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Wow, I Got My Dic

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I filed my DIC claim in Dec. 2009 and I called VA today and I was told my DIC was granted yesterday. I have never been so surprised in all my days. I was told it would be possibly a year or longer as the VA is swamped. Who knew. Just thought I would let all know.



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Congratulations!!! :smile:

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and it sure didnt take as longs as most DIC claims take.

If the cause of death of a veteran is not clearly due to any service connection, then it takes a strong medical opinion to explaint to them how the death should be service connected.

You got on the claim right away to seek this type of opinion.

When we have good evidence (and when they chose to read it) we can succeed much faster that way.

The VCAA letter everyone gets-if followed step by step-as to what they want- can help claims go swiftly.

My AO DIC claim took 7 years. 3 IMOs and considerable other evidence.

I never got a legal VCAA letter and when I questioned that my former POAs said I did.Even their Director. They are all gone.

If they had supported me from the git go my claim could have been resolved in less than 2 years.

This is great news -it doesn't make up for your loss however-nothing can do that.

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Congrats on your win and although it seemed quick I still think it takes the VA much to long.

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yes, it does take much too long. my hubby was my sole source of income and i share file medical and financial hardship with the va. it didn't really seem to matter, i was told they are swamped and moving as quickly as possible.

i think what took my dic claim so long was i was asked for more and more information, by the time my dic claim was awarded i had faxed and sent over 173 pieces of asked information. out of all this they only used 3 pages to decide the claim, what's up with this.

i think the va askes for too more information than they need, tying up the deciding process and taking much too long.

i believe 3 to 4 months could have been cut of the time limit without all this information retrieving sending.

but, this is just my opinion.

thank you all for your opinions on all my posts.


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Glad you got it. Sorry for your loss. I think that VA should pay the check the Veteran was given until they start up the DIC and the process should be more automatic. The spouse of a Veteran who was 100 for 19 years should not miss a check.

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    • I'm sorry, I'm new and trying to find answers.  DIC in medical terms is death is coming.  It was in my husband's medical file that I had to go through to find out who messed up.   It's just hard to see that and not remember the mess in the hospital room. 
    • If you submit a claim for your Back it has to be service connected for compensation..So you will need medical records of in service treatment to your Back while in military,private or VA, from disease or injury ect,,ect,, OR seek IMO and get a specialist Opinion to link it to your military service  b/c what you have now is 80% service connected with the bouncing Betty that hit your brain  would not cause the problem in your back  Unless  from the Bouncing Betty....shrapnel hitting your back/neck for the relationship  to your Back Injury If you feel you have some  claims now  by all means yes file claims for them or File Intent to file( ITF)  so you can start your EED  (early effective Date) You will have one year from the date you file the ITF from the date you submit it, but you need to submit it...this gives you time to gather up medical evidence for your claims ,see what I mean? yes start medical treatment ASAP & Request all your military medical records as well as  all your STR'S service treatment Records and your C-FILE. DO THIS LIKE YESTERDAY! other members please chime in
    • I need to see if he will fill out a nexus statement, I have never had anything like that done from a civilian doctor so will need to do my research for sure.  I am almost at the point of not driving, I drive very rarely and only when I am having a very good day.  I rarely leave my house without my husband so it isn't necessary in most cases.   I have days that are so bad I can't do anything for myself, nothing.......and we have small children still so we have a Disney trip planned in December and I told my husband I don't care if you have to put me in a wheelchair, we are going.  They are the ones I feel bad for, with all of my sc crap they really do get screwed. 
    • Just realized that they claim in the decision letter to have sent me a letter "providing duty to assist requirements and requesting completion of release form for treatment records."  Is that statement going to kill this CUE? didn't actually see a letter in my file asking for a release, just asking if I want to submit anymore evidence.  Unfortunalelty I don't have the file where I can look at it, the DAV had access to it.
    • Well I found my dependent spouse medical records and have sent for them.  Now I don't know if anyone else on this site has had a problem locating medical records such as these and if you have I will post the address of where those records are if the are in fact archived military medical records!!!  Seems everyone involved in my case absolutely had NO IDEA  where to locate those types of records and suggested i contact the original base.  And when I said that base and command no longer exists, take a guess at that response?  Shrugged shoulders!!! Yup No help at all.  Just kind of a Too bad guess you can't use those VERY IMPORTANT MEDICAL RECORDS!!  And they were in the same place as my Military service and medical records were!!  The National Personnel Records Center, Military Personnel Records. In ST Louis MO.   NO Your kidding!!!!   So here is the address if anyone needs those Medical Records.  You can contact them by this phone number they will email you the form that has to be filled out and sent.  The number is 314-801-0800 just listen to the prompts.  Once you get the form it will have this address on it.   National Personnel Records Center
      Military Personnel Records
      1 Archives Drive
      St. Louis, MO 63138-1002 Well I do hope this information helps someone!!!!