "report critique", in which the psychologist or psychiatrist reviews all the relevant records, and then critiques the C&P exam report, pointing out deficiencies particularly with regard to following established VA guidance for C&P exams, and professional standards for such evaluations. Such a critique can support a request for reconsideration and a new C&P exam. If granted, the critique puts the new C&P examiner on notice that they better conduct a thorough, evidence-based evaluation consistent with VA guidance and relevant professional standards ... because you (and your experts) are watching.  Keep us posted!  All the Best, Mark  
    • Curious
      Hi Everyone! Would Like To Say Happy Memorial Day To My Fellow Comrades And All The Fallen Veterans For Paying The Ultimate Price Of Life! I Went On Ebennie Friday, May 27, 2016 And Seen Where My Claim Went To PDA. I Originally Filed For Three (3) Contentions: hysterectomy, bilateral foot condition and cervical radiculopathy. I received both C&P examinations on May 13, 2016 for hysterectomy and bilateral foot condition, but have not received one for the cervical radiculopathy. Have there ever been a situation where the rater may possibly rate the cervical radiculopathy along with the other two, if I have sufficient evidence in my records?
    • New VA Malpractice stats from reporter
      Its a crying shame these veterans died  from the substandard health care the VA  has give them. I know the VA will eventually kill me off. As my pcp just looks at my chart and I don't think she even reads it.  Example The last time I went in to see my PCP by Appointment  6 month check-up She was in a hurry  it was 2:00pm  she had a Meeting with the big wigs there at the Hospital at 3:00pm she said my vitals look ok do you have any questions? she never read my chats I watched her, I said yes mam I do have,  she said well let me look at you and she listen to my heart lungs  vowel sounds  ect,,ect,, took  maybe two minutes.. I went in for my exam at 2:00pm and it was over at 2:10 pm then I sit back in the chair by her desk at the computer, I was going tell her I had this chronic disabling pain in my right hip..she said well its probably arthritis you do have DJD, I'll send you to X-Ray.&  I wanted to tell her I been having a coughing spree for the last 2 months and wanted to get her to check that out too  then she said alright this ends your exam  just stop by the X-Ray dept on your way out  walk me to the door  like get the hell out of here I'm busy with a meeting at 3:00 ...I was there every bit of 5 minutes and never got a chance to ask he about my swollen Prostate and the problems its been causing me   I was going to let her know the med's she has me on for that don't seem to be working  but she had to go to that meeting with the big wigs  and it was at 3:00 pm according to the Tech that check my B.P. Vitals she did renew my meds.  guess that's a good deal. so needless to say it pissed me off  but what can be done about it...this is maybe nothing to worry to much about  but it could turn in to be worse or cost me my life at some point &time she use to be throual and check me out from hear to toe and talk with me explain things to me  and I really started to like her..but I'm in doubt now. What about the other veterans that are in worse shape than me...I tell ya the VA Kill us all if nothing is done about this VA substandard heath care. If I had the $$ or insurance I'd sure use private care..I hope to live a little longer. JMO .........Buck      
    • DRO hearing
      Berta the P&T was in fact my whole case I brought up to the DRO. I had the POA go over and asked them to approve the P&T and I would drop the bowel and bladder issues. They refused. So since they want to go that route then I am going to make them pay big time as in extra scheduling such as SMC. I gave them a chance to fix themselves but the DRO is dumb enough to refuse. Oh well the CUE will settle and fix everything because this should have been rated whenever they rated my legs during the De Novo Review back in Feb. They cannot pick and choose what and what not to rate when the evidence is overwhelming and I am not going to let them.
    • Miss Figured EED?
      Buck, we can not answer that question unless we had way more information.  The effective date is the later of the date the doc said you are disabled, or the date you applied.  Since I dont know when the doc said this vet was disabled, I can not answer.   However...I would treat this as a reduction, and appeal that reduction, since the reduction amounted, apparently, to a later effective date, even with the new disability.  
    • When can the VA reduce my rating "again" after reduction?
      Va can/does lower your rating at any time.  How long ago did they reduce you?  You may still be able to appeal.  You see, VA can NOT reduce 100% P and T Veterans, UNLESS they can show "actual improvement" under "ordinary conditions of life", that is, while working.  If you are not working, then you should appeal.  
    • New VA Malpractice stats from reporter
      I can say with some certainty its "not just" NY VA.  My VA also gives mostly substandard care, but there are some great parts about my VAMC.  For example, the audio department is superb.  Last week I  got hearing aids adjusted from the audiologist who did my 2002 exam.   This means she was there for 14 years.  I dont think she would have stayed that long unless the department was running at least somewhat right.  
    • New VA Malpractice stats from reporter
      This is the same reporter who called me last year, interested in NY VA malpractice issues. I was the only FTCA case here in NY that I had documentation on so I didn't want to let him use solely my will be in my book anyhow.... His focus was solely on NY FTCA - VA cases and all I could do is give him some tips because these settlements are very well hidden by the VA. No one here responded as a NYer with a FTCA issue when he asked me to post his contact info here. He and another reporter found some large cases but they do not reveal how much  was paid out in 1151 when FTCA was not an option ( or the claimant or survivor filed both FTCA and 1151claims.) After a 1151 offset is recouped by VA for FTCA settlements ,then the subsequent SC payments under 1151 are not part of the whole picture...VA pays out more for malpractice then we know. There is no record (except what I have in my settlement papers of what their malpractice on my husband cost them. I added up a recent audit and it all ,in my case, is a staggering sum.) Interesting article and they did a good job in the article with the evidence they found. The rest of VA's secret malpractice cash pay outs is well hidden. And there are probably many malpractice claims that are never filed because the vet or their survivor never considered VA could have been grossly negligent in their VA health care.  
    • When can the VA reduce my rating "again" after reduction?
      Sorry to hear of your issues, as I too have Asthma bud. I am so tired of the VA coming after us. I just went thru this last month. I too am 100% P&T, yet the VA called me on 2/29 to come in for a Review on my 40% for Bladder issues. Well we drove over 300 miles round trip for a 10 min exam. Well what happened next, they continued my 40%, but then the Damn VA lowered my 30% for Scars down to 10%, even though I never had an Review Exam for my Scars and the Doc never asked me anything about it. Luckily it did not affect my 100% P&T. 

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Atrial Fibrillation

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Hello everyone...... Been a while....... Been pretty sick over the past year.

I need to know if Atrial Fibrillation can be used as one of the new Heart conditions with Vietnam Veterans. I know that there are many heart conditions and the V.A. has opened the door on this just this year. I have a Veteran case with the following.... He has not ever filed a claim that I know of. His records of NSC illnesses is as follows:

Atrial Fibrillation *

Adjustment Disorder

Hypertension *

Alcohol Abuse

Blurred Vision

Hypercholesterolemia *


Morton Metatarsalgia

Benign Neoplasm of the skin

Sleap Apnea NOS

Obstructive Sleap Apnea

P.T.S.D. Chronic - GAF 60

Dysphagia, Unspecified


This is a Vietnam Veteran. I do not have his SMR's.

Most of his conditions fallin the criteria for Compensation. The problem is that they are close to the Compensated conditions for Vietnam Veterans. I am thinking that he needs to get the doctors to go into detail about his conditions and write that they are more likely than not service connected. Although these are not service connected with Vietnam Veterans. I am between a rock and a hard place with this one. Does anyone have a hand Grenade, or a Horse Shoe?

A Google search sent me here. I have searched the site before I posted my question but I could not find an updated claim.

I hope that Berta reads this. I have been away from the board for some time, but I do look in as a guest from time to time. I am always referring Veterans here. I have had a few serious medical issues over the last couple of years. Now it looks like my Brain Tumor might be back, or scar tissue building up. I am waiting for an M.R.I. with contrast to be done. The Migrains hurt bad. The first M.R.I. without contrast di show something. When I went for the M.R.I. with contrast, my Creatinine level was too high. I see my Neurologist later today. I am going to try my best to get him to get it done STAT. It seems like I always come back here with bad news. My depression keeps me away a lot because I think about all of my problems when I am here. I have a lot of old friends here. I like to keep everyone informed that I am at least alive. My head is up and I am positive. I survived brain surgery the first time after 8 hours. Nothing to it, if I need another one. Technology has come a long ways since 1996. That was right around the time that this site started. YES.. We are getting old.


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Dean-good to see you here-yo have been through so much- and yet are willing to help this vet.

By Vietnam vet I assume you mean 'in country"?

The new p[resumptive for AO vets is defined as ischemic heart disease and the VA's definition of that is popsted here -will try to find it-

some thngs jump out to me here-


Blurred Vision

Hypercholesterolemia *


as potentially indicative of diabetes mellitus.

Do you have his blood work records?

If you dont have them yet - look for the glucose readings, any HBIAC readings, and Tryglyceride values.

If he has diabetes Type II, the heart problems and possibly some of the other conditions could be service connected-by medical evidence as secondry to the diabetes.

With so many potential SC conditions- is he able to work?

If not does he get SSDI and if so what for?

Also look for any ECHO results and EKGs in his med recs.

What I see here (I am not a doctor) is a veteran who might well have undiagnosed diabetes, who might also have had a stroke (Transcient ischemia of brain manifested by the swallowing problems -unspecified dysphagia-, see if they did MRI on his brain at any point to rule out TIA or stroke, and so many potential ways to SC that I suggest-if he is not working- he should apply for TDIU as well as formally claim all of these conditions as an attachment to the TDIU form.

Although I am not a doctor I am very familiar with some of these conditions.They were instrumental in my FTCA award.

Since last seeing you here , they were all directly SCed to AO by the VA who found their misdignosis of DMII had caused my husband's death.

Does he have CAR, CIB, or PH on his DD 214? If so they will concede stressor for PTSD claim.

One of my husbands (Army vet) survivied brain surgery that took 11 hours and was fully awake and able to talk to me when they wheeled him into the recovery room.

He was awake for the entire procedure and said it hurt but not too much at all.

This was decades ago and he developed complex complications that caused his death.

They do wonderful things these days with brain surgery.

By staying as positive as you can, I feel you are definitely adding healthy years to your life.

Glad to see you back.

Edited by Berta

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This is one of many IHD discussions here:

The blank C & P shows what they will be looking for to rate these claims. The actual regulations for IHD have not been published yet but vets are urged to file their IHD claims.

Atrial Fibrillation is a symptom of heart disease. The cause of the AF and the type of heart disease requires a good read of all available medical records and tests and any definitive diagnosis .

I mentioned here before and on some SVR radio shows in the past that vets have to make sure they word their IHD claims properly.

If they use generic words like heart disease, palpitations, chest pains.etc -the VA will not assume these are IHD claims and deny them.

IHD should be the formal disability claimed and then with proof of boots on ground Vietnam service, the veteran should try to attach copies to the claim of any ECHO, METS reports, EKGs , evidence of atherosclerosis of heart, brain or arteries, or any entries in their med recs of an ischemic heart disease diagnosis.

After many years of dealing with the VA on a claim that was primarily based on undiagnosed and untreated heart disease (cardiomyopathy due to diabetic involvement) when my husband died-and without heart disease appearing in any single medical record he had after years of VA health care,

but evident from the tests results (and lack of test results) they had done and other medical evidence well hidden in his med recs- I realised then-and VA has not proven me wrong yet- that VA will deny any claim that is not medically specific enough to warrant an award.

IHD is the most common form of heart disease in America.

But if he claims the AF for example, the VA is not going to try to see if he means heart disease in the form of AO presumptive IHD.I dont know if they even would rate AF but I could be wrong.

I can see from your post that this vet might well have some serious IHD. If his med recs reveal that he does, he needs to claim as IHD with AF and many of the other conditions as secondary to it.

If his med recs reveal - as I suggested what records to seek- HBIAC and glucose, Trygly values-

undiagnosed but prevalent diabetes-then if he isnt being treated for DMII he needs also to file a Sec 1151 claim (and/or FTCA claim)

If the word Hyperlipidemia appears in his med recs, this is not a ratable disabilty but is one more symptom of high cholestrol that would cause atherosclerotic heart disease (another way of saying IHD)

VA is good at treating symptoms and not causes.

There are dead veterans because of that fact.

AO IHD vets, if they get a little proactive with providing VA copies of the proof of IHD by way of ECHOs, METS reports, and EKGs etc -with their claims for AO IHD -might save themselves and the VA some time on these claims.

VA has already assumed most IHD vets will get 60 %. It would help a lot to provide VA anything that supports the 60% rating right off the bat or even a higher rating (like SSA award for heart disease due to ischemic nature).

Edited by Berta

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Thanks, Berta,

Love ya, Mean it.

I will stay on this post later today. I have to check out of my hotel room now.

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